Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

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Thank you to Mer-Sea & Co for sending the Cotton Tassel Wrap for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

As spring warms up and teases with hints of summer, I’m trading long sleeves and jackets for short sleeves, sandals and lightweight layers. I love to throw a wrap on as I head out the door. It provides a bit of that fun boho style that I so adore.

So when Mer-Sea & Co offered to send me one of their amazing cotton wraps to try, I immediately answered yes! I didn’t even care which color wrap they sent. I browsed their website and loved all of them.

Mer-Sea & CO Cotton Tassel Wrap

The Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap Arrives

When my box from Mer-Sea arrived, I felt a thrill of anticipation. Which wrap did they send? What color?

Opening the box, I fell in love with this company. The wrap arrived in a cotton bag…with tassels! I am in the process of limiting one use plastics, which includes straws, shopping bags and plastic packaging that’s torn open and tossed.

Not only is the cotton bag cute, it’s reusable! This company captured my interest and my appreciation before I even saw the wrap.

The bag hinted at which wrap waited for me inside…the blue and white striped one edged with tassels. I was delighted.

Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

The Mer-Sea Company

While I watched for a sunny day, to do an outdoor photo shoot, I researched Mer-Sea.

The company was founded by friends Melanie and Lina who share the belief that life should be simple, like life at the beach. This attitude is reflected in all of their products, where utility, tranquility and simplicity reign.

From Melanie and Lina,

“…the sea represents a place to play, unwind, recharge, and chase adventure. We are dedicated to the travelers, the dreamers and the doers – because we really do believe ‘the world is your oyster.’”

I love that philosophy. It resonates deeply with me.

Mer-Sea & Co offers mindful products such as artisan soy wax blend candles, travel accessories, bath and body necessities and beautiful sweaters and wraps, crafted in the colors of the sea. All of the product bags are hand sewn, locally.

And Mer-Sea gives back. All profits from the sale of the Sea Change candle goes to This organization provides access to safe water and sanitation for millions of people in need.

Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

Wearing the Cotton Tassel Wrap

Mild temps and ample sunshine today presented the opportunity to try out the wrap. The Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap is versatile, with multiple ways to style it.

Fresh from a shower, my wrap first functioned as a sarong. The wrap is a generous 77″ x 43″, making it perfect for wrapping around the body or snugging around the waist over a swimsuit. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the cotton sarong while drying my hair and applying makeup.

To show off the wrap as part of my outfit today, I wanted to honor the foundational beliefs of the company. I needed a body of water as a backdrop for my photo shoot.

Being landlocked in Missouri, and a city dweller too, my water options are limited. However, a nearby park features a small but pretty lake with twin fountains. With Greg serving as my photographer, off we went to take photos.

Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

Photo Shoot Featuring the Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

Late afternoon was perfect for taking outdoor photos. I could have waited another half hour, for the sun to sink lower in the sky. However, we tried out different locations around the little lake. We strove for just the right spot, to avoid bright sunlight on my face….which makes me squint…and shadows.

I recently experienced a professional photo shoot, so I picked up tips from that wonderful photographer! Avoid bright light. And watch out for telephone poles, buildings and people in the background.

Persistence paid off. Locations on the south and north side of the lake offered just the right amount of light. The wrap was fun to wear, as we circled the lake. I loved the way the breeze fluttered it. I could gather the lightweight material around me…or allow the wrap to slip off my shoulders as it played with the wind.

For the photos I modeled the garment as a wrap, and as a scarf. On cool days the scarf could circle the neck and shoulders, providing light warmth and protection.

Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

Mer-Sea, Mercy and Merci

After a fun photo shoot, I enjoyed wearing the cotton tassel wrap to the grocery store. Truthfully, I am often chilled while shopping, due to the air conditioning. And that’s not the only place that makes me wish for a jacket, even on warm days.

The movie theater, airplanes, and many other retail stores are so cold. I loved wearing my wrap as I shopped. It made me feel comfortable. I’ll be toting this cotton garment with me to the theater and it will accompany me on my upcoming trip to Scotland. Even in July that gorgeous country is cool and rainy. How perfect to slip on a wrap against the chill. And I have the cute little cotton bag to pack the wrap in.

As I began tonight’s blog post, I had a sudden realization that made me laugh.

Melanie and Lina named their company intentionally. Mer is the French word for “sea”. And Mer-Sea, spoken aloud, sounds like merci, which means “thank you”. The park with the water feature is Mercy Park. Mercy is the act of showing kindness, grace and compassion.

Doesn’t it all come together beautifully?

Mer-Sea, merci, mercy. That’s a lot of thankfulness and grace associated with a wonderful company that focuses on travel, simplicity, beauty and helping others. I’m grateful for the cotton tassel wrap, and for the company.

Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap

Please check out the Mer-Sea & Co website! They offer amazing products, an awesome blog and a MerSea Rewards Program.

Mer-Sea & Co





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66 Replies to “Mer-Sea & Co Cotton Tassel Wrap”

    1. That’s exactly what this company, which was founded by two friends, wants their customers to feel. I’m loving the wrap. And I love everything about the company!

    1. Yes it could. It’s long, but if it’s too long for you it would be easy to fold at the top to shorten it.

  1. Like you, I freeze when going into stores etc. with their air going. I usually have an oversized jean shirt I throw on (can you tell I’m fresh off the homestead?). Thank you for this stylish option. Love that the company is environmentally & socially conscious!!

    1. I love that about the company too. Yes I take this with me to stores and the movie theater. It will accompany me to Scotland as well.

  2. It looks so beautiful on you! And that cotton bad is so perfect! I love when companies have great packing. I am sure you enjoy this.

    1. I am so impressed with the wrap and I love that it arrived in a cloth bag. Such a nice touch.

    1. I love sarongs too and wear them at home often, after my shower or even in my backyard garden. This piece is so versatile!

  3. This is actually really cute. With us preparing for Florida summer heat, that might really come in handy! If it was equipped with an automatic mosquito repellent, then OMG take my money now!

  4. I love flowy clothes like this, and this wrap is absolutely beautiful! It’s fantastic that they donate their proceeds to I hadn’t heard of this before. I envision wearing this while sitting by the ocean watching the sunset! ☀️

  5. Cindy, awesome pictures! And the wrap is so beautiful. I love wraps! They can be worn so many different ways. The one Mer-Sea sent you is gorgeous!

  6. Wow, such a versatile wrap and it’s so beautiful too! Love that you can wear it in so many ways, perfect for the beach or a night out 🙂

  7. I love to wrap myself (or my babies) up when we sit outside in the evenings on cooler spring and summer nights! This one is absolutely beautiful, and I love all the details!

  8. I would love this!! I’ve been looking for a cotton wrap and this might be the thing. I’m so weird when it comes to wind, it makes my skin crawl so I always wear long sleeves. My last wtap really helped alot until I wore it to death, pun intended.

  9. Oooh, I love it! I’m always cold in movie theaters and on airplanes too, so this versatile wrap makes perfect sense in my mind 🙂

    1. They are a small and earnest company in Kansas City. I’m loving the wrap. I wore it to the movie theater tonight. It was perfect for keeping the chill away. And I received lots of compliments on it!

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