A Healing Journey Leads to Woman’s World Magazine

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Three years ago next month, my mother and I embarked on a healing journey together. I actually headed down that new path first, desperate to heal chronic sciatica that severely limited my mobility. Seeing improvement in my health, my mom, who struggled with a host of ailments herself, joined me in this trek toward better health.

Little did we know then, that incredible healing would transform our lives. And we could not imagine the opportunities that would come, to share our stories.

This is the timeline, of a healing journey that leads to Woman’s World Magazine.

Healing Journey Title Meme


Finding Hope

Four years ago, my sciatica worsened, after 22 years of daily chronic pain, to the point where I required a cane to walk. A car accident set off a series of reactions in my body that I could not seem to recover from. I faced the prospect of being in a wheelchair. (Read more about my story here.)

Through a Divine twist, I came across a post on Facebook by Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. He shared that often chronic pain after an accident has the Epstein Barr Virus as its source. The virus can attack organs or in my case, nerves. In the past I’d tried so many things to relieve my pain: physical therapy, pain meds, massage, energy work, exercise, electrical stimulation, injections, steroids and chiropractic manipulation. Nothing helped enough.

Anthony advocated a change in diet, something that had never been suggested to me before. Willing to try anything, I  began drinking celery juice. After reading Anthony’s first book, Medical Medium, I began a 28 Day Cleanse and ultimately switched to a plant based diet.

During the cleanse I parked the cane in a corner and there it remains. Mom noticed my improving health and decided to join me on the cleanse.

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans Day MagazineThis “before” photo, taken in October 2015, captures the cane resting against my right thigh. I was on pain meds so that I could participate in a fun evening with family. Mom and I both were at our heaviest, due to decreasing mobility and inactivity as a result of pain.

Inspiration for Change

Mom and I had reasons for changing our health, beyond the desire to feel better. I had a trip scheduled to Italy in May 2017, with my grandson and daughter. And mom and I had a trip to the UK with my sisters and niece planned for September of the same year. We wanted to feel like traveling and needed the energy and stamina to keep up.

In the span of a week, I accompanied my mom to all of her doctor appointments. I spoke with each doctor, explaining the plant based diet and the cleanse, and received their hearty approvals. It also gave Mom a baseline to measure improvement against.

We had one year before the trip, to take charge of our health and create change. With a great deal of determination and commitment, our healing journey began.

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans Day MagazineWe made it to the UK, enjoying Ireland, Scotland and England. Photo taken in Dublin, Ireland. No cane! And no pain meds.

To the UK…and Beyond

One year later, mom and I boarded that plane with my sisters and niece and experienced twelve wonderful days in the UK.

What incredible changes we experienced, health wise. My sciatica cleared up. And I healed from so many minor ailments such as severe acid reflux, hives and rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, seasonal allergies and headaches. Mom’s improvements were more dramatic. She experienced a huge decrease in the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis, improvements in her entire digestive system and the healing of issues with her lungs and heart.

We both lost weight, easily, as a result of embracing a plant based diet, while our energy increased.

We felt so much better that we agreed to continue with the plant based lifestyle. As I share with others, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. There was no going back for either of us. Three years along this path we’ve chosen, our health continues to improve. Mom’s heart doctor recently told her she didn’t need to come back for a year. “I wish all my patients would eat a plant based diet,” he told mom.

And precancerous spots in Mom’s stomach have completely disappeared. Her liver is free from fat and disease, which is remarkable for her age. I am thrilled with her level of health.

A Healing Journey Leads to Woman's World MagazineAn “after” photo for the magazine, with shirt possibilities.

The Healing Journey Leads to Woman’s World Magazine

Being a blogger, I regularly share posts and updates on social media, about my healing journey, and mom’s, as they are so connected. About a month ago, I received an email from an editor with the national publication, Woman’s World Magazine. She found me on Instagram, through my connection there with Anthony. After reading about the health journey Mom and I share, she asked if she could send us questions to answer, for an upcoming feature on Anthony William and celery juice.

“Of course”, I replied. I’m always happy to offer hope to others who are suffering and share about our healing experiences. The editor requested before and after photos as well, when she learned that both of us lost weight as a result of the changes in our diet. Again, we happily complied.

Imagine our surprise when the editor contacted me a couple of days later, saying they intended to use the info we supplied in the article…and next up was a professional photo shoot!


The healing journey took an unexpected and wildly fun turn. I asked Mom if she was game for an adventure. Bless this woman. I often end up in crazy adventures. And she never says “no” to joining me!

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans Day MagazineAsenath works her magic! She was so fun to be around. We appreciated all that she did.

Prepping for Photos

We literally had three days to prep for a photo shoot. A photographer from Los Angeles contacted me and began the process of securing a professional here to take the photos. He found Patty Jessee, with Patty Jessee Photography, and what a fun and kind woman she was to work with.

I was tasked with finding a hair and make up person. Her job included creating a natural look with make up and styling our hair. Due for a trim at Dr. Fly’s Salon, I met with stylist Asenath there. She graciously agreed to give up her Sunday afternoon to meet us at Mom’s house.

And Mom and I received detailed instructions on what to wear, including shirt colors and shoe styles. Every step in the process included photos taken and sent to the photographer in LA and to the editor. Shirts and slacks and shoes were approved…or not. I swapped out the light green shirt in the after photo above for a pink one. We purchased extra celery so that we could make juice to feature in the photos and have bunches of celery to hold.

After three whirlwind days, everyone met at Mom’s on Sunday afternoon, to get ready for the photo shoot.

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans World MagazineTaking a test photo.

The Photo Shoot

Patty arrived just as Asenath finished our hair and make up. After scouting out my mom’s backyard, she made the decision to move to a nearby location, where sunlight could filter through trees. I learned that there is so much to a professional photo shoot! We began about 4:00 PM and finished at a little after 8:00 PM.

Lighting is critical, as is the background for the shoot. Patty is immensely patient. She used great care setting up equipment, directing our poses, and keeping track of all of the details. We smiled until our cheeks ached, and changed clothes in the back of my car so that the magazine had different options.

And we laughed. Patty made the process fun and she knew exactly what to do. With everything going on, I totally failed to get a photo of her, as she snapped pics of my mom. We appreciated Patty’s skills, her great sense of humor and her endurance. She took about three hundred photos.

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans Day MagazineThe magazine is on sale. Articles are deliberately covered up. Purchase a magazine to read the article and our stories!

The Healing Journey Continues

Yesterday the Woman’s World Magazine, featuring the story about Anthony William and celery juice, hit the news stands. The magazine is on sale through June 12, at Walmart, Target and other stores that carry magazines.

And there on the cover, in the lower right corner, is my cute little mama. She’s holding a glass of celery juice. Inside the publication are two more photos, one of me, one of Mom, and our healing stories.

I’m so proud of my mom, for many reasons, not least of which is that she is so willing to jump on board with me on these adventures. She’s such a good sport.

I’m proud of my mom too for her accomplishments in turning her health around. The magazine deal was fun….and a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I got to share it with Mom. And I am beyond grateful for the healing experience we’ve shared. That journey continues on.

Our great desire is that the magazine article and our stories give hope to those who are hurting, feeling sick and looking for answers. Healing can take place. Health can be restored. There is hope.

We know. Health and vibrancy have returned to us. We are healed.

A Healing Journey Leads to Womans World Magazine

Order Celery Juice, by Anthony William, by clicking on the photo below:


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60 Replies to “A Healing Journey Leads to Woman’s World Magazine”

  1. I am a AW fan! His first book helped me with my girl’s Lyme & helped me with liver issues. I bought his Celery Juice book yesterday, and have all the others. 🙂 I have not had the courage to do his 28 day cleanse nor go plant-based. I commend you & love reading about your journey!! Congrats on the magazine article!!!!!

    1. So great to connect with you! Prior to finding AW I was desperate to improve my health. His protocols have made such a difference in my life. I am forever grateful.

  2. Wow! What an incredible story. I am so glad you and your mother are feeling so much better and are even healthier. Its awesome that you have gotten to share your story with others on a larger platform like the magazine!! That’s awesome!

    1. Yes! It’s actually the only thing that helped. Years of doctors, treatments and meds didn’t do what a change in diet accomplished.

  3. That is an awesome adventure to have in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle! It’s amazing how a small change can lead to huge opportunities!

  4. I love your story and how you have been featured for your inspiration. Good for you! And, how incredible is it that you get to share it with your Mom? You both are beautiful and so inspiring!

    1. Ha! It’s an amazing drink. So many health benefits. I’m three years on this journey and I still drink it every day and continue to reap the benefits.

  5. I had just got the medical medium from the library but my 2 weeks were up and so I had to return it and I was going on vacation so I felt no need to try a new thing right before. This is exciting to hear and motivates me to make sure I follow through with trying it. Yea!

  6. How amazing and what a wonderful story!! Congratulations on your success and so glad you can share it with everyone in Woman’s Day! I will look for the magazine tomorrow!!!

  7. Such a great story about healing. I’ll look for the magazine tomorrow. Always excited to support a fellow blogger…and her mom!

  8. Love, love, love Anthony! Although I have yet to do the full cleanse, I incorporate a large majority of his approach to EBV (I was diagnosed at 38). Congrats on your success on so many levels! Now if I can only find organic celery in our neck of the woods 🙂

    1. Anthony has been a life saver, literally. If you can’t find organic it’s ok to use regular celery, Anthony says. I wash mine with Seventh Generation dish soap before using.

    1. It has amazing healing properties! And right?! Who knew. I’m grateful to have my health back.

  9. Oh my goodness this is such an amazing story! I am totally going to purchase a copy too, you and your mom look absolutely terrific! We started drinking celery juice almost a couple of years back, we have the Medical Medium books in our kitchen library too. Although we have not chosen to go to a plant-based diet the results are obvious! Thanks so much for sharing what an exciting read 🤗

    1. That’s awesome! Always love connecting with other MM people. Anthony’s wisdom and protocols have changed my life. I’m still drinking the juice too…3 years along on this healing journey

  10. That is some crazy fun. Good for you!!!! To be honest, I hate celery… I’d need to get past that part, I think. I love almost any other kind of vegetables, including the weird ones (okra, anyone?) So I’m not all plant based, but definitely vegetable oriented.

    1. I like celery however the juice takes a bit of getting used to. Initially I just drank it, knowing it was good for me, much as I’d take meds if they were needed. Now I crave it! I miss it when I travel. I’m hoping Edinburgh Scotland has juice bars! I’ll be there next month.

  11. This is just amazing! I am running out and buying the magazine. I can’t wait to read it. I am so happy for you and your mother. Congrats!

    1. That part was totally unexpected! But it was a fun experience. I’m so grateful for the restored health.

  12. It really is amazing what a difference diet can make. I always know when I’m not eating right, and instantly see the difference when I get myself back on track.

    1. It is amazing. Yet it’s not really something we are taught. I hope to change that in my corner of the world!

  13. Congrats to you and your mom on your journey to better health. So inspirational! I totally had a big smile when I scrolled down to the picture of your mom with that big smile. (It’s not even 6 am here 🙂 )
    Love that you were able to not only experience this but with your mom!

    1. Yes so meaningful to me to share this journey with my mom and see her health improve so dramatically!

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