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Did you know that the clothing industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on earth? Some of the main factors that contribute to this pollution are overproduction of fashion articles, the use of synthetic fibers and the agricultural pollution of fashion crops.

The number of new garments purchased by Americans tripled in the last 60 years. This demand for clothes increases the need for more resources and speedier processes to make those garments.

Fast fashion, also called throw away fashion, is the process of making trendy clothes quickly and cheaply. These clothes contribute to waste pollution as most of the items are thrown away, ending up in landfills.

One way to counteract this trend for fast fashion is to shop for well made garments that last for years, from ecologically minded clothing companies. It’s what I’m doing, to lessen my impact on the earth.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Toad&Co whose eco-friendly clothes are making a difference in the world by making a difference in the clothing industry.

Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes title meme

Origins of Toad&Co

This company began in 1991 with one woman creating fleece hats in a garage in Telluride, Colorado. The first Horny Toad store opens in downtown Telluride with fleece vests and jackets joining the inventory.

By 1995 the company headquarters move to Chicago. And in 1997 Horny Toad partners with Search, Inc to co-found the Planet Access Company, a warehouse that provides career opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. During the 2000s Toad opens a couple of storefronts, partners with visionary organizations and moves the headquarters to southern California.

In 2010 Toad is named one of Outside Magazine’s best places to work. The company becomes a member of the 1% for the Planet organization and purchases renewable energy certificates for all locations.

The name changes from Horny Toad to Toad&Co in 2015, to better reflect the company’s commitment to creating global change through partnerships. Since its humble beginnings, Toad&Co helped fund 120 environment protection organizations, employed approximately 400 adults with disabilities and sent 500 people on trips in the outdoors.

Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes logo
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes logo

Choosing Sustainability

Toad&Co says that choosing sustainability isn’t the easy route, it’s the only route. Therefore, minimizing their environmental impact and cleaning up the apparel industry is an integral part of their mission.

Toad&Co lives their commitment in the following ways:

  • sustainable fibers – they use organic cotton, recycled fibers and other high quality materials known for low impact growing and clean manufacturing
  • reusable shipper option at checkout – Toad&Co partners with LimeLoop to offer US customers a sustainable, reusable shipping container. They also ship in cardboard boxes and recycled paper mailers that easily break down in the garden or compost bin.
  • circular economy – focuses on eliminating waste by promoting resources that are funneled back into the system. “Circular” clothes are designed to last a long time and then recycled, renewed or upcycled when no longer functional.
  • partnership with thredUP – provides a clean out kit so that clothes cleared from the closet get sent in to thredUP. You receive a Toad&Co credit in return. Request a Clean Out Kit.
  • renewal workshop – keeps clothes out of landfills by washing, repairing and renewing old Toad clothes and getting them back in circulation.  Shop Renewed Toad.
  • teach customers how to fix and repair clothing, rather than throw items away – sew on a button, repair holes in clothes, fix your clothes
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes camp shirt and taj hemp pants
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes – my order

Giving Back

Toad&Co’s intentions are to support their communities, take care of the planet and empower people to live their fullest lives.

They embrace these long term partnerships:

  • 1% for the Planet – network of organizations committed to giving 1% of their sales to restore the environment
  • Search, Inc – provides services and supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • The Conservation Alliance – protects Earth’s wild spaces
  • The Venture Out Project – works to bring the LGBTQ+ community together to experience the beauty and fun of the wilderness
  • The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund – funds local projects engaged in the conservation of unique natural and cultural resources of adventure travel destinations
  • partners with local non-profits at each of their retail locations and their headquarters
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes henley
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes – Henley for my grandson

My Experience with Toad&Co

This is a clothing company I can get behind with my support. I deeply appreciate their mission, intentions and practices. Their values align with mine.

And, I love their clothes.

I ordered the Camp Cove Shirt in salt stripe. Made of 100% organic cotton, this lightweight button up shirt is perfect for summer. The classic camp shirt will wear well over time.

I paired the camp shirt with the Taj Hemp Pant in oatmeal chambray. These linen like pants, made from stretch hemp, are lightweight and cool, with wide relaxed legs, an ruched elastic waistband and…pockets!

And my grandson Dayan picked out the men’s Primo Henley shirt in salt, made from soft, organic cotton. I’m excited to give him the shirt when I see him for his university graduation next week and snap a couple of photos.

These high quality clothes feel wonderful against my skin. And the garments are extremely well made. They truly will last for many years.

Toad&Co Eco Friendly Clothes - outfit
Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes – I love these beautiful, comfy clothes

Wear Cool Clothes, Restore the Planet

Check out this extraordinary clothing company for yourself. Browse their fashions for men and women. Request a Clean Out Kit and send garments you no longer want to thredUP. Learn how to sew on a button. Repair a hole in a favorite shirt, rather than toss it in the trash.

Use my link HERE to get started with Toad&Co. You will enjoy wearing their clothing while making a difference in the health of our planet.

Choose sustainability. Choose eco-friendly clothes. I am. And I look forward to my next Toad&Co purchase.

Toad&Co Eco-Friendly Clothes camp shirt


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  1. What a great organization! And I love that they teach customers how to fix their clothes, like sewing on a button. I was fortunate enough to have a mom who taught us those things, but I’m realizing it’s rare these days.

    1. Yes I love that too! I’m teaching my grandson these skills as he finishes university and begins his adult life.

  2. Love love this. Fashion that helps the environment is always a win-win in my book. Thanks for sharing and offering an alternative when shopping.

  3. I love that this is sustainable clothing. You are indeed right about us being a throw away society (which is something my daughter reminds me about regularly!). And I love that they give back as well! Great to know there are companies like this out there!

  4. Thank you for sharing your post with us at Blogger’s Influence. I am unfamiliar with this company but will check it out. In the meantime, I have RT

  5. Cindy you look so lovely. Your hair is so beautiful. I’ve been looking for more eco friendly sustainable clothes so I’ll definitely want to check these guys out.

    1. Thank you! And that’s awesome. I want to support eco friendly sustainable clothing as much as possible.

  6. I love a good quality product that last years and is classic in style. This sounds like a great company.

  7. What an awesome brand! I never knew that it was founded in Telluride! Cool story and love their mission. Plus, that outfit looks so cute on you!!

  8. I had no idea that clothing production caused so much pollution. Wow! It really makes you think about what you wear and why. Thanks for highlighting this responsible option for us!

  9. I know that a lot of time the clothes are overlooked at being in our landfills. Ecofriendly purchases and recycling of clothes is so important.

  10. Before we moved, I got rid of most of my clothes just keeping what I wear regularly. With our nomadic lifestyle, we downsized our clothes to only 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants.

  11. This article almost made me cry. Feel so much respect to people that care for others and have a strong message for their mission. Love it!

  12. I love to hear about companies that are not only trying to be eco friendly and sustainable, but that are giving back as well! Doesn’t hurt that the clothes are cute too!

  13. You look so lovely and comfortable in these eco-friendly clothes. Will definitely check out this brand.Thank you, for sharing.

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