Family Thanksgiving Gathering

What a blessed day. Our children, two of our grandchildren, and Greg and I enjoyed a family Thanksgiving gathering. The event was hosted this year by daughter Adriel and her husband Nate in their home.

My five gratitudes were easy to identify.

Family Thanksgiving Gathering


I love when my adult children and their families can gather together. It’s not a simple task, with work schedules. I appreciate the effort each person makes.

Today everyone was present except for grandsons Jonathan, Joey and Oliver. Conversations flowed, laughter rolled, smiles and hugs were easily given. I sat back during dinner and watched my children, who have grown into phenomenal adults. They’ve had their share of challenges and yet they continually rise above and grow through the experiences. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

I am grateful for…FAMILY.

Family Thanksgiving Gathering

Good Food

Adriel and Nate prepared a traditional turkey dinner, with family favorites such as Settler Baked Beans, cheesy peas, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Megan made a cheese ball, buffalo wing dip, and cheesecake brownies. It was a feast, indeed!

Greg and I are plant based. We brought along stuffed acorn squash to serve as our main dish. And we contributed black bean & corn salsa, raw cranberry relish, a big chopped salad, vegan pumpkin bread and vegan wacky cupcakes. Coconut cream whip and walnuts were available as toppings.

It was such a pleasant and enjoyable meal. I was full, without feeling uncomfortably stuffed, satisfied with good, healthy food.

I am grateful for…GOOD FOOD.

Family Thanksgiving Gathering

Mimi’s Olive Dish

I used a vintage dish at the family Thanksgiving gathering, that belonged to Greg’s mother Leta. Mimi Leta served up olives in the dish, during special gatherings or Sunday meals.

I thought it would be fun to use the dish in memory of this sweet lady, especially since yesterday was Bob and Leta’s wedding anniversary. They would have been married 77 years. We piled black olives in the dish and the sight brought back happy memories. I totally failed to get a photo while the dish held olives. Sometimes I take off the blogger hat.


Family Thanksgiving Gathering

Happy Birthday Nate

Tomorrow my son-in-law Nate turns 37 years old. We celebrated him today, which is perfect as we are so thankful for him. Adriel made a spice birthday cake.

Our family is blessed to have Nate. This sincere and kind young man has a generous and loving heart. He and Adriel have built a wonderful life together and I’m excited to see what they accomplish as they journey.


Family Thanksgiving Gathering

MiliLou Styles

Daughter-in-law Megan and her sister Tara have started a side business, making and selling earrings, hair bows and t-shirts. These hard working girls get together a couple of times a week and create.

Megan brought some of her inventory to our family Thanksgiving gathering. Elissa and I purchased earrings. I love the bar earrings with silver trim that I bought. And I found a set of earrings with feathers on them…a perfect representation of my symbol for 2018.

Check out the MiliLou Styles Facebook Page.


Family Thanksgiving Gathering


Thanksgiving is a day set aside for expressing thanks and counting blessings and gathering with friends and family. I love Thanksgiving. And I’m mindful that every day is a good day to express thanks and feel grateful for the rich blessings in my life.

I am grateful…

Family Thanksgiving Gathering