What I’m Reading Currently and Why

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October is National Book Month, giving readers everywhere the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book…or two or five! There’s something about the coziness of fall that invites a cup of hot tea and a good book, right?

Reading is one of the best things you can do to boost mental health. It stimulates the brain and reduces stress. Plus reading regularly improves vocabulary, spelling and memory. It’s a way to explore, without leaving your home, and a gateway to new places and ideas. Reading opens the heart and mind, educates and inspires. And finally, reading is a fun form of entertainment.

For National Book Month, here’s what I’m reading currently and why.

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What I’m Reading Currently and Why

I have five books on the table next to my chair. One I’ve taken my time reading this year. Another I’m reading for the second time. The hefty volume from Anthony William is an excellent resource for health. I completed Steve’s book for writers  this month, however it’s such a great read that I’m keeping it nearby. And the last one in the stack I received in the mail over the weekend. I just started reading it.

Four of this month’s books are nonfiction while one is fictional, set in Charleston, South Carolina.

Below is a brief synopsis of each book…and why it’s on my Currently Reading List.

Women Who Run With the Wolves

This deeply spiritual book, written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, is a must for any woman who wants to connect more profoundly with herself.

Within every woman lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman who represents the instinctual nature of women.

Dr. Estes combines intercultural myths, fairy tales and stories to help women connect with the fierce, healthy, visionary aspects of self.

Why I’m Reading Women Who Run With the Wolves

This is my Year of the Wild Woman and what a great book to accompany me through 2021. It’s a deep read, stirring many thoughts and emotions in me, thus the slow journey through the book. I underline passages and take notes. I’m learning to unleash my inner wild woman and Clarissa’s book is the perfect guide for that desire.

Purchase Women Who Run With the Wolves HERE.

What I'm Reading Currently and Why wolves
What I’m Reading Currently and Why – Women Who Run With the Wolves

Write Like You Mean It

Author Steve Gamel offers keys to achieving writing success. Subtitled Mastering Your Passion for the Written Word, Steve shares stories from his own long writing career along with trade secrets, techniques and writing lessons for stronger content.

This incredibly helpful book covers the entire writing process, from the desire to write to organization to editing and publishing. Write Like You Mean It is perfect for aspiring or experienced writers, in all genres including blogging.

Read a more in depth review of the book HERE.

Why I Read Write Like You Mean It

This book was gifted to me by the publishers. However, I am asked daily to review books. I turn most of those requests down because I just don’t have time to do that many reviews. Occasionally though, a book so catches my interest that I agree. I am so grateful that I did for this book.

I love Steve’s conversational writing style. And his experiences in writing inspire me to keep improving what I create, day by day. This is a book I’ll re-read and refer to frequently.

Purchase Write Like You Mean It HERE.

What I'm Reading Currently and Why mean it
What I’m Reading Currently and Why – Write Like You Mean It

The House on Tradd Street

Author Karen White creates a thrilling…and spooky…mystery in this first book in a series of seven. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, the story follows an intriguing cast of characters, including Melanie Middleton, a realtor who sees ghosts.

Melanie specializes in the sale of historic homes. However, those old homes contain spirits that only she can see and hear. When an elderly man dies, and leaves Melanie his historic Tradd Street house, she discovers resident ghosts with secrets to reveal. With the help of writer Jack Trenholm, Melanie unravels a mystery of passion, heartbreak and murder.

Why I am Re-Reading The House on Tradd Street

The Tradd Street series inspired me to visit Charleston, to see the places that Karen so beautifully describes in the books. Since my return, I’m enjoying reading back through book one. It’s fun to recognize places such as Broad Street and the City Market and to clearly imagine Tradd Street after walking down that narrow lane several times.

The final book in the series, The Attic on Queen Street, releases in a couple of weeks. I’m excited to visit Charleston again, through this continuing story. After I finish book seven, I’ll write a review of the series.

Additionally, I relate to the character Melanie. She’s a psychic realtor who, in spite of her abilities, shows old houses and pushes beyond the fear. Sound familiar?

Order The House on Tradd Street HERE.

What I'm Reading Currently and Why tradd street
What I’m Reading Currently and Why – The House on Tradd Street

Cleanse to Heal

This health book in the Medical Medium series, written by Anthony William, offers a wealth of healing information. Pathogens and toxins are the cause of so many of our present day illnesses. Cleansing is a powerful way to nurture and protect the body while eliminating those troublemakers.

Anthony’s guide includes several different types of cleanses, 200 symptoms and conditions and precise supplement dosages to aid in your cleanse. And the oversized book features more than 75 delicious, health boosting recipes and sample menus.

Why I am Reading Cleanse to Heal

Fall is a great time to cleanse the body and boost the immune system. I’m doing the Anti-Bug Cleanse these last two weeks of October. The basics of this cleanse include drinking celery juice every morning, drinking at least 32 ounces of water a day, focusing on fruits and vegetables and avoiding certain foods.

I’m already plant based. During this cleanse I’m strictly avoiding salt, sugar, fats and oils plus vinegar, fermented foods and all grains except gluten free oats. Avoiding these foods while upping my nutritional level allows toxins to leave my blood and starves viruses and bacteria. I intend to enter the winter season, with its greater risk of bugs, as healthy as possible.

Purchase Cleanse to Heal HERE. And check out a more complete review of the book through this link.

What I'm Reading Currently and Why cleanse
What I’m Reading Currently and Why – Cleanse to Heal

The Happy Inbox

This little gem in The Empowered Productivity series, written by Maura Nevel Thomas, comes with the subtitle: How to Have a Stress-Free Relationship with Your Email and Overcome Your Communication Clutter. Did you know that a cluttered inbox creates low level anxiety? That feeling arises from the backlog of emails, that continues to grow, and all those notifications on your apps.

Making peace with the inbox gets rid of the anxiety, increases the ability to retrieve info quickly and allows you to spend less time managing communication and more time working toward goals.

Why I Am Diving in to The Happy Inbox

The request asking me to review this book dropped into my email at the right time! I feel overwhelmed by the daily deluge of communications coming into my inbox. And talk about a backlog of emails. I currently have more than 20,000.

I said Yes! to reading and offering a review of this book. Plus I feel excited to learn management techniques to get my inbox under control, once and for all. I’ve only begun to read and love this book already. Watch for a full review in a couple of weeks.

Order The Happy Inbox HERE.

What I'm Reading Currently and Why happy inbox
What I’m Reading Currently and Why – The Happy Inbox

Celebrate National Book Month

Fun ways to celebrate this month long event include:

  • read a new book
  • re-read a favorite book
  • visit your local library
  • listen to an audible book
  • write a book review
  • send a letter or an email to a favorite author
  • read out loud to a child or an elderly person
  • organize a book swap
  • start a book club

And share with me what you are currently reading…and why…in the comments below!


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  1. No excuses needed here for a chance to read a good book! “Women Who Run With the Wolves” sounds right up my alley – thank you for the suggestion!
    The cleansing thing – you mean, no pickles?? Olives? Oh my! You’re a stronger person than I!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to grab any books lately. I actually missed having one along with me on our last trip. Hmmm… may look into a couple of your suggestions, although I already have a long list of my own! LOL

  3. I NEED to read The Happy Inbox. But, I WANT to read Women Who Run with Wolves LOL! You’ve got a great list here. October is a great month to read too because as the weather starts getting cooler, I absolutely love curling up under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea!

  4. These look like great reads! I also love to curl up with a good book at this time of the year with the fire going! I have three books on the go right now myself but will have to check these out when I am done!

  5. Reading is so relaxing! These sound like amazing books. We will be visiting Charleston soon, so maybe we will have to grab the series and read it before we do!!!

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