Michelle’s Love Letter

Several years ago I came across a delightful organization. Its purpose is to contribute to the betterment of the world by sending out love letters to strangers. Instead of texts or emails the sender handwrites an old fashion letter and sends it to a person who collects the mail and delivers the bundle to the recipient.

The organization, More Love Letters, send out requests throughout the year. And they run a special campaign during the holiday season, mindful that it is a difficult time of year for many. Their solution for seasonal sadness? Offer more love.

Michelle’s Love Letter

Meet Michelle

I received an email from More Love Letters with a request for mail for a young girl named Michelle. My heart was touched, as it always is when a child is sad or hurting.

I happily wrote Michelle a note and drew hearts on the envelope that I then colored in. The thought came to me to use this post tonight to request more love letters for this dear soul.

Here is Michelle’s story, sent in by her sister:

“My little sister, Michelle, is eleven years old. She has been diagnosed with depression and separation anxiety, and is having a super rough time. My parents are getting divorced and they fight constantly in front of her. Michelle is doing poorly in school, has been antisocial lately, and she often has to take a side in conflicts. She doesn’t want to eat, go anywhere, or talk to me. She has also been making dark jokes lately–I think to try to make herself feel better about her situation.

I want Michelle to know she’s not alone, and there are many people whose parents separate or get divorced. I want her to know that it’s okay, and that she is still loved, and that this is not her fault.”

Let’s join Michelle’s sister in telling her that she is not alone, we’re right there with her!

Letters are welcome in English, French and Spanish!

Michelle’s Love Letter

Michelle’s Love Letter

Michelle’s Letter

I wrote an encouraging note to Michelle, telling her that she is amazing, thought of and loved. As I searched for a pen in my writing table drawer, I found a box of Sneaky Cards. These game cards are made to be passed on to someone else, who completes the task on the card and then passes it on to another person, and so on.

Inspiration struck and I selected a fun card to include with the note. I don’t know if Michelle likes to bake or make treats. However, this card drew me. I’m trusting that intuition and the Divine are guiding me.

Michelle’s Love Letter

More Love Letters

If you feel compassion for this child, and want to brighten her day, please join me in sending Michelle a love letter or note. It does not have to be a long letter nor do you have to offer advice.

Just let your heart dictate the words that your hand writes. Send her sincere encouragement, tell a short story, or simply mail a greeting card with your signature. Every letter arrives with love and good intentions and positive, life changing energy.

Send letters to:

Michelle’s bundle

℅ Denisse C.

8118 Albacore Drive

Apt 16

Houston, TX 77074


Make a difference in Michelle’s life. And check out More Love Letters and get on their notification list, if you would enjoy making a difference in the lives of others.

There are so many hurting people in the world. The world needs more love letters, and kind hearted writers to send them.

Michelle’s Love Letter