Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated

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I don’t know about you, but with the extreme winter weather we just experienced, I’m ready for spring! The actual change of seasons doesn’t happen for almost a month. However, with the arrival of my Decocrated Spring Box, I made the switch indoors.

I love spring. It’s a time of fresh beginnings and renewal after a long winter sleep. My garden begins to stir and the trees bud. Such subtle changes signal that it’s time to freshen up my home decor as well.

I’m happy to spring into renewal with Decocrated and create fresh vignettes. See what I’ve done so far.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated title meme

Decocrated Spring 2021 Box

After a winter overshadowed by the continuing pandemic and record cold temperatures, it felt so refreshing to reset my home decor this week. As if conspiring with me, warm sunshine filtered through the blinds in my big windows, making the day seem warmer than it actually was.

What a great time shaking off the winter blues as I played with the new spring pieces from this amazing subscription box.

If you’ve never heard of Decocrated Curated Home, check out my initial review HERE. This subscription box company specializes in curating home decor that mixes brilliantly with what you already own and use. The boxes arrive to your front door four times a year, in time for each new season.

The spring 2021 box features wildflowers and sentimental pieces that stir memories of springs past. The colors are soft and finishes included white washed wood and cherry wood.

This season’s featured artist is Kim Nevo, who hails from Miami, Florida. Kim’s travels inspire her art.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated unboxing
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – the unboxing. To watch the video, click HERE.

Creating Fresh Vignettes

I focused on refreshing five areas in my home, creating spring vignettes. I’m still working on a couple of new areas that I’ll share later.

Check out how I used my new spring 2021 pieces.

Cozy Corner

In one corner of my vintage sofa, I’ve created a cozy spot for reading and sipping on a cup of hot tea, no matter what the season. Honestly, I’m that person who covers up with a blanket, with the air conditioning running!

In this area, what’s new for the season is the spring floral lumbar pillow. I love the vintage looking design featuring flowers, herbs and insects. The pillowcase reverses to a soft robin egg blue side.

I paired the new pillowcase with the summer case, with features a sunny yellow design on one side and a tweedy finish on the other. I love the tweed with the spring design. The soft lightweight green throw is from the winter 2019 box. It’s perfect for all seasons.

The metal and wood tray arrived the winter 2019 box. I use that practical, pretty tray year around. Keeping with the garden theme, I plopped a couple of gardening books on the tray and topped them with a cute miniature metal watering can that my grandkids gifted to me.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated cozy corner
Spring into renewal with Deocrated – cozy corner

Tall Dining Room Bookcase

The top two shelves of the wooden bookcase in the dining room received make overs as well.

The top shelf retained the wooden lantern from the Decocrated Christmas box and the woven basket and “Our Happy Place” tabletop sign from the fall box. New are the spring botanical prints hanging on the wall. I love the simplicity and beauty of the framed prints. Aren’t they perfect?

Although there are no Decocrated pieces on the second shelf, the decor serves to show how easy it is to mix and match the sub box pieces with items I already own. That darling print in the white frame is actually a birthday card I received this year from Greg’s cousin. I love it…and her thoughtfulness.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated happy place
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – happy place

Dining Room Table

My favorite place to create vignettes, the small round dining table gets a completely new vignette, thanks to the Decocrated spring 2021 box.

I absolutely adore the WOODEN table runner! What a unique and fun decor piece. It’s sturdy, holding an assortment of items on the softly patterned surface.

Left Side of Wooden Table Runner

On the left is a clip frame, holding the postcard sized art print from the spring 2021 box. The print reverses to a soft pink print. I’m so excited about the clip frame! It’s perfect for all the art prints I’ve received in the last year+ from Decocrated.

Two of the four wooden village pieces from winter 2020 complete this end of the runner.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated postcard art
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – clip frame and postcard art

Right Side

On the right is the new spring planter. Made from metal with a wooden stand, it’s such a wonderful container to tuck a living plant into or to hold an artificial arrangement. I left my variegated ivy in a plastic flower pot and just dropped it into the planter.

The stack of wooden books, tied with beaded twine, inspires with the words “collect beautiful moments”. I almost always use a stack of actual books when creating vignettes. Decocrated included this wonderful set in the spring box.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated planter
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – spring planter and stack of wooded books


Hot Tea Bar and Small Bookcase

Although these next two areas do not contain pieces from the spring 2021 box, the vignettes are full of previous items from Decocrated.

I continue to enjoy the hot tea bar. Every afternoon and most mornings, year around, I enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea. I love the convenience and fun of maintaining a hot tea bar. During the cold winter months I add hot chocolate as well.

I packed away the winter decor and introduced spring to the tea bar with mostly blue and green pieces. The pink, light blue and yellow ceramic containers hold tea bags and the last of my Four Sigmatic hot cocoa.

The tall ceramic trees arrived in the winter 2019 box while the remaining two village pieces and the wooden perpetual calendar came in the winter 2020 box.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated hot tea bar
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – hot tea bar

Small Bookcase

And the small bookcase in the space between dining room and living room houses a variety of pieces, each from a different season!

Framed wall print is a winter 2020 item. The tabletop print “there may be no thing greater than a life well loved” arrived winter 2019. Next to it, the faux succulents came in the summer 2020 box while the black metal lantern is from last spring. And the pair of black lanterns are actually Halloween 2020 pieces.

I truly do enjoy mixing and matching the Decocrated items with what I have on hand. In fact, everything I used for this spring arrived via Decocrated boxes or I already owned it. It’s so fun to play with the pieces and see what I have that combine to create vignettes that tell my stories.

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated small bookcase
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – small bookcase

Get Your Own Decocrated Seasonal Box

Do you enjoy home decor? If so, you will love this subscription box that delivers fun, versatile pieces right to your front door.

Click this link for the Decocrated Spring Box, and use this discount code for $15 off the price of your first box:  CINDYM15

Or use the same code to receive $15 off a yearly subscription. Once you are a member, there are additional items that can be purchased from the online shop, and special boxes available too, like Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Have fun welcoming spring into your home!

Spring Into Renewal with Decocrated dining table
Spring into renewal with Decocrated – dining room table vignette


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  1. So many pieces to love – collect beautiful moments wooded books, the hot tea bar, and the Our Happy Place tabletop sign. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh I’m going to have to check out Decorated. I love that Happy Place display. And the plant pot is so cool! I see some Mother’s Day gifts in my future lol!

  3. Awe! Hot tea bar is my favorite! I love tea and thinking about organizing that space. Thank you for ideas!

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