Life is a Highway

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As I head toward my 64th birthday on January 9, the celebrations are well underway. Get up to speed with what I’m doing, with my post from two weeks ago HERE.

Every day I randomly select a number and than match it to my list of 64 birthday activities. If that number is already selected, I randomly choose another number.

Although I felt a bit reluctant to celebrate in this way this year, I admit it’s a fun way to honor the woman I am becoming and engage playfully and creatively with myself and the Divine. I’m glad I chose to proceed.

Check out which activities popped up for me during the last two weeks and hop on board my celebration vehicle. Life is a highway…and I’m going to ride it right up to my January birthday…and far, far beyond.

Life is a Highway title meme

11/16/21 Work Through the Get Untamed Journal (in process)

Talk about a “random” activity working out well…my Get Untamed Journal by Glennon Doyle arrived perfectly on this day. I dove right in.

Glennon’s book Untamed is crucial to my wild woman journey. I’m on my third read through the book. When I saw that an accompanying journal was due out this fall, I pre-ordered it last spring.

Subtitled “How to quit pleasing and start living”, Get Untamed contains excerpts from Untamed, fresh insights and questions from Glennon and pages for the reader to write out her own thoughts and realizations. I’m loving this journal so much.

Life is a Highway untamed
Life is a Highway – Get Untamed Journal

11/17/21 Wear My Hair Differently

If you’ve known me for long, you know I wear my silvery hair straight and long. I haven’t changed my hairstyle in many, many years.

For this “try a new thing” activity, I borrowed a triple barrel hair waver from my daughter. As she handed it over she cautioned me to not burn my forehead with the heated barrels.

I had fun creating loose waves in my long hair. The hairstyle reminds me of the 1920s when women crimped their hair. I wore my new style all day. And I did not burn my forehead…I burned my neck! OUCH.

Life is a Highway waves
Life is a Highway – making waves

11/18/21 Create a Vision Board for 2022 (in process)

11/19/21 Research Things to Do in Honolulu (completed)

One of my 15 cities on my travel list, Honolulu came into my awareness when it landed on the Top Ten Hipster Cities in the US list. I know I’ll enjoy a visit here.

Life is a Highway honolulu
Life is a Highway – Research Honolulu

11/20/21 Research Things to Do in Salem (completed)

Salem, MA has long been on my list of places to visit. I’m interested in the history and the stories, along with experiencing the energy there. As I research these locations, I’m realizing just how strongly cities call to me.

Life is a Highway salem
Life is a Highway – Research Salem

11/21/21 Email Pitch to Savannah + Accommodations (in process)

After I do the research for each location, then I’ll pitch the tourism boards and several accommodations in each city…when that activity is selected. So far, Savannah and Memphis are the only cities in which the Email Pitch followed the necessary research.

11/22/21 Email Pitch to Chicago + Accommodations (not completed yet)

11/23/21 Do an Adventure Challenge Activity (scheduled)

I’m taking my Instax camera and Adventure Challenge Solo Edition Book with me on my weekend getaway (activity chosen on 11/7) to Springfield, MO. I have that weekend booked for 12/10 – 12/12. I’m excited to share more about that trip later.

11/24/21 Connect with My Song for 2022 (completed)

Every year, a word/theme, symbol and song find me for the journey ahead. My word for next year is “adventure” and my symbol is the VW Van. The day of this activity the song for 2022 found me quickly, literally popping into my head full force.

Rascal Flatts’ song Life is a Highway is perfect to roll with me through a year of adventures. These lyrics caught my eyes and tugged at my heart:

“There’s a world outside every darkened door/Where blues won’t haunt you anymore/Where the brave are free and lovers soar/Come ride with me to distant shores.”

Life is a Highway 2022 song
Life is a Highway – Connect with 2022 song

11/25/21 Email Pitch to Taos + Accommodations (not completed)

11/26/21 Go on a Solo Day Adventure (planning stage)

11/27/21 Design a Wild Woman T-Shirt (completed)

What a great way to commemorate my Year of the Wild Woman! I enjoyed playing around with design ideas and coming up with a colorful and playful tee. There’s a second “design a t-shirt” activity on my list. And a “have my daughter in law Megan create the shirts” one too.

Life is a Highway tee
Life is a Highway – design a Wild Woman t-shirt

11/28/21 Email Pitch to Memphis + Accommodations (in process)

11/29/21 Research Things to Do in San Francisco (completed)

San Francisco is high on my travel list. Whether I visit that city next year or not depends on how the pitches go and how everything aligns. I’m open to these travel experiences and excited about visiting without being rigidly attached to when. For me, that’s part of the fun of traveling.

One Third of the Way to My Birthday

Unbelievably, I’m one third of the way through my birthday activities. It’s fun and it’s challenging. I like “going beyond” my comfort zone in big ways and these experiences take me there.

Plus, it’s beneficial for me to reach out to tourism boards and hotels. I’m a travel and lifestyle blogger. This is part of my job. I enjoy creating content for others that is helpful and beneficial for them as well.

What I’m finding is that as I reach out to people, others are reaching out to me. I love that outward flow and return of energy.

Life is a highway…and I’m going to ride it all night long.

Many compare the “senior years” to the sun going down…calling them the twilight years of life. You won’t find me sitting in a rocking chair, reminiscing about life. I’m riding the waves of life all through my long night. Someday, when a bright new day dawns, I’ll be off on a fresh and exciting adventure unlike any I’ve experienced before. But…not yet.

Life is a Highway san francisco
Life is a Highway – Research San Francisco


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  1. The wave looks good in your hair and I think I’m going to have to add that Untamed journal to my Christmas list! I love following along with these fun birthday activities!

  2. Love seeing how you’re progressing through your list! I didn’t know there was a journal/workbook for Doyle’s Untamed book. I have yet to read it but I love her other stuff and it’s on my to-read list. I may snag the workbook to have that too!

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