Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden

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It’s true that April showers bring May flowers! The plants in the garden flourish during this month, offering colors, scents and beauty. In fact, May is Gifts from the Garden Month, with a different emphasis on each day.

May 3 is Meditate in the Garden Day and I celebrated the occasion with afternoon tea, journaling and a time of meditation in my contemplative corner. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and re-entered the house refreshed and full of joy.

It’s easy to create a meditation area in your garden. Think of this space as a place to daydream, write, relax, reflect, draw and pray or meditate. From a simple chair in a corner of the garden, to a hammock filled with pillows, to a fun, themed corner, the meditation area soothes the body and feeds the soul.

Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden title meme

Elements of a Meditation Area

I first fell in love with small personal garden spaces as a child. In my own backyard I found a large bush to crawl beneath, when I craved alone time. And the wonderful couple across the street, whom all the neighborhood children loved, gave me permission to use their little corner backyard garden spot anytime I wanted. This area, with a single bench and honeysuckle covering the fence, became my own secret garden. I spent hours sitting in that space and as a result, I love honeysuckle.

Use some or all of the following elements, to create a meditation area in your garden. Simplicity is key. You don’t want a high maintenance area that creates more work and stress. This is your personal spot to de-stress, unwind and breathe deeply. Make sure that the environment supports those intentions.

Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden chairs
Create a meditation area in your garden – seating


Water features soothe frazzled nerves and relax tense muscles, encourage reflection and mask noise if the water is moving. They encourage butterflies, dragonflies and birds to visit.

Add a koi pond, fountain, tabletop fountain, bird bath or a simple shallow bowl filled with water to the meditation area. If the water is still, change it frequently to discourage mosquitoes from using it as a nursery.

Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden water feature
Create a meditation area in your garden – water feature

Natural Elements

Add natural elements such as brick, stones, wood, bamboo, grass, pebbles or sand to your area. These materials complement plants, flowers and trees, providing a restorative space for grounding and centering. They also offer a deep connection to nature.

Add a couple of large rocks for interest. Or create a privacy screen from wood. Brick, sand, cedar mulch or paving stones make an excellent floor that helps to define your space and provides a solid foundation for chairs or benches.

Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden natural elements
Create a meditation area in your garden – natural elements


This is perhaps the most important element to keep in mind, when creating a meditation area. Find a place that is separate from the rest of the garden. A simple chair in a corner or alcove works well. A bench at the end of a pathway or a hammock strung between two sturdy trees is ideal also. If you have a structure in the yard or garden, such as a gazebo or a covered back porch, create your own little private nook there.

Partition off your chosen area with fencing, repurposed gates, pig wire covered with flowering vines or lightweight fabric. Make use of existing trees or shrubs to provide privacy. And consider how much sunlight the area gets. Too much sun can be uncomfortable during the summer. Tent the area with a water proof, lightweight fabric or grow vines on an arbor to provide shade.

Create a place that delights the senses, where you can be alone.

Create a Meditation Area for Your Garden hammock
Create a meditation area for your garden – hammock


Beauty inspires creativity, uplifts the spirit and brings joy to the heart. And beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What makes you smile? Include those things in your meditation area.

Plants, flowers, herbs, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs are excellent choices. Water features fall into this category too as do small boulders, pathways and garden art. Gather items that spark joy, to borrow a concept from Marie Kondo. This is your personal space. Let it be a reflection of who you are.

Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden beauty
Create a meditation area in your garden – beauty for my eyes, next to my meditation corner

Personal Touch

Finally, because this is your personal retreat area, add items that showcase your unique personality. Add garden statues for whimsy, flowers in repurposed containers and inspirational signs.

You’ll need a place to sit. Add a chair, or a pair of chairs if you’d like to occasionally share your space, and a small table. The table is perfect for holding a journal, a candle, a glass of cold water or a tray with afternoon tea.

Choose a playful theme or include your favorite colors. Add interesting textures by way of cushions, pillows or snuggly wraps. If you’ll practice yoga in your meditation area, create space for a mat. Add twinkling lights, battery powered or those that plug into an outlet, so you can enjoy your meditation area during warm summer evenings.

Use what you have on hand to personalize your space. Make your own pillows. Repurpose items. This project does not need to be expensive to create. This is all about enjoying peace and solitude, even if only for a few minutes a day.

Create a a Meditation Area in Your Garden bicycle
Create a meditation area in your garden – repurposed bicycle

Bringing It All Together

Here is how I used the elements listed above, in my own meditation area.

I created the contemplative corner when I laid out my original garden in 2014. The space evolved over the years, to its current state.

I am adding a water feature this summer, in the form of a fountain. Greg is running electrical wiring to the corner so the fountain can plug into an outlet. I’ll string lights up as well.

A wood privacy fence forms two walls in my corner. Pig wire, covered in clematis vines, creates the other two walls, leaving an entrance into the area. This spring, Greg replaced the cedar mulch flooring with vintage brick. I love this change. The brick defines the area beautifully and creates a feeling of permanence.

The wood fence and vine covered fencing separates my meditation area from the rest of the garden. And yet, I still have gorgeous views of my backyard paradise through the vines and the entrance.

Beauty is provided via clematis vines, flowering plants, potted plants and the colors and items I’m using to cozy up the space.

And I’ve definitely added my own personal touch to my meditation area. My favorite colors…blues and greens….are represented in the cushions, pillows, throw, table and flower pots. I light candles when I’m enjoying my space, carry out tea and a journal, and include a colorful sign that reminds me to RELAX. And my beloved metal cranes stand guard at the entrance.

Meditation Area
My meditation area

What Will You Include in Your Meditation Area?

What will you include in your special area? I’d love to hear your ideas and see photos of your meditation area, contemplative corner or relaxation space.

May you enjoy many pleasant and restorative moments in your garden or backyard this season!

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38 Replies to “Create a Meditation Area in Your Garden”

  1. I absolutely love this post! Your little secluded garden is the perfect place for meditating. I make it a point to meditate every day – almost always outside in nature. Unfortunately, I only have a patio, no yard, so I can’t create a secluded spot. But I can include all of the elements you’ve suggested. Thank you for a great read!

    1. I think that’s a wonderful idea, to create your own space, even if it’s not secluded. It’s still your unique space!

  2. Oh my gosh this is beautiful! I would love to do this. I am definitely pinning this for our new house! 😊

  3. I don’t have a garden as of the moment (I live in an apartment) but you’ve given me an idea for when I have one. I’m sure this is something my mom will love too as she likes having a quiet space for reflection, one filled with trees and plants.

    1. I totally understand! I lived in an apartment for a couple of years after my house was damaged by a tornado. It was a good time to dream and sketch out plans. After I moved back home, the garden became a reality. It is still evolving.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful image you have conjured! I wish we could do more with our garden, but maybe at our next house we will be able to dive in and make a little sanctuary! Thanks for the great post.

  5. Lovely ideas! I like the idea of water features and low-maintenance plants as part of the meditation area. It looks so inviting. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I love sitting in my garden area. This is a great suggestion for folks because it can really help you to get away from it all.

  7. Your meditation garden is amazing! All your posts have been inspiring me to get working on my own garden area for relaxing not just working in the garden!! Thank you!

  8. These are such great ideas! I definitely need to create something like this in my yard. I love how you bring together these elements so well.

  9. I absolutely love your garden space. Even without all the personalizatins, having a plant/flower heavy area like that is meditation all on its own for me!

  10. My husband is currently planning a remodel of a large section of our backyard. I’ve been letting him plan it, and haven’t really paid much attention to what he’s planning to do. I never thought about asking him to create a little section for me. I love the idea of having a water feature. That sounds so peaceful and relaxing. I’ll have to get with him and see if he can put something like this into his plans.

    1. I look forward to seeing photos as your new area takes shape. I love having this cozy corner. It’s so peaceful!

  11. I so wish I had outdoor space to do this. I did make a mini garden area inside my apartment though. I set up a table with a light, earthy kind of table cloth and put a handful of fake plants on it. There’s a 3 panel ocean canvas hanging above. It’s my little quiet spot and it just feels nice to look at.

  12. Great ideas! I have an old bicycle in the basement and when I am done typing here, I am going to haul it out and repurpose it into a flower basket holder!

  13. These are some beautiful ideas – my only issue is I cannot stand the bugs outside! My area is inside and some of these ideas might work in the home as well!

  14. I would love an outdoor meditation space! My future space would have koi pond, orchids, a VERY comfortable and little table. If I can imagine it, then it will happen right? 🙂

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