Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022

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It’s officially spring, the season of rebirth and new beginnings. I love this time of year as my sleeping garden wakes up and the trees bud out. It’s important to me that my home reflects this beautiful season.

The Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 Boxes helped me reset my vignettes and freshen up my décor. Take a peek at how I incorporated these delightful pieces into my home. And take advantage of an AMAZING offer from Decocrated, at the end of the post. If you’ve been interested in this fun home décor subscription box, NOW is the time to grab a box at an incredible discount.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 title meme

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022

If you are new to Decocrated Curated Home, check out my initial review HERE. This subscription box company specializes in curating home decor that mixes beautifully with what you already own and use. The boxes arrive to your front door four times a year, in time for each new season.

Plus Decocrated members have access to the online Decoshop and add-on boxes that come out around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July.

Spring Box 2022

The new spring box celebrates the joy of the season with floras blooming and birds chirping. It features dark natural woods, black metals and dusty sky blue along with hints of rose.

Easter Box 2022

This holiday add-on box, available to Decocrated subscribers only, adds Easter icons such as bunnies and eggs. It features dark natural woods and black metals, to coordinate perfectly with the spring box, and a dusty blue, soft rose and light green color palette.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 easter box
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – Easter Box

Top Shelf Vignette

All of the new Easter goodies and several from the 2022 Spring Box landed on a top shelf in my dining room. Confession: my “dining room” is actually the room I decorate the most, rather than eat in. It’s situated in the center of my 120+ year old house and I walk through it multiple times a day. Years ago, Greg removed the wall and French doors separating the living room and dining room, creating a large space full of light from the huge windows. I love the flow in these rooms and the natural light.

Look what came together to form this charming vignette.

From the 2022 Spring Box

The wooden pedestal with the bird cage is so versatile. I’m using them together here, with a fat light pink candle and spring candle ring inside. However, you can use the pieces separately too, as a stand to hold anything from cupcakes to collectibles, and as a metal cloche to cover a flower arrangement or a trio of candles.

The adorable blue ceramic birds add a whimsical touch to any vignette. I love birds and own five…so far…sets of ceramic or metal birds. They grace so many of my vignettes, year around. I love this pair of blue birds. And the strand of blue beads is one of two from the Spring Box. The other strand is part of another Easter display.

From the 2022 Easter Box

All of the items from the Easter box are grouped together here.

The long wooden tray with black metal handles forms the foundation for the sweet ceramic bunny holding the pale pink egg, the wooden whitewashed egg with the delicate floral design and the two sided art card in the clip frame. That handy clip frame comes from the Spring 2021 Box. I love it for holding the art cards. On the other side of the Easter card is a collection of colorful eggs. When Easter is over, I’ll go back to the spring art card.

Beneath the pedestal and cage is the pillow cover from the Easter Box. With its blue and white striped pattern, I chose to use it as a runner in this display. I’ll pop a lumbar pillow in it for summer. The cute…and inexpensive…fabric carrots came from Hobby Lobby. You’ll see two more in another vignette.

And hanging on the wall above this fresh vignette is the wooden BUNNY TRAIL sign.

I love how this vignette turned out. It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 bunny trail
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – top shelf vignette

Dining Room Table Vignette

On the table I never eat at, rests another grouping from the the Spring 2022 Box with a few of my own décor pieces. I love how I can create something new from what I already own, and the items from Decocrated.

This simple grouping features the glass vase with jute details and the faux lamb’s ear stems, from the 2022 Spring Box, on one end. Accompanying it are items from my collection: a light green votive holder and a pale pink bowl filled with speckled spring eggs.

On the other end, the white wire and metal cloche holds more speckled eggs. And the ceramic bunny and candy dish were made by Greg’s mother in 1961. I’m ever so careful with these vintage handmade items. However, I don’t want to keep them bubble wrapped in a box, never seen or enjoyed. They remind me of my mother-in-law, who passed away in 1999.

The pieces rest on the wooden table runner, from the Decocrated 2021 Spring Box. That runner is my all time favorite item. I use it to hold vignettes and for photo shoots for brands that I work with. I love it so much.

And beneath all is the new fabric table runner from this year’s Spring Box. I love how neutral the checked print is. I can use this runner year around.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 table top
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – dining table top

Metal Wall Hooks

This black metal wall hook arrived in the 2022 Spring Box. After careful consideration for its location, I settled on the old wooden door in the dining room. Yes, the 120+ year old solid oak door has a crack in it. For me, that’s part of its charm.

The hooks currently hold a vintage Easter egg that came from Greg’s mother, spring wreaths and two more of the fun fabric carrots.

Beneath the hooks sits a short bookcase, holding more spring vignettes. The wooden ladder, perpetual calendar and candle holders are all from Decocrated. The white frame holds a photo of my youngest grandchild, Finley Grace, and art work created by her. And the little white rabbit comes from Hobby Lobby.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 hooks
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – metal wall hooks
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 top shelf
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – short bookcase top shelf

Refreshed Hot Tea Bar

Although no items from the Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 Boxes are here, I refreshed the hot tea bar. Other Decocrated items landed here though.

The wooden bee cutout sets the theme for this cute redo in the kitchen. I chose a yellow, gold and white color theme for spring/summer. The sled shelf stays up all year with the items on it changing with the seasons. And the tiered tray is perfect for my ceramic teapot, cups and more seasonal décor.

Other decorative items are from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s while the adorable gold snail was a gift from my daughter Adriel and granddaughter Finley. Adriel purchased it from Target.

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 tea bar
Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 – hot tea bar

Get Your First Decocrated Box at an Amazing Price

Are you decorating yet for spring or Easter? If you enjoy decorating as a creative way of expressing yourself, like I do, then I have such a great deal for you!

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Then, you can purchase the Easter add-on box, as a Decocrated member. Additionally, you can shop from their online store that contains hundreds of cute items for your home. I recently purchased two fun travel themed pieces from the online shop and a wonderful two tiered round wooden tray (pictured below).

What do you love most about spring?

Decocrated Spring and Easter 2022 tiered tray


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  1. I love this concept from Decocrated Curated Home. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to decorate until the holiday arrives. Lately, I’ve been looking for an Easter garland with lights to hang in my kitchen. These decorations look fantastic, and I love that you shared a discount code I can use. Thanks.

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