2018 Year in Review

In a few hours the sand in the hourglass will trickle out for this year. As the clock strikes midnight, the book will close on my Year of Stories.

My desire for 2018 was to capture the stories that appeared each day, stories about life, travel, gardening, creativity, people, items and places. Reading back through a selection of posts this evening, I believe I have accomplished that.

Here is 2018, a year in review, a year of stories.

2018 Year in Review

Live. Create. Tell the Story.

Many of the stories naturally fell into several categories, making it easier for me to group them together, in my mind and on the blog. And plenty of tales fell outside those categories, because that’s how life is! I enjoyed asking the question each day, “What story shall I tell today?” and remaining open to what and who showed up.

2018 Year in Review

Hygge Stories

I learned more this year about the Scandinavian custom called hygge, which emphasizes simplicity and coziness. Each season was welcomed with a week of hygge activities, appropriate for the season. The activities were selected randomly from a jar. The fun game built trust and raised my awareness about creating a cozy, nurturing lifestyle.

Check out Hygge Stories.

2018 Year in Review

Vintage Stories

Beginning with a pair of WWII wooden shoes from Holland, I offered 21 stories during the year, behind treasured items in my home. Writing about these cherished pieces, from my family members and from Greg’s, connected me deeply with the former owners. I also learned historical information as I researched each item. Hopefully my children and grandchildren will appreciate these keepsakes as well someday, and now they have the stories associated with Grandpa Bill’s doll, Grandma Cynthia’s washstand and a favorite children’s book from my childhood.

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2018 Year in Review

Movie and Series Reviews

Author and speaker John Eldredge calls movies modern day examples of “writing on the wall.” They contain important messages for us, if we have the eyes to see.

Movies have been a big part of my life, providing nuggets of truth in the stories of heroes and misfits, real life personalities and creatures born from the wildest imaginations.

For the first time this year, I had opportunity to view all of the Academy Award nominated films, in the movie theater, before the Oscars aired. That’s how movies are made to be seen, on the big screen. I look forward to a repeat of that experience in 2019.

2018 allowed me to write reviews for 38 films and 14 series. Composing those pieces helped me to process the deeper messages and apply them to my life.

2018 Year in Review

Gratitude Stories

I’ve practiced seven days of gratitude, in previous years, that coincided with Thanksgiving week. This year I expanded that idea, finding five daily gratitudes for the 30 days in November.

Finding, feeling and expressing gratitude is a life changer. Gratitude opens the heart, shifts perception and attracts more to be grateful for. Throughout each day, I continue to breathe the words, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gratitude Stories.

2018 Year in Review

Year in Review

This has been an incredible year. I’m not one who is relieved to see it end. Rather I am grateful for each day, amazed by the stories, and appreciative of all I’ve learned.

And learn I have. I’ve learned that every person, every item, every place does indeed have a story. In capturing those stories I’ve learned more about my own. My younger self opened her tender heart, even, and shared her stories with me. Much healing occurred for my inner child.

Throughout this year, technology continued to challenge me, in good ways. It forced me to learn and grow, and provided avenues of personal satisfaction as I conquered each mystifying tech element. As a result the blogs are evolving, and I with them. Look for changes in both blogs in 2019.

2018 is slipping away…and I am willing to let it go, with a full heart. I’m already looking forward, with anticipation and excitement, as a new year dawns. As I write the final chapter, in the book titled 2018, I prepare to place this volume alongside 59 others.

Is there anything more exciting, than opening a blank book and beginning a new story on the first page? Anything can happen! Adventure awaits. New characters may appear in the story. And my life will continue to transform, because that’s what happens in my favorite tales.

It’s enchanting…that’s what it is! And the role I am stepping into promises to be my best one yet.

2018 Year in Review