Living a Pain Free Life

Today marks the end of my 28 day healing cleanse. I’ve been doing a countdown, sharing a benefit each day from this healing journey. Benefit #1 is living a pain free life. 

The above picture was taken on Halloween last year. The cane in the pic was not part of my tourist costume! It was a necessary aid for me to walk. Twenty years after a car accident damaged my neck, sternum, lower back and legs, twenty years in which I experienced pain every day, my condition deteriorated. I developed severe sciatica down my left leg, creating great pain and difficulty in walking. Six months later, after physical therapy, energy work and massage, I was able to walk without the cane except for early in the morning. I still had pain in my leg and had trouble straightening it out if it was bent for too long, but it was better. 

However, when I recently began to experience sciatica down my right leg, I knew I had to shift something. I have things to do and places to go! The healing cleanse was my something to do. Following a simple, raw, plant based diet has put me on a healing path, and makes me feel like I have taken charge of my health and well being again. I’ve learned what foods to eat, which supplements to take, and what not to eat, to heal myself. 

Here is what has shifted in my health, in just 28 days:

  • Headaches disappeared, after the third day on the cleanse. I haven’t taken an ibuprofen for 25 days. 
  • Allergies are also gone. No sinus pain or pressure, no cough, no sniffles. 
  • Minor aches and pains are gone, along with stiffness in fingers. 
  • Muscle pain is gone throughout my body. 
  • My neck vertebrae are much better. I still have minor discomfort there but it continues to improve.
  • No indigestion or acid reflux for 28 days. 
  • Restless legs syndrome has disappeared, except for the afternoon I accidently ingested sugar in a restaurant smoothie. 
  • I sleep well at night, without using sleep aids. 
  • I feel lighter, more fit, better than I have in 21 years. 
  • The pain in my right leg has cleared up completely. 
  • My left leg is much, MUCH improved. I have very little pain. The last three days I haven’t used the cane, even in the mornings. I can straighten out my leg more easily after it has been bent for a while. 
  • I can lift my left leg with out grabbing it with my right hand, to put my shoe on. 
  • I can walk for several hours with no pain and only minor stiffness. 
  • I can speed walk and climb stairs, without pain. 

I am well on my way to living a pain free life. I am much further along on the healing path than I dreamed possible in such a short time. I feel incredibly healthy and I’m not willing to trade that in for the fleeting pleasure of eating pizza or ice cream or a Reuben sandwich. 

So what now, after the cleanse? I will continue on this path. I will continue to avoid sugar, dairy and gluten, while consuming a plant based diet that broadens to include cooked veggies, brown rice, olive oil, nuts and legumes. My health is important enough to me to eat in a way that improves my well being, day by day. This is a lifestyle that I can embrace and enjoy. 

I am doing this. 

If you would like to know more about the healing cleanse or Anthony William, whose book Medical Medium inspired my journey, check out these resources:

Medical Medium book


As I prepared to share benefit #2 from the 28 day healing cleanse, I debated between two possibilities. Then I realized they both fit within the area of relationships. One has to do with the extraordinary people I’ve connected with on this journey. And the other revolves around the shift I’ve had in my relationship with food. 

As I’ve shared my healing journey, I have encountered others who are on similar paths. Through my blog, and social media sites such as Instagram, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with health conscious people all over the world. 

Like me, these dear ones are taking back their health by changing their diets to a plant based one, and eliminating inflammation feeding foods such as sugar, dairy and gluten. They are healing from migraines, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Those who are farther along in their journeys offer encouragement and suggestions to me by way of comments, pictures of yummy smoothies, salads and juices, and great recipes. I can, in turn, reach out to those who are just beginning the cleanse or who are considering it, and share my experiences so far. 

An amazing community of like hearted, like minded people exists out there. And I am grateful to walk alongside, learning and sharing and growing. 

My other relationship shift during the last 28 days has been with food. I enjoy a good meal. No one has ever accused me of being a picky eater. However, I have often rewarded myself with a treat, or eaten something that I knew wasn’t good for my health, in exchange for comfort or a temporary craving fix. I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition, and yet I have chosen to ignore what I know. 

As I focused on healthy eating, I coupled the cleanse with free writing in the mornings. This was a fresh approach for me. Writing allowed me to explore what I feel around food and go deeper into that relationship without beating myself up about it. I also examined my beliefs about my ability to heal from chronic pain. 

I would never use inferior or contaminated gasoline in my car, and expect it to operate well. The poor quality of the fuel would result in poor functionality and eventually lead to malfunction and ultimately engine failure. And yet, I have done that very thing to my body, that is fearfully and wonderfully made. I have fed on poor quality “fuel”, and the consequences have been accumulating malfunctions and dis-ease.

No more. Realizing the importance of eliminating the crud from my diet and eating fresh, whole foods, I am committed to learning what best fuels my body and keeps me at an optimal level, and then consuming that food. I’m not ready to label myself a vegetarian or a vegan, but I am heartily ready to do whatever it takes to feel my best. 

I am excited in the days and weeks ahead to prepare foods in new ways, incorporating fresh fruits and veggies in every meal. After the cleanse I’ll be including brown rice, cooked veggies, small amounts of olive oil, nuts and legumes. This is my chosen lifestyle. I am embracing it. 

These relationships, with others walking beside me, and with healthy food, help to guarantee the success of my continuing journey. I will respect and cultivate both. 

This quote by Aart Khurana sums up my thoughts well. 


Support for the Journey

Any time life changes are made, it is so important to receive support from someone who is a little further…or a lot further…down the path that seems so new and unfamiliar at first. Anthony offers a free course called The Healing Path on his website. This encouraging and informative course became a crucial part of my healing journey. And it is benefit #3, from the 28 day healing cleanse.

The Healing Path consists of 18 essential steps toward a healthy life. There are short audio segments, averaging ten minutes each, that cover topics such as Fruits, Vegetables and Hydration, which are all key components of a healthy diet. 

However, the course is so much more than healthy eating tips. There are lessons on Sleep, Play, Faith and Purpose. Because this journey encompasses the body and the soul, the mind and beliefs, the course offers encouragement and healing in all areas of life. 

After listening to the audio, there is a “take action” section to complete that puts into immediate practice the lesson learned. And there is a transcript of the audio that can be printed out for future reference. 

All of the modules have been helpful. I love listening to Anthony’s conversational narratives. He exudes joy and compassion. And I appreciate the connectedness of all things, as is evident in this series of lessons. Humor is part of the healing journey, as is Creativity. That lesson moved me deeply. Having a healthy, active body goes hand in hand with a vibrant, creative spirit. I can see that. I feel that. 

After the 18th lesson there are more audios with answers to frequently asked questions. And there are lists of suggested supplements, kitchen tools and appliances. Also included is a recipe booklet with attractive and delicious ways to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve already tried some of those and I’m excited to experience recipes for cooked vegetable dishes, as I complete the cleanse. 

Anthony has dedicated his life to helping people heal, from diseases, disorders and chronic pain. He offers his insights to the world, from his life and his generous heart. I am extremely grateful for the support given as I walk along The Healing Path. What an incredible gift. 

To learn more, check out the website and click on The Healing Path:

Completing Me

Continuing the countdown to the end of the healing cleanse, tonight is benefit #4 from the experience…supplements. Before this cleanse, I’ve been sporadic about taking supplements. One reason for my lackluster appreciation of them was that they often gave me indigestion. However, as I discovered with fruit…another acid producer in the past…it wasn’t the supplements causing the acid reflux. It was poor gut health. Correcting my diet has eliminated indigestion completely. I can eat fruit. And I can take supplements. 

And take them I do! Pictured above is my current aresenal for my war against the Epstein Barr and shingles viruses, which can continue to wreak havoc on the body long after the first symptoms subside. These supplements are found in the book, Medical Medium, by Anthony William. Each section of the book discusses different illnesses and has a handy list of supplements at the end of the chapters, plus a description of what the vitamins, minerals and herbs do. 

Here is a brief summary of my chosen supplements:

Cat’s Claw – herb that reduces EBV and strep A and B

Silver Hydrosol – lowers EBV viral load

Magnesium with Zinc – strenthens immune system, protects thyroid from EBV, reduces inflammation and calms nerves, supports muscles near damaged nerves

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – strenthens the central nervous system

Licorice Root – lowers EBV and shingles production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys

5-MTHF – strenthens the endocrine system and central nervous system 

Selenium – strenthens and protects central nervous system

L-lysine – lowers EBV load and reduces central nervous system inflammation 

Hawaiian Spirulina – rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals

Turmeric with Curcumin – strenthens endocrine and central nervous systems

In addition, each evening I drink a cup of herbal tea…lemon balm, mint, thyme or pineapple sage…using freshly picked herbs from my garden. These teas are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and support my immune system. 

Yes, it’s a lot of supplements to take each day. But I am serious about this healing journey and reclaiming my health. Many of these supplements were new to me. I have a daily routine for making sure I consume them all. I wrote codes on the bottles until I got the habit down. 1×3 means “take 1 tablet 3 times a day”. I know which ones to take with food (most of them), and which one to take first thing, on an empty stomach.

I feel amazing. I haven’t felt this wonderful, this whole, in at least 21 years. And I believe the supplements are contributing to my health, primarily by eradicating viruses and inflammation. I know that the day I began taking Vitamin B12, which I had never taken before, my energy soared and I began sleeping deeply at night. 

I looked up the word “supplement”. It originates from the Latin word “supplere” which means “to fill, complete”. Today it means “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it”. These healthy additions to my diet do just that…they are enhancing my healing. The are, quite literally, completing me. 

Smaller Clothes

I wanted to title today’s post: Top Benefits from the Healing Cleanse – #5 Smaller Clothes. However while accurate, that title seemed a bit long and cumbersome! So I shortened it. I’m in the final days of the healing cleanse. For the next five days I’ll be sharing the benefits that I’ve received as a result of my month long journey, one each day. 

And coming in at number five is…smaller clothes. 

I didn’t begin this healing journey with the intention of losing weight. But let’s think about it. I’ve eliminated sugar, meat, eggs, dairy and gluten from my diet and focused on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Weight loss was bound to happen, and it did. I’ve considered it a side benefit from eating healthy, nutritious foods. 

When my jeans got so loose that it became a struggle to keep them up, it was time to purchase a new pair. I’m not an avid shopper. I’d much rather be in my garden than in the mall. But this was fun, in an encouraging kind of way. I visited one of my favorite clothing stores, Cato, and carried back an armload of jeans and shirts to try on in the dressing room. 

I was happy with the results, and I don’t often say that when I’m out clothes shopping. I bought one pair of jeans and two shirts, in smaller sizes, because my health journey is far from over. But at least I don’t have to be concerned about my pants falling down in public! 

My focus will not be on weight loss. I don’t want a relationship with my bathroom scale. It does not get to determine what kind of day I’m going to have. I will continue to support my body in being the healthiest that she can be. I trust that as I heal, and maintain great eating habits, my body will naturally find her ideal weight.

I am discovering that my body wants to be healthy and knows how to find balance. My part is to make sure I’m providing the most nutritious foods possible. I can do that. 


Fruit Bowl with Banana Milk

I’ve had a fruit smoothie every morning for the last 21 days, and they’ve been delicious. However, when I saw this new and super easy recipe on Anthony’s Facebook page, I was excited to give it a try for breakfast this morning. 

Fruit Bowl with Banana Milk

1 banana

1 frozen banana, cut into chunks

1 cup of water

1-2 cups of fruit (berries and mangoes are great) 

Cut up the fruit, if necessary, and arrange in a large bowl. In a blender, process bananas and water. Pour cold banana “milk” over fruit and enjoy. 

This was a great alternative to having a bowl of cereal with milk. I used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. I popped a couple of chopped up bananas into the freezer beforehand and used one this morning. 

The banana milk was cold and a bit frothy and very yummy. Although I am really enjoying the morning smoothies, I like having this alternative breakfast choice. And this is definitely better for than a bowl of sugary cereal. It’s all about daily choices, on this healing journey, and ultimately I’m choosing health. 

Creating an Environment That Supports My Journey

Today is day 21 of my healing cleanse. I just have seven days to go! As I am entering the last week of this part of the journey, I am preparing for the next phase. This cleanse, and all of the supporting practices, has changed my eating habits. I’ll be sharing posts  later in the week that give more details about how my body and health have shifted. Today my focus has been on creating an environment that supports my continuing health journey. 

The foundation of the cleanse is eating raw fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve become a frequent shopper at the local farmer’s market. And at the supermarket, I primarily shop in the produce section. At home, my purchases have been going into the fridge, in various plastic bags and containers covered in plastic wrap or foil. It’s a very ineffective way to store produce! I rustle through the bags, hunting for the right foods to make a salad or smoothie. 

I just received an order from Amazon…a Rubbermaid Produce Saver set. I was excited today to totally empty the refrigerator, wipe it down, and get rid of those plastic bags! The large container easily holds a head of butterhead lettuce. Each container has a vented lid and a crisp tray that fits in the bottom, allowing air to circulate and keeping the produce moisture free. The company claims that produce stays fresh up to 33% longer. I’ll let you know! 

I’ve made other changes in my life, during this cleanse, to support a healthy lifestyle. It was time to make my refrigerator “clean”, both literally and in terms of the way I store my nutritious food. Creating a supportive environment sends messages to my brain, and to the Divine, that this journey is crucial and that I embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

Every time I open the refrigerator door, I’ll be reminded of my commitment to my health and well being. And I’ll be able to find the spinach! 

What is This Feeling?

I wasn’t going to post a healing journey update until Monday, when I crossed the half way mark on this cleanse. However, as I was doing my free writing this morning, on day 12, I had an aha that I wanted to share. 

Tuesday of this week I realized I felt different. I was ten days into a cleanse that, as detailed by Anthony William in his book, Medical Medium, consisted of a raw fruit and veggie diet for 28 days. Something had changed! I had a difficult time putting into words what exactly had shifted. But I could feel it. 

I am lighter, having lost weight as a result of the vegan diet. However, it’s more than that. I feel lighter, cleaner on the inside. 

And I’ve done more than drop pounds. I haven’t had indigestion since I began the cleanse. Or a headache once I got past day 3. I’m sleeping deeply at night, without a sleep aid, I’m allergy and congestion free, and hydrated. I never realized how dehydrated I was, until last week. 

The numerous little aches and pains that I had are gone. Best of all, the pain level has greatly diminished in my lower back and legs . I still have some stiffness and pain in my left leg when I first wake up, or if I sit with that leg bent for too long. However my leg muscles relax more quickly and for the most part, I am pain free throughout the day. I am deeply grateful for that. 

In addition, I’m learning about my beliefs around food. The free writing I do every morning has been instrumental in going deeper into that love/hate relationship that I’ve had, and resolving issues, which is crucial for my future health. 

Finally, I have connected with others who are on a similar healing journey, by way of my blog posts and social media. There is a community of souls out there, people who are taking back their health, and thanks to Anthony, healing from a variety of diseases and disorders. I have been privileged to encounter these courageous men and women and walk with them. We encourage each other and learn.

What is this feeling? I have written that question down several times and mused aloud about what I was experiencing. So many wonderful shifts are occurring, so many positive changes. What is this? What?

As I wrote this morning, and tried to capture the differences I’m feeling, a thought arose. Very clearly the words came, This is what a healthy body feels like. 

Tears filled my eyes. 

This is what being healthy feels like. I’ve been in pain for so long. I’ve had various minor issues for so long. I had forgotten what feeling good feels like. Now, I feel light, energetic, peaceful. My body isn’t using massive amounts of energy fighting against viruses and inflammation like it was. The war on the Epstein Barr Virus and/or shingles, and inflammation, isn’t over, yet. But I am winning this battle…one step, one day at a time. 

What is this feeling? Health. 

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

I woke up this morning thinking, I want to go for a walk today. The weather has been cooler and not quite so humid. I’m feeling good. A stroll seemed like a great idea. Throughout the day that thought that transformed into a desire was reinforced by a meme from Anthony William…

…and a quirky holiday. Today is Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. The origin of this bizarre celebration is unknown, however what a great day to go for a walk and take my pants along! 

This evening I chose to take a walk in my neighborhood. The sun was sinking, billowy clouds were piling up in the south, and a cooling breeze ensured comfortable walking conditions. My pants…a pair of jeans…and I set off to explore my changing neighborhood. Greg and his pants strolled alongside. 

Bring your pants and come along…

After 10 days on the healing cleanse, my jeans are too big. That’s an acceptable side effect! 

My street was once lined with big shade trees. No more. The tornado took them all away, except for this lone survivor. 

New trees, new houses, new neighbors. This is not the neighborhood I raised my family in, rode my bike through, walked my dog in. But it is my neighborhood now. There are very few vacant lots left. I love seeing the progress. 

New construction continues. 

This contemporary new construction is replacing the house that was destroyed in 2011. It doesn’t look right on that lot. The former house was a big traditional two story home. When I walked outside immediately after the tornado, I looked toward this lot. The big green house was off of its foundation, crumpled like a dollhouse, in the street. I stood completely still, shocked. Rather than seeing the ghost of the house that was, I choose to release it. And accept this new home. 

Gorgeous evening sky. 

I walked my dog Payton late at night in the summertime. I was so familiar with the sidewalks, and their imperfections, that I didn’t need a light to see by. My feet knew the way. There are still places in the new neighborhood where the sidewalk is missing, and care needed to navigate. 

There were many flags flying in the neighborhood tonight! 

Is it the TARDIS?? I laughed so hard recreating my TARDIS pic with a dubious pretender. It wasn’t bigger on the inside…or very fresh smelling! 

This was a beautiful evening to be outside. I enjoyed the fresh air and the chance to check out new houses and visit the few that remained after the storm. As the temperatures begin cooling down late in the day, frequent walks through the neighborhood will be good for my health and connect me with my neighbors and a bright future. 

I had a wonderfully restorative walk. My pants enjoyed it too!  

Having Fun with Lemon Water

Ah, it’s been a packed out weekend, with precious time spent with different family members. I stayed true to my eating plan for the most part, switching to simply prepared vegetables rather than salads full of unwanted extras, in each of the three restaurants I dined in. 

This evening I prepped for the upcoming week by restocking my supply of avocados, celery, lemons, spinach and baby kale, cutting up cantaloupe, and preparing a pitcher of lemon water for consumption tomorrow. The benefits of drinking lemon water are many, and include ridding the body of toxins, aiding digestion and improving immunity. 

I keep myself hydrated, and by adding the freshly squeezed lemon, I also cleanse and alkalinize my body. My liver, especially, appreciates that I drink lemon water. And rather than using a splash of concentrated juice in my water, I’ve come to recognize the value of adding the fresh juice from a tangy lemon. 

Tonight I had fun creating my pitcher full of lemon water. I have a big electric juicer that I use every day with celery and a variety of other fruits and veggies. However, I only needed the juice of half a lemon. I got to use a vintage glass juicer, an item that previously belonged to my Aunt Annie. I’m old enough to know how to use this little beauty. And young enough that I never had. 

When my cousins allowed me to bring the keepsake home, after my aunt’s passing, I cherished it, and looked forward to using the juicer for its intended purpose. This evening, I had the oppoetunity to do so. There was a homey satisfaction that arose from twisting that half of a lemon on the old-style kitchen gadget, and getting juice! 

Tomorrow, I’ll empty the pitcher twice, sating my thirst and creating health within my body. And I’ll smile as I sip my lemon water, thinking of that little juicer.