Family Fun at Topgolf

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Recently Greg and I joined our son, daughter-in-law and three grandkids in Rogers, Arkansas for family fun at Topgolf. I volunteered to sit out playing so I could take photos and videos.

I bought Greg a gift card to Topgolf for Father’s Day and this was our first experience at the entertainment venue. We enjoyed the lively atmosphere, the food and the family time.

Grandson Joey turned 16 the day before our outing so we also celebrated his birthday with a shared meal and dessert.

Family Fun at TopGolf title meme

Topgolf History

The Jolliffe Brothers and a licensee developed the first three Topgolf locations in the United Kingdom in 2000. Both brothers, who were avid golfers, wanted to improve their game. They designed and patented technology that places an RFID (radio frequency id)  chip inside golf balls. Originally called Target Oriented Practice Golf, the name eventually shortened to Topgolf.

The US licensee brought Topgolf to the US in 2005, opening its first location in Alexandria, Virginia, a Washington DC suburb. The company incorporated in 2008 as Topgolf International.

Today they are considered pioneers of the sports entertainment industry with a proven track record of creativity infused with technology.

The company currently has 70 venues with 200,000+ swing bays in 28 states in the US plus four countries.

At Topgolf the mission is to help people create unforgettable experiences with family and friends.

Family Fun at TopGolf interior
Interior shot at Topgolf Rogers, Arkansas

How Do You Play at Topgolf?

The Topgolf centers offer two or three story buildings with dozens of climate-controlled bays that rent by the hour. Up to six people play at a time, adults or children. Golf clubs are provided or you may bring your own. Each venue offers a full service bar and restaurant and an impressive menu, with dining/drinking available while you play in your bay.

Topgolf offers a variety of games that utilize microchipped golf balls and a tracer that keeps track of shots. Each player scores points by hitting golf balls into targets on the large field. The more accurate the shot and the farther the distance, the more points earned. Think driving range with fun twists! A computerized screen provides data about distance and accuracy with each ball hit and a leaderboard keeps score among the players.

Each player gets ten shots and you rotate through those, one shot at a time. The targets range from 25 yards away to 200+. You can choose from 12 or more different games, to play as a group. The most commonly played is simply called “Topgolf”.

Family Fun at TopGolf aubs
Family Fun at Topgolf – Aubrey teeing up
Family Fun at Topgolf - Oliver
Family Fun at Topgolf – Oliver’s turn

Planning Your Visit

Whatever location you choose to play in, it’s best to book a bay in advance. Using the Topgolf app, you can also “walk in” and add yourself to the wait list. Wait times vary, from 15 minutes to much longer at peak playing times.

It’s easy to reserve your spot online by entering the number of players and the date you wish to play. You can use the link above and simply change the location. The cost is $27 per hour per bay for a morning slot, $37 for noon – 5:00 and $47 for 5:00 until close. Prices are slightly higher Friday – Sunday and may vary at different locations. And many Topgolf venues offer a half price day on Tuesdays.

Upon arrival, check in with the front desk staff, who escorts you to your bay. Grab a drink, order food, pick your game and create profiles for each player. Each bay includes golf clubs, a table and chairs and a HDTV. Friendly and helpful staff members stop by frequently to make sure you are having fun and to take your food and drink orders.

Family Fun at TopGolf Joey
Family Fun at Topgolf – Joey tees up
Family Fun at TopGolf Megan
Family Fun at Topgolf – Megan hits her first shot

Rogers Topgolf Facility

The Rogers Topgolf facility is open Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am until midnight, and 10:00 am until 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. Check website on holidays, for special hours or closures.

The address is 3919 S JB Hunt Drive, Rogers, Arkansas.

This location features 2 floors with 70+ all weather bays, a full bar and restaurant, rooftop terrace with fire pits, 200+ HDTVs, free wi-fi and private event spaces.

Click HERE for promotions and events happening at the Rogers Topgolf.

Family Fun at TopGolf Nate
Family Fun at Topgolf – Nate’s turn to tee up
Family Fun at TopGolf Greg
Greg enjoyed playing at Topgolf

Family Fun at Topgolf

We enjoyed a fun evening together, on the second floor of the Rogers Topgolf. Megan reserved two hours for us all, online, and since they’ve played at this location before, she knew how to set up the player profiles. The information is stored so she called up each player in her family and quickly added Greg.

We ordered soft drinks and tall glasses of ice water, along with unsweet tea for me, plus appetizers and meals. Topgolf offers veggie and vegan options. Greg and I got the veggie burgers with a side of fries and they were good! Portions are large.

Our wait staff stopped by often and provided excellent service. Joey received a special birthday dessert to share with his family. And the staff gathered to sing “happy birthday” to him.

The energy at Topgolf is amazing and on our night there, it ramped up with added excitement over the impending arrival of the Backstreet Boys! The group arrived in town for their concert scheduled the next evening at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, also called the AMP, located next to Topgolf. Apparently they decided to reserve a bay at the Rogers Topgolf for some play and downtime.

The grandkids got a quick lesson on Backstreet Boys and their music. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the band arrived, but it was fun knowing they were playing Topgolf the same evening, just down from where we played.

Family Fun at TopGolf birthday
Joey’s birthday dessert, injectable donut holes with different flavored icings.

Visit Topgolf

What a wonderful place for family fun, date nights, hanging out with the guys or golf practice, in a unique setting.

We will visit again, soon. I loved the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and spending time with my family, watching them have fun.

And…we ALMOST saw the Backstreet Boys! The kids will remember that experience and so will we.

Have you visited a Topgolf location? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Family Fun at TopGolf silouhette
Family shot at Topgolf.

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  1. My husband and I love TopGolf! We go on the courses in the summer, but we try to keep up our game by practicing at TopGolf in the winter! It’s such a great place!

  2. Lots of family fun at Topgolf! We have one here…my son has gone and said it was a blast. Appreciate the history and background of the company and technology. And I want those donuts!

  3. We love Topgolf. I like all the different type of golf games that we can play. If I am bad at a game, then we change to a new one. LOL

  4. As often as we have driven by a Topgolf, we haven’t stopped. Your adventures have us putting this fun family activity on our list. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Topgolf sounds fun! I’ve never played regular golf before and this sounds like a nice way to try it out with the pressure of being on a golf course 🙂

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