Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads

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Earlier this month I discovered, to my delight, that February is Spunky Old Broads Month. Never heard of this unique holiday? Check out the post about it HERE.

I love everything about this celebration of women over the age of 50. It meshes well with my Year of the Wild Woman. I’ve reflected daily on what it means to live this part of my life as a spunky old broad. And I quickly realized I’ve been living as one since my early 50s, without the awareness of the special day and month.

Expanding on the very last section in my previous post on this topic, here are soulful activities for spunky old broads living a “no regrets” lifestyle.

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads title meme

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads

I like the word “soulful”. It’s defined as the process of expressing deep feelings and emotions. A soulful person is one who shows compassion and depth of understanding. Because spunky women value living authentic lives I felt the word “soulful” better fit the list of activities, rather than a word like “fun”.

There are so many soulful activities for spunky old broads. Consider these  just an invitation to engage joyfully!

Meaningful Routines that Support You

Have you heard of Jen Hatmaker? She is just shy of 50, however she’s well on her way to spunkiness. Recently Jen shared how valuable her morning and evening routines are. Strangely, I’m an odd cross between spontaneity and routines. My morning and evening routines are vital to me also.

Routines quickly become second nature and they absolutely must support who you are.

Here are a few of mine, as examples. Morning routines include making my bed as soon as I get out of it, brushing my teeth, my start-of-day skin care and prepping celery juice and a fruit smoothie. My favorite morning routine is opening all the wooden blinds covering the windows, to let the light in. It’s my way of saying “welcome” to the new day.

Night routines include turning on lamps in my bedroom as it gets dark, turning down the bed, taking a probiotic and thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing my face and neck.

What starts your day off right? And how can you pamper yourself a bit at night?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads routines
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – meaningful routines

Devote Time Daily to Something New

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try or learn? Now is the time to do new things! Enjoying new experiences helps keep the brain sharp by creating new pathways. Beyond that, it’s fun.

Want to paint? Take voice lessons? Learn to ride a motorcycle? Spend time everyday on this new activity. Just make sure it feeds the soul and brings joy to the heart.

Trying new experiences resulted in the launch of this blog in 2014. Last year, I decided to take a travel blogging class (this one) and take blogging in some new directions. I love the doors that are swinging open, as a result.

What new experience or lesson do you want to devote time to?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads something new
Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads – something new. Read this travel post HERE. I just did and tears came to my eyes. Now I’m processing why…

Meet New Spunky Old Broads

One of the fun aspects of this sisterhood is connecting with other like-minded, like-hearted souls. Due to COVID, the best way to find other spunky ladies is through online groups. Search for “spunky old broads” on Facebook or Instagram. I typed the words in Facebook’s search bar and located several groups and pages.

Also, live as your spunky self. Other spunky women will gravitate toward you, naturally. Find your tribe….or your tribe will find you.

I had the pleasure of meeting a spunky sister in 2018. We connected on Facebook first. Then we met in person. What fun to share a meal and laugh and chat. Marva is a wonderfully warm and authentic person who follows where her heart leads and does much to help others. Check out her Insight peer support group on Facebook.

Is there a spunky old broad you’d love to get to know better?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads connect
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – connect

Up Your Health Level

Spunky old broads need energy to accomplish all that they want to do. Up your health level. Fuel the body with highly nutritious foods and avoid  foods that are overly processed and full of sugar, additives and chemicals. Pay attention to any sensitivities that arise, such as to gluten or dairy products. Nothing motivates health changes as much as the desire to do something fun, like travel, play with grandkids or live a longer life!

I upped my health level for two reasons: 20 years of chronic pain and inflammation were sending me into a wheelchair and I wanted to take my grandson to Italy as a high school graduation gift.

Nothing has impacted me as positively as adopting a healthier lifestyle, in my case, a plant based one. I have the health and the energy to BE a spunky old broad. Learn more about my health journey at Journey With Healthy Me.

Is your health supporting all that you want to do?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads energy
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – up health level

Play More

Oh, to play as we did as children. Why does playing tend to stop as we get older?

Play is such an important aspect of spunkiness. It unleashes creativity, inspires big ideas and taps into the inner child. Often play pushes us beyond comfort zones as well, which is a good thing.

I love making up my own games to play. The 63 Curious Things to Do for my 63rd Birthday is such a game. In the last couple of years I’ve made blanket forts, picked up coloring again and created a variety of activity based games. Playing bypasses logic and frees spontaneity and joy.

When was the last time you had fun, playing?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads play
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – play

Be a Role Model for Others

When others observe your spunkiness, it’s an invitation to delve into their own. Be especially mindful of the younger women and the girls in your family.

This is a “teach by example” lifestyle. Be your delightful self. And know that doing so inspires others to figure out who they are. Joy and fun and spunkiness are contagious, to those who want to catch them. I know that the women in my family inspired me just by living their lives.

Although my desire is to be an example to all of my grandchildren…four grandsons and two granddaughters…I especially want the girls to grow up secure in who they are. Modeling a fiercely strong yet spunky life is the best way that I can encourage them to be who they are, to create big ideas and big plans, and to never play small to please another.

Who is watching you and learning by your example?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads mentor
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – be an example to the girls in the family. Granddaughters Aubrey and Finley.

Explore New Places

Exploring new places is a fun activity for this spunky old broad. I’m a mix of spunky meets wild woman with a gypsy heart. It’s in my DNA to wander.

However, there are many landscapes to explore including the ever so important one within. Start there, I’d suggest. Explore and go into those musty, closed off spaces in the soul. You might find a surprise or two there.

If traveling abroad…when such travel is possible again…isn’t exciting to you, explore your own country, your own city, your own neighborhood. Wandering a never before explored street makes my heart sing. And lately I’ve enjoyed day long road trips to new places within 100 miles from home. We learn so much about ourselves when we allow curiosity to guide our feet down paths unknows.

What new location is calling to you?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads explore
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – explore new places. This is Venice, Italy.

Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Spunky women are brave and adventurous. They don’t live in fear, stay within comfort zones or remain captive to limiting beliefs. And yet, I did, for most of my life.

I didn’t enter my 50s with an excited whoop and a determination to adopt spunkiness. I cautiously sidled into that decade, nearly invisible. What I ultimately experienced was a growing desire to free myself of fears, comfort zones and limiting beliefs. The “want to” developed into “must”. My life changed in remarkable ways 10 years ago when I faced down my fears, stepped beyond my comfort zones and eliminated limiting beliefs.

Creativity flourished again. And the first signs of spunkiness showed up. Living life beyond the edges…that’s what I do now.

I frequently challenge myself to keep going beyond the edges so that I face new fears that pop up or old ones that try to sneak back in, so that comfort zones feel uncomfortable and limiting beliefs too confining. Three years ago I spent four days in an Airbnb house alone, knowing the experience would trigger old fears. It did. And I left that house with newfound freedom.

Do you feel trapped by fears, comfort zones and/or limiting beliefs? What needs to shift?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads go beyond
Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads – go beyond, even when it feels scary to do so

Find Your Style

Do you dress the way you want to, or the way others expect you to dress? What’s your fashion style? I’m still figuring this one out. Working primarily from home, I favor comfy clothes such a hoodies, leggings and fuzzy socks.

And yet…my soul is drawn more to bohemian style clothing. I rarely wear dresses and skirts…and yet…I bought the green linen skirt in the photo below with a flowy white cotton blouse and a lightweight shawl while in Italy. My carry on could barely contain 12 days worth of clothes and essentials without adding an outfit to the mix. But I couldn’t leave those clothes behind.

Many older women feel they must dress a certain way, suitable for their age. And while purple tops and red hats are fine if that’s what you love, it’s not the only style available for spunky broads. I keep my hair long. And I know, deep in my soul, what I really want to wear. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about my fashion style…or about yours either.

What’s your style?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads style
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – find your fashion style

Take a Fun Class or Better Yet Teach One

Is there a class you want to take? A skill you want to learn? Take that class! Choices are unlimited online. Truly, it’s never too late to learn something new.

And, even better, offer to teach a class. If you specialize in an area, subject or skill, teach others. Have fun with it. Let your spunky self shine.

I frequently indulge my curiosity by taking online classes…mostly free…or picking up books on the topic at the public library. I’ve also taught many types of classes from kids’ learning styles to writing curriculum for children to real estate classes to meditation and health classes.

What would you love to learn more about? And what can you teach to others?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads teach
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – take a class or teach one

Determine Your Big Why

To stay in alignment with who you are and what you are doing, determine your big why. The big why is more than a goal. It’s something that changes your life or others’ lives or feeds your soul deeply. It’s your purpose for doing what you do.

Knowing your big why provides motivation however it also is a checkpoint to keep you from straying off into unimportant projects. You may have many big whys throughout life.

Find your current big why by writing down what you want on a piece of paper or white board. Then write why you want that, and why you want THAT and so on until you uncover the biggest reason why.

I started with “I want to travel” and moved to “I want to work remotely from anywhere in the world and earn a magnificent income.” By checking in to see why I wanted those things, I eventually discovered it’s about more than the freedom to travel. My big why? “I want to take my children and grandchildren on trips and introduce them to the wonders of the world, other cultures and other people.”

What’s your big why?

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads big why
Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads – big why

Write Out Positive Affirmations about Aging

Let’s get real. Many women have negative thoughts about the aging process. Why else spend a fortune trying NOT to look like we fall into the age 50+ age group?

Satchel Paige says, “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

How can you allow yourself to accept that aging is not only natural but inevitable? Or better yet, to affirm who you are without focusing so much on a number?

One way is to write out positive affirmations and post them where you can see them and read them every day.

Always use “I am…”.

“I am a spunky old broad” is a great start. Or, “I am living my best life.” “I am healthy and happy.” You get the idea.

I created my own affirmation calendar, made from a spiral bound deck of index cards. On each card is an affirmation or positive quote. I can flip to a new card daily.

Grab a stack of cards, open a google doc or hang a white board and start writing those affirmations.

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads affirmation
Soulful activities for spunky old broads – affirmations

Celebrating Spunky Old Broads

I do believe my Year of the Wild Woman now includes a year long celebration of spunky old broads. It’s too perfect, too amazing, to only honor spunkiness for a month.

I hope these activities inspire you to embrace your own spunkiness, whether you are old enough to claim the title or growing into it.

And I’d love to know what other activities you came up with.

Soulful Activities for Spunky Old Broads travel
Four spunky of broads with the piper in Edinburgh…and one growing into spunkiness.



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