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As September draws to a close, I spent the day adding spooky touches to my fall decor. New this season, treats for Halloween from Decocrated. This add-on box for 2021 contains the right blend of spooky vibes and festive fun.

Take a peek at the pieces inside the new Decocrated Halloween Box and see how I switched things up a bit for the upcoming holiday.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated title meme

Halloween Add-on Box 2021

If you’ve never heard of Decocrated Curated Home, check out my initial review HERE. This subscription box company specializes in curating home decor that mixes brilliantly with what you already own and use. The boxes arrive to your front door four times a year, in time for each new season.

Plus Decocrated members have access to the online Decoshop and add-on boxes that come out around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July.

This add-on box celebrates Halloween with hauntingly sweet decor in a festive orange, black and white palette. The Deco Creator for this box is Adriana Cullen, of AC Craftiness.

The collection is pictured below. See where these pieces landed.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated collection
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – the 2021 collection

Pillow Talk

The lumbar pillow cover for Halloween 2021 features cobwebs on a black background, on one side, with orange tweed on the flip side. After Halloween, this pillow can remain as a fall pillow, turned to the orange side.

I paired the spooky pillow with the Farm Fresh Pumpkins one I already owned. And I placed both behind a little vignette set up on the wood and tin tray from the very first Decocrated box I received in winter 2019.

On the tray: the wooden candle holders from the fall 2021 box plus fall themed items and a HOME sign from my own collection.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated pillows
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – pillow

Dining Room Shelves

Although already decorated for fall, I tweaked these shelves in the dining room, adding Halloween pieces.

On the top shelf, the ladder and linen from the fall 2021 box remain, along with the wooden lantern from the Christmas 2020 box and the flocked pumpkins from fall 2020. I added the BOO tabletop print and the fun wooden bottle cutouts, all from last year’s Decocrated Halloween box.

The second shelf holds black and white stacked pumpkins, a tabletop sign and a simple black vase with orange beads, on one end. At the other end is my rustic wire box holding the black metal clock from summer 2021, an orange candle and the wooden plaque from last year’s fall crate.

And finally, the third shelf is home to my own decor pieces plus the dark green metal pumpkin and colorful wooden beads from the fall 2021 box. The framed art features postcards I bought while on my Italy trip, in 2017.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated shelves
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – dining room shelves

Signs of the Season

The crescent moon wall art and the metal plaque both ended up on the covered front porch, ready to welcome visitors.

Bats and stars adorn the Trick or Treat moon sign, while “Enter if you Dare” gives a playful warning on the metal sign. After the holiday, it’s easy to remove both of these signs and return the front porch to fall, until after Thanksgiving.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated signs
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – signs of the season

Table Vignette

The rest of the new Halloween items gathered on the dining room table on top of the cloth runner from fall 2020 and the wooden runner from spring 2021.

The crate, filled with black and white pumpkins, comes from the fall 2020 box. I swapped out the wooden signs, moving the Harvest Moon one to the crate for Halloween. The spiderwebs towel is from this fall’s box.

On the other end rests the clip frame, holding the cat silhouette with the words “Trick or Treat”. The black metal “haunted house” is big enough to hold a candle inside. Use an LED candle or a small tea votive in a heat safe container. And the cute ceramic owl bowl is perfect for holding succulents, a small candle or Halloween candies. Mine will soon hold individually wrapped dark chocolates!

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – table vignette

Bonus Photos

Although they don’t feature items from the Halloween 2021 box, these areas contain pieces from previous Decocrated boxes. Those items really do mix and  match well with other Decocrated pieces and your own decorations.

Hot Tea Station

I set up my hot tea station for fall. Decocrated pieces include the sleigh shelf on the wall, the perpetual calendar and the tiered tray. This station, set up last winter for hot cocoa, remained in place all year and I enjoyed it so much. I simply change the decor with the seasons.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated tea station
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – tea station

Entry Table

The little entry table switched to a black and white Halloween theme. On the table top, the black metal candle ring from fall 2020 holds white tapers. The wreath with black berries can hang on the wall but I love the way it looks with the candle ring.

And the black and white pillow cover on the bottom shelf is from last Halloween’s box. I bought the cute Hocus Pocus sign last Halloween.

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated hocus pocus
Treats for Halloween from Decocrated – Hocus Pocus

Do You Decorate for Halloween?

Is your house decorated yet for fall? And do you add Halloween pieces too? I’d love to hear about your ideas for the season.

If you’d like to purchase these fun Decocrated add-on boxes, subscribe first, by purchasing a seasonal box or a yearly subscription. Use this link. At checkout, use my code CINDYM15 to save $15 off a single box or a yearly subscription.

Then you can buy an add-on box. Preorders for the Christmas 2021 box are available now!

I’m so excited as we enter this extended time of holiday celebrations. And I love decorating my house this time of year, shifting from fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. These truly are my favorite months of the year!

Treats for Halloween from Decocrated fall


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  1. So many great options. They are all beautiful. I have a lot of Christmas decorations, but my house is pretty empty for my fall decor. I need to do some shopping. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Love the decor! My daughter loves white pumpkins, while I like candy corn (just bough a huge pillow shaped like one)! Still have to dig out my Fall stuff.

  3. I love the dining room shelves! I would like to get some fall decor (not Halloween necessarily, but just fall stuff) but haven’t done that yet. One day I will spruce up our house a little more… but fall is definitely one of my favorite things.

  4. You have done such a beautiful job arranging your fall decor. I wasn’t aware of this service and I have to say, they really have some pretty items. This is definitely good to know. It would make a great present for someone special.

  5. I have a ton of fall decorations, but not many that are specifically for Halloween. This is a great idea, I will have to check out Decocrated!

  6. I do the same as you do. We decorate for fall in September, add Halloween pieces for October, then swap out Halloween for Thanksgiving in November. I want to upgrade my holiday decor and love the look of the Decocrated pieces. They seem to be the aesthetic that I’m looking for.

  7. I love these ideas! I am behind on decorating this year. I have a few pieces out, but I need to do some more. Thank you for these ideas!

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