One of the Sneaky Cards Shows Up

On February 1, 2017, my grandson Dayan and I opened a deck of Sneaky Cards. These interactive, play it forward cards contain fun missions that involve creativity, social interaction or stealth.

After the mission is completed, the cards are passed on to someone else, and he or she continues the game by completing the mission, and passing the card on. Each deck of Sneaky Cards has a unique number so that the cards can be tracked. I’m glad I registered by deck. I received notification recently that one of my cards had surfaced. Where it showed up surprised me!

One of the Sneaky Cards Shows Up

Challenge Yourself to an Adventure

Dayan and I each chose a card from the Sneaky Cards deck. Read about that experience HERE. I completed my mission, which was to create a handmade greeting card for an obscure holiday. After tucking the Groundhog’s Day card into an envelope, with the Sneaky Card inside, I stuck it into a realtor friend’s mailbox at the office, on February 2, 2017.

I chose Kyle as the recipient because I felt like he would “play it forward”, being the cool guy that he is. Once I let a card go, however, I truly do release it and move on.

One of the Sneaky Cards Shows Up

Update on a Sneaky Card

I’ve received a couple of notifications, on Sneaky Cards I’ve passed on. Most though I never hear about. I didn’t think about the greeting card mission again.

I didn’t, that is, until I got a notification via email that there was activity on the card. Since I’ve registered my deck, when someone finds a card he or she can type in the card’s ID number on the Sneaky Cards website and see where the card originated from and enter new info about where the card is now.

Excited to see where the “create a greeting card” mission card had ended up, clicked the link. What a surprise! After journeying to Australia, shortly after I stuck the card in Kyle’s mailbox, the card now appeared to be on a ship, near Antarctica!

One of the Sneaky Cards Shows Up

The Adventure Continues

The card may be en route to South Africa. Or perhaps the ship it is on will round the tip of Africa and head north up the coast. I may never know.

Or the next person to receive the card may post an update online as well. I hope so. Almost two years after I passed the card on, it is half a world away and on the move. How fun, to be part of this mission.

One of the Sneaky Cards Shows UpA photo of the card’s current location.

Another Sneaky Card

It’s been months since I last selected a card from the Sneaky Cards deck. Inspired by the recent surfacing of a past mission card, I decided it was time to play again.

Shuffling through the deck, I selected three cards randomly. All three choices appealed to me. One card drew my eyes again and again.

I chose this mission:

Leave this card in a different state or region. Write where you are leaving it below.

I live in an area where four states converge. I’ll tuck this mission card into my purse, and when the time feels right, leave it in another state. Before I walk away from the card, I will hold it near my heart and energetically surround it with love, joy and a sense of adventure.

May another of my Sneaky Cards travel far!

One of the Sneaky Cards Shows Up

Order your own Sneaky Cards by clicking the link below, and join the adventure!

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