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As a woman with Scottish roots and a deep love for the country and her people, imagine my delight when I discovered WeeBox.

This subscription box from Scotland arrives bringing carefully selected gifts designed to elicit a wee smile. Truthfully, though, I resisted the urge to subscribe initially. I wondered…was the box filled with souvenir type items? Were these things I could easily purchase on my next trip to Scotland? How wee is the WeeBox?

However, my heart, which beats faster at the sound of bagpipes, soon overruled my questioning brain. I decided to give WeeBox a try. After all, with the pandemic, when will I get to return to my beloved Scotland?

I’m glad I listened to my heart and allowed Scotland to come to me.

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WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland title meme

How Does the WeeBox Work?

WeeBox was founded in 2016, birthed from a deep passion to share Scotland with Scots and Scots-at-heart all over the world.

Each month this wee purple box arrives to your front door. Tucked inside are five items worth approximately 50 pounds, including a treat to eat or drink. These items are not available outside of Scotland, making them true Scottish treasures.

A personalized card accompanies the items, explaining what each one is. As a blogger, I especially appreciate this info!

The WeeBox purpose is to connect the receiver with Scotland by offering a magical, Scottish experience. The curated items convey a warm sense of Scottish pride while opening the box delivers the surprise of discovering the contents. Wee grins do ensue. In fact, my wee grin turned into an ear-to-ear smile as I unboxed the items.

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland box
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – my first purple box

Supporting Scotland

The WeeBox staff hand select every item, featuring small Scotland businesses and their wares. On their blog, the ‘Support Small Scotland’ series shines a light on a different business each month, with the aim of highlighting their incredible work.

They also support various Scottish charities which is so crucial during these challenging times. Additionally, WeeBox is committed to protecting Scotland’s environment. They drive electric cars and minimize waste and single use packaging.

The purple WeeBoxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and the postage bags are completely compostable. Currently the company continues on its journey to become carbon neutral.

WeeBox is a company I can feel good about supporting!

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland surprises
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – I love that the contents are wrapped in Scottish newspaper! I enjoyed reading through those pages.

February WeeBox

Purchase boxes before the end of the month, for the upcoming month. I ordered the February box in late January. Because these wee boxes arrive from Scotland and because we are in the midst of a world wide pandemic, patience is required as the treasures travel. My WeeBox arrived in late February. I think I squealed when I saw the purple package.

The February box is titled “Scottish Romance”. Scotland is consistently voted the most romantic country in the world. The gifts in this WeeBox present a nostalgic look at Scots love and traditions.

Take a peek at what’s inside!

The Luckenbooth – Scotland’s Symbol of Love

I confess I didn’t know what the Luckenbooth was. So immediate points to WeeBox for teaching me something new.

The Luckenbooth is a Scottish symbol dating back to the 17th century. It consists of two hearts entwined, with a crown above. The design represents love and loyalty.

Typically a silver brooch, the name Luckenbooth comes from the booths or stalls on the Royal Mile that sold jewelry. Luckenbooth is the Scots word for a lockable stall.

Mary Queen of Scots gifted a Luckenbooth to Lord Darnley as a symbol of her love and devotion. The stencils in the February WeeBox allow the receiver to craft her own Luckenbooth by sprinkling powdered sugar over them to create the design on a cake.

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland cake stencils
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – Luckenbooth cake stencils

Pebble People in Love

Who knew that pebbles could stir emotion? These do. The laddie sports a kilt and sporran and the lassie stretches up on tiptoe to plant a cheeky kiss.

The enclosed card shared this Old Scots quote:

“My heart you have and yours I crave.”

Awwww. This precious pair makes me smile every time I look at them.

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland couple
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – pebble people

The Wee Book of Winchin’

While the pebble couple tugs at my heart, the Wee Book of Winchin’ makes me laugh!

On the back cover, the book promises: “This wee book reaches thae parts o’ yer heart tha’ ither wee books jist cannae reach,” And it’s true! The book features charming essays, stories and poems accompanied by cute drawings.

The first page begins with “May the Bagpipes o’ Happiness Be the Soundtrack Tae Yer Life”. I knew then I’d love this wee book. I’m keeping it on the table next to my favorite chair, to enjoy while I sip a cup of tea.

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland wee book
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – wee book

Scottish Sweeties

These colorful Scottish sweeties remind me of a similar old fashioned hard candy that I enjoyed as a child. If I remember correctly, they appeared at Christmas time.

Using DuoLingo, I’m learning Scots Gaelic. So I love the Scottish “I love you” written on the candy package. Tha goal agam ort. I sampled one of the delicious sweeties today.

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland sweets
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – Scottish sweeties

Highland Cow Sling Purse

Look at this adorable sling purse, featuring the Highland cow, or coo! These large shaggy beasts with the reddish brown coats and long horns are symbolic of the Scottish Highlands. The soft purple corduroy represents the heather that covers the hills in summer.

When I left the house this afternoon, I tucked my wallet, keys and phone into this sweet purse and slung it over one shoulder. The purse is the perfect size to hold the essentials for a day or an evening out. I love it!

WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland highland cow purse
WeeBox Subscription Box from Scotland – Highland Coo sling purse
WeeBox unboxing
WeeBox unboxed

Ready to Get Your WeeBox?

I’m thrilled with my first WeeBox. The March box is traveling to me now. It’s so fun to open the purple container and uncover the treasures within. And, I feel very connected to Scotland as I enjoy these items.

Does Scottish blood flow through your veins? Or do you love this bonnie country regardless of whether your ancestors called it home? You can receive your own WeeBox. Or you might want to gift a WeeBox to someone special.

Go to the company website HERE. From the home page subscribe…monthly or pick up a yearly subscription…or brighten someone’s day with a gift subscription. The April WeeBox is on sale now.

Also check out Blether for news and features and click WeePeek for a look at next month’s theme.

And if you subscribe, tell WeeBox the Scottish lass Cindy sent you!

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  1. These sound so great! What a great way to get a little culture from a country so far away! And I love trying snacks and food from faraway places. This makes it so convenient!

  2. O.M.G. This is SO cool. I read SO many novels that take place in Scotland. It’s the #1 place on my bucket list. And I love this idea for a gift for my book club! (Who also read all Scottish romances lol.) That highland cow sling… oh man. That is adorable!

  3. That’s a new subscription box I haven’t heard of yet! I love the fact that its very specific to a culture/country! Thanks for sharing your treasures!

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