Wandering Traveler

With some other things requiring my time and attention this evening, I’m posting tonight under a new category: Wee Wednesday Thoughts! Similar to a Sunday Short, I’m offering a couple of thoughts around a favorite meme. In this case, there are two quotes that inspired me. Bringing them together, in my mind and in print, in turn inspired the title…Wandering Traveler.

Wandering Traveler

Becoming New Again

The first quote that snagged my attention and my heart is posted below in a fresh meme that I created.

Wandering Traveler

Those words resonate deeply with me. I travel for those very reasons…to expand my perspectives and my soul, and to experience routine things in new ways. The “eating vegetables” appealed to me especially, as one who embraces a plant based lifestyle. The meme above features a plate of veggies that I enjoyed in Italy last year.

As a wandering traveler, having new experiences tops my list of why I seek out other cities in far away lands.

Making New Things Familiar

The second quote that filled me with joy became my second meme tonight.

Wandering Traveler

These words capture why I write and why I share my thoughts. My great desire is to inspire others to see the world in different, bigger ways. I do that by making familiar every day experiences fresh…I’ve been told I can create a story around the most ordinary routines and offer a different way of seeing them…and by making new adventures feel familiar, in an invitational, you-can-do-this-too way.

In the space between those two ways of viewing reality, a magical life unfolds and reveals itself.

My being thrives best where those two memes overlap…leaving the familiar to create new experiences, and writing about them. That’s the life that calls to me and where the Divine is leading me.

I am becoming…a wandering, traveling, grab life by the horns…writer. I’m creating the life I want, one adventure at a time.

Wandering Traveler

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