Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

I don’t typically post two movie reviews in a row, but when an invitation came to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film, I was thrilled to accept. I arrived at the beautiful Warren Theater in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with my sister Debbie, niece Ashley and great-nephew Kaleb, excited to see this live action remake of a classic Disney animated film. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Although this was my second visit to the Warren Theater, it was my first time in the Grand Infinity Room. With its 50X100 foot curved screen and comfy seats, this was a grand viewing experience indeed. Before the movie began there was a light show set to music from Beauty and the Beast. Nostalgia hit me immediately!

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast has a large cast that includes Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Kevin Kline, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Nathan Mack, Audra McDonald, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. This fairytale musical was directed by Bill Condon, is rated PG for mild violence and scenes that might be scary to young children, and has a run time of 2 hours and 9 minutes. 

Beautiful Belle (Watson) and her father Maurice (Kline) live in a country village in France. They are surrounded by small minded people who don’t understand Maurice’s artistic creativity or Belle’s desire to read books, learn new things and go on adventures. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
Belle has attracted the unwanted attention of Gaston (Evans), the town’s hunky self absorbed hero, who doesn’t actually have a hero’s heart. LeFou (Gad) plots to help his best friend win the hand of Belle and charm the townsfolk, while attempting to conceal Gaston’s more ruthless nature. 

When Maurice gets lost on his way to the market, he encounters a montrous beast-like man who takes him prisoner. Belle finds her father held captive in the Beast’s (Stevens) huge, dark castle that lies under a magical enchantment. She frees her father and surrenders herself as a prisoner in his place. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Belle befriends the inhabitants of the gloomy castle. Under the same spell as the Beast, the staff has all been turned into furniture and household items and antiques. There’s the comforting and motherly Mrs. Potts (Thompson) and her tea cup son, Chip (Mack), a singing wardrobe (McDonald) and her cadenza husband (Tucci) and a sweet French woman turned into a feather duster, Plumette (mBatha-Raw). Presiding over the strange household are the candelabra Lumiere (McGregor) and the crotchety clock, Cogsworth (McKellen). 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

This eclectic group views Belle as their only hope for restoration. If the Beast does not learn to love, and be loved in return, before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose, he will remain a beast forever, and his staff will remain in their current state. 

It’s a lot to ask of the girl who lost her father and her freedom on the same day. 

But something beyond magical begins to happen, as Belle and her captor get to know each other. Beast feels his guard coming down, and the anger he has nursed for years is replaced with curiosity and a faint hope. Belle, who has longed for someone to discuss books with, sees beneath the gruff and gruesome exterior of the beast to the man trapped within. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
They both wish to be free…free from the curse, free to live as themselves, free to love, and in Belle’s case, free to leave the castle to see her father. Time is running out as Gaston leads the villagers to the castle to kill the beast. Can love free them all before it is too late? 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
This was a beautiful remake. The animated film released in 1991 was a favorite of mine, the story enchanting on so many levels. My children were young and captivated as well, by this “tale as old as time…”.  Beauty and the Beast was the first film that my granddaughter Aubrey watched over and over, at the age of 18 months. So this story, this movie, holds many special memories for me. 

Which would explain why I watched it today through tear filled eyes, from start to finish. The music stirred my heart, the familiar songs, for this is a musical, made me smile, and the additional new songs and scenes enhanced the film. There were plenty of humorous moments too, from Gaston and his sidekick LeFou, Lumiere and Cogsworth, and even Belle and Beast. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast
What I love most about this film, beyond the music and the special effects and CGI, beyond the humor, is that this is a story about seeing past outward appearances, and into the heart. Beauty and the Beast is a love story, and a story about hope and redemption. 

I so appreciate the opportunity to see the movie today, and spend time unpacking its truths on the ride back to Joplin. I will be seeing Beauty and the Beast again. 

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Tim Burton Halloween Party Part II

I shared images yesterday of our family’s annual Halloween party, created and hosted by sister Debbie, niece Ashley and her husband Jon. They set the stage dramatically, using Tim Burton movies as the theme for this year’s party. And then the guests arrived, dressed as characters from Burton’s films. 

Meet those who came to Halloween House! 

I thought it would be fun to showcase the attendees, and include pics of the characters they dressed up as also. 

Aubrey as Kim Boggs, from Edward Scissorhands. 

Dee as Edward Scissorhands, from Edward Scissorhands. 

Dee and Allison, who portrayed a female version of Beetlejuice, from the film Beetlejuice. 

Ethan as Beetlejuice and Debbie as Juno, from Beetlejuice. 

Jon and Ashley as Jack and Sally, from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ashley’s friends, Josh and Lisa, made her fall to the floor laughing when they showed up as Sally also! 

Scott as Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. 

Justin and Jeffrey as Penguin and Batman, from Batman. 

Laura and Drew, as Poison Ivy and Two Face, from Batman. 

Linda and Weston as Mrs. Gloop and Augustus, from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. 

Nicole and Lola, as Oompa Loompa, from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 

Dayan as the male version of Alice (Alic), Josh as the March Hare, Elissa as a female version of the Mad Hatter, and Mom as the Queen of Hearts, all from Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass. 

Christel and Bryan as the Queen’s guards, from Alice in Wonderland. 

Adam and Zoey as Wonderland Hares and Mason as a baby Jabberwocky, with Christel and Bryan, all from Alice in Wonderland. 

Wonderland had the most representation! 

Greg as the Mayor from Sweeney Todd. 

Me as Mrs. Lovett, from Sweeney Todd. 

London as Audrey Hepburn. While not a character from a Tim Burton movie, I did find a Burton drawing of this classy lady. 

Kaleb as TDM, a young YouTuber with a huge following.

Roy as the Miller Man “super hero”!

And Jake, Samantha and baby Abbie, who fell asleep! 

What a fun evening! There was a buffet and Ashley made sure there were vegan options and fresh veggies. I appreciated her thoughtfulness. A fire was lit in the firepit in “Sleepy Hollow” and photo opportunities abounded. 

Here are a few more pics of people enjoying a great party:


The wigs came off! Aubrey thought they looked like  lunch helpers from school. 

Annual sibling photo – Bryan, Debbie, me, Linda

Golden Tickets redeemed for prizes. 

I am already looking forward to next year’s Halloween Party! 

Tim Burton Halloween Party Part I

This year’s Halloween Party, sponsored by my sister Debbie, niece Ashley and her husband Jon, was so big and so spectacular, that I’m writing two blog posts about it. Part I focuses on the theme and decor, and Part II will focus on the attendees. 

The theme for 2016 was Tim Burton movies. Guests were asked to attend in costume, as a character from one of Burton’s many films. The house was transformed, amazingly, by the creative genius and talent of Debbie, Ashley and Jon. The dining room and hallway became part of Wonderland, a bedroom was the Gotham room and the breakfast nook assumed the form of Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies Restaurant. Ordinary rooms disappeared and magical scenes and props carried the Tim Burton movie theme throughout the house. 

Here is a pictorial tour of the marvelous decor of the Tim Burton Halloween Party. 

Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter…morphing into Alice in Wonderland. 

Through the rabbit hole – Wonderland 

Absalom – Wonderland


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Wonderland

Dark Shadows Room

Dark Shadows

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas 

Mrs. Lovett’s – Sweeny Todd

Sweeny Todd

Sweeny Todd

Sweeny Todd

Joker Room – Batman


Beetlejuice Room



Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Front yard

Front yard

These pics reveal the scope of planning and decorating that goes into this yearly event. As always, I was beyond impressed with the creativity of Debbie, Ashley and Jon. There were other vignettes. Every table top, shelf and corner held tributes to the wild imagination of Tim Burton. Although this hard working trio purchased a few props, the majority of the decorations and room transformations were handmade, using a variety of clever materials and techniques. 

Come back for tomorrow’s blog post, and have a look at the characters who showed up tonight!

Happy Birthday Ashley

Today is the birthday of my niece Ashley, daughter of my sister Debbie. This beautiful young woman lives in Oklahoma, sharing a spacious home with her doting husband, Jon, her two sons, Ethan and Kaleb, and her mom. My sister has her own suite on the top floor of the house. She and Ashley are more than mother and daughter. They are best friends and co-creators of amazing parties and projects. 

It’s not a surprise that the only recent photo that I have of Ashley and her family is a Halloween pic. 

I looked up Ashley’s name:

“Ashley, you are powerful, creative and fulfilled in life. You are intelligent and require multiple outlets for your creative energies. You are more a planner, rather than a builder, and you want others to carry out your detailed plans. You are bold, independent, and curious about many things. You know what you want and how to make it happen. 

You are very intuitive. You have a reservoir of inspired wisdom which could be best expressed through spiritual leadership, business analysis, marketing, artistic endeavors or research. Operating out of your intuition can bring you great insights. You are always looking for opportunities to investigate the unknown, to use your mental abilities, to create, to find the purpose and meaning of your life. You want to understand the mysteries of the world. Although you enjoy people and activities, you require solitude to replenish your energy. You have a unique way of thinking that is intuitive, reflective, and absorbing.

Those words are an accurate portrayal of my bright and creative niece. Although she is one of the most creative people that I know, Ashley is also curious, following her inquisitiveness down unknown paths, to see where they lead. She is extremely intuitive, passing that gift on to her two sons. 

Ashley is clever, intelligent, and compassionate, opening her home to a multitude of animals that includes dogs, cats, birds, rats and guinea pigs. Many of these pets were rescue animals, in need of a loving forever home. 

This past summer Ashley’s wonderful husband surprised her with a trip to Scotland for their anniversary. Like me, she had long dreamed of visiting the country of our ancestors. Jon made that dream a reality. I loved following their journey as they posted pics each day. Next year, I will have the pleasure of returning to Scotland, and seeing England and Ireland for the first time, with Ashley, my two sisters and our mother. 

Beyond being a fun mom and devoted wife, the area that allows Ashley to shine the most is her creativity. This girl is the ultimate party planner. She has hosted baby showers, dinners and birthday parties that astound and delight due to her exquisite attention to details. 

Her yearly Halloween parties are extraordinary. Ashley and her mom pick a theme and literally transform their house and yard to bring that theme to life. Last year her house became a haunted hotel, with details such as a derelict elevator, a skeleton manning the front desk, and a false wall with framed cut outs that allowed party goers to become part of a haunted gallery. 

Ashley hosts these amazing events because she enjoys doing so. It is one of the ways that she can not only create, but share her creativity with others. The Halloween Party becomes bigger every year, and as stories about the event goes out, more and more people want to experience it for themselves. Ashley could easily charge admission for entry into her themed party. That’s how remarkable it is. 
I wished my niece happy birthday on Facebook and told her to have a fun day. However, one week and a day before the big party, I know what she is doing today and all weekend. She and her husband and my sister are all pouring their time and energy toward completing this huge undertaking. The theme this year is Tim Burton Movies. Movie vignettes and props are being created all over the house and yard. Guests are required to arrive dressed as a Tim Burton character. It’s going to be incredibly fun!

Happy birthday Ashley. See you next Saturday. I love you!

Surrender 40: From the High Kings to Scotland

I love how today’s fresh idea arrived via a flow of little events that led me merrily along. It began with a text from my niece Ashley. She asked if I had heard of the group The High Kings. She had heard several of their songs on Pandora and thought I might be interested in their Celtic sound. 


I had not heard of The High Kings, however I quickly remedied that. I discovered they are an Irish folk group formed in Dublin in 2008 by Celtic Woman manager Dave Kavanagh. The band consists of Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Martin Furey and Darren Holden.
I found videos of The High Kings on YouTube and listened to lilting tunes such as “The Rising of the Moon” and “Rocky Road to Dublin”. Ashley and I texted about how enjoyable it is to have a quiet afternoon, alone, with music playing. 

            Listen to The Irish Pub by The High Kings


I continued to listen to this Irish folk band as I worked. I was in creative writing mode. I paused to listen to The Irish Pub song. The lyrics reminded me that just yesterday Greg mentioned there is an authentic Irish Pub in Tulsa, OK. That’s what the song is about, that wherever you go around the world, you’ll find an Irish pub. I smiled over the synchronicity, and determined to visit Kilkenny’s in Tulsa soon. 
I remembered the Scottish pubs that Mindy, William and I visited in Scotland. Although I’m not much for “a pint”, I loved these charming places to eat and drink. If you want to get an idea of what the local people are like, we discovered, stop by a pub. Our first night in Scotland, we had fish and chips at The Horse Shoe in Glasgow. 

Instantly I was transported back to Scotland, reliving the ten days I spent there. Memories of that time stirred, bringing joy, and an ache akin to homesickness. Into that emotion packed space, an idea arose, and grew, taking shape. I jotted down thoughts and started an outline for a fun memoir type article that I will submit for consideration to the right publication. The conclusion for the piece that I haven’t formally written yet came to me, fully formed. I wrote it down. 

I love how that idea was birthed. I’m excited to write the piece up and see what happens to it. And along the way, I was introduced to a wonderful Celtic band by Ashley, reminded to visit a pub in Tulsa, and revisited Scotland in my heart and mind. That’s a great afternoon well spent in my opinion. I’m reveling in the adventures that accompany the writer’s life. 


Journey 25: Vintage Meets Playful

vintage meets playful light

In a recent post, I mentioned that I am slowly and thoughtfully filling the empty spaces in my home after packing away the Christmas decorations. I’ve enjoyed this journey and the inspirational process of being drawn to the right spot at the right time with the right décor. The vintage suitcase in my bedroom has remained unfilled, until tonight. I had not created a new vignette, apparently, because the items that were to go into that space had not appeared until this weekend.

My sister Debbie, niece Ashley, and great nephews Ethan and Kaleb spent the weekend in Joplin, staying at my mom’s house. I spent most of the weekend there too, as did my other sister Linda, and enjoyed visiting, sharing meals and playing games, and yesterday, shopping at one of my favorite flea markets. I had thought I might come across something suitable for the suitcase while browsing the booths full of interesting items, however, the pieces I bought were all for the garden.

I realized this evening, as I was unpacking from the weekend, that the perfect items did show up yesterday, but from a different source. Ashley and little Kaleb surprised me with gifts. My niece made a tea cup candle, using a saucer from one second hand shop and a cup from another and candle making supplies from a craft store. I love the delicate tea cup and saucer with the lime green, scented candle. She intends for me to use the tea cup after burning the candle, and some day, that will happen! For now, I will keep the gift exactly as it is. Tonight, cradling the tea cup candle in my hands, I immediately thought of a heart shaped pillow that I own, made from an antique quilt. The colors in the tea cup were a match for the pillow.

vintage meets playful tea cup candle

Kaleb gave me a trio of small glass bud vases, in jewel colors of emerald green and ruby red. I look forward to filling the vases with fresh flowers from my garden this summer. However, they too were just right for the suitcase and I love the bright playful splash of color. I added little sprigs of dried baby’s breath to two of the vases. Kaleb also gifted me with a blue letter “C”, for Cindy of course. Kaleb is the only child in my family who calls me by my first name, instead of Yaya. My sisters and I grandparent each other’s grandkids and all the children call us by our grandmother names…Meem, Gigi and Yaya. Except to this boy, I have always been Cindy. That’s okay. Kaleb  and I have a very strong connection that reaches beyond time and space. We hang out when we are together and I spent the night at my mom’s house last night so we could have a sleep-over. He is an old soul, wise beyond his 3 years, and as we cuddled together on our makeshift bed, he whispered to me until about midnight. His gifts add a whimsical touch to the vignette that I love.

vintage meets playful C

I completed the suitcase with white linens, a vanilla scented three wick candle, a tall white metal and wire piece with a candle within it, and a trio of cream and blue porcelain birds with hearts on their backs. The birds and the quilt pillow both came to me via my mother-in-law who passed 16 years ago. I like the playfulness and colorfulness of the vignette while the hearts represent love and the groups of threes signify wholeness, joy and optimism. Most of all, I love how at the right time all the components for the vintage suitcase flowed together and into my awareness. Although my hands did the arranging, the vignette created itself. I will smile and think of Mom Moore, Ashley and little Kaleb every time I walk near the suitcase, and send out a thank you on a wave of love.

vintage meets playful dark

Day 278: At Home Store

At Home exterior e

For my first today, I visited an At Home Store, located in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa Ok area, with my sister Debbie, my niece Ashley and my great nephew Kaleb. Our outing today was to visit the store, since I had never been in one, and to see if they had any large metal garden cranes left in stock. Debbie had seen such cranes earlier in the season. I missed my opportunity to purchase a couple in Joplin. After seeing a pair of metal cranes outside the grand front doors at Thirlestane Castle, I especially want a pair for my backyard garden! I just love that connection.

At Home interior 1

The At Home Stores are a superstore type stand alone shopping experience. The warehouse style interior is FULL of amazing products for the home and garden. They sell furniture, art, décor and pillows, patio and outdoor products, rugs, curtains and bedding, house wares and seasonal products. Being the time of year that it is, there were huge sections of floor space devoted to fall, Halloween and Christmas! Oh my. I could have wondered around all day. So many pretty and interesting items to look at! I’ve signed up to receive emails about their specials. I make it to the Tulsa area often enough to plan a future trip around a shopping spree!

 At Home Kaleb    At Home Kaleb 2

We browsed through the store. Kaleb, who was riding in the cart while I pushed him, was a trooper. He graced me with a serious face….and one of his funny faces for my iPhone camera! Occasionally we came across rooms vignettes set up to give an idea of what the product looks like, placed together in a room setting. Great idea. I intend to visit again before Christmas. So many themes and colors and a great selection of product for the holidays. Ashley and Debbie picked out a few items. Alas, we didn’t find the cranes. Sold out. I’ll have to check back next spring and not hesitate this time if I find them again. I look forward to seeing the garden and outdoor area in full display mode!

At Home interior 4

I loved a painted wall at the back of the store, at the end of the main aisle. It read, “Welcome to the home of endless possibilities….” That phrase caught my eye, and snagged my heart. Great promo for the store. And, great sentiment for me. In my mind, I adapted it to, “Welcome to my home of endless possibilities….” That just works on so many different levels, for my home, my garden, and me, personally. What a welcome, indeed!

At Home interior 3

At Home Store

Day 179: Front Row Seats at Wicked


I love musicals. I’ve seen several live performances, in Dallas and Tulsa, including Phantom of the Opera, The Addams Family, Jekyll & Hyde and Wicked. Today, my sisters Linda and Debbie and my niece Ashley and I attended a matinee performance of Wicked at the Tulsa Performing Art Center. This was my fifth time to see this amazing musical, however, it was my first time to see it from a front row seat. Special thanks go to Ashley for securing such spectacular seats.

Wicked is the untold story behind the Wizard of Oz. Long before Dorothy showed up from Kansas, two girls meet in Oz and form an unlikely friendship. One is beautiful, popular, ambitious and blond. The other is intelligent, fiery, misunderstood and green. The story follows the girls through high school and beyond. The relationship that develops between these two girls and how Elphaba becomes the Wicked Witch of the West while the other becomes Glinda the Good makes for “the most complete….and completely satisfying musical….in a long time.” (USA Today)

The musical premiered on Broadway in 2003 and has had a continual run since. The original Broadway musical launched the careers of Idina Menzel, who played the green skinned Elphaba and Kristen Chenoweth, who played the perky Glinda. The success of the Broadway production spawned a North American Tour that has played for more than 2 million viewers. I have had the privilege of being one of those viewers.


The musical is the perfect blend of humor, drama, romance and angst. Cast members in this production include Gina Beck as Galinda/Glinda, Emma Hunton as Elphaba and Nick Adams as Fiyero. All had incredible voices. Gina captured Glinda’s bubbly blond personality while Emma’s powerful voice and expressive face brought depth to her portrayal of Elphaba. Nick was a handsome Fiyero with just the right amount of fun loving swagger and sensuality. Sitting in the front row was absolutely amazing. I could see every expression of the performers, which added considerably to the overall performance. When Elphaba sang, “I’m Not That Girl”, I could see tears glittering in her eyes.

Glinda, with her narcissism and use of made up words, contributes most of the humor to Wicked. She appears shallow and yet she genuinely comes to care for the green girl who has always considered herself an outsider. I love the scene with the song “Popular” in which Glinda endeavors to give Elphaba a makeover, attempting to ease the girl’s awkwardness and give her a measure of popularity. I can’t help but like Glinda. She sees the world simply and at heart, she is truly good.

But it is Elphaba whom I am drawn to. Her outward appearance frightens people and yet, she possesses a keen intelligence and a compassionate heart, and yes, a quick temper. She despises injustice and popularity is not important to her. My heart aches for her as she reaches out, tentatively, to connect with others. When her trust in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is dashed, Elphaba embraces the wicked persona that everyone expects her to have. Her song, “Defying Gravity”, is the most powerful of the musical and the turning point in the story. Tears fill my eyes every time I hear it and see Elphaba’s transformation from misunderstood young woman to Wicked Witch of the West.

What a fun afternoon this was, watching Wicked and sharing time and space with my family. I never tire of doing either! Being so close to the stage allowed me to totally tune out the thousands of people in the audience and be immersed into the magic of the musical. I’m afraid the experience may have set a precedent for future musicals, as I would now like to see all of them from the vantage point of the first few rows. Ashley, work your magic, for Phantom of the Opera will return next April!


wicked 3e

Day 138: Goad’s Antique Mall


My sister Debbie and her daughter Ashley, both from Broken Arrow, OK, spent the weekend in Joplin. Along with my other sister, Linda, and my mom, we had a great time chatting and laughing, sharing meals, dropping in on my daughter Adriel at work, sitting around my fire pit last night, and today, visiting flea markets. Wanting to check out a new store this afternoon, for my first, the five of us headed to Carthage, MO.

Carthage is a beautiful, historic town, and the ideal place for shopping in vintage shops and flea markets. Except, apparently, on Sundays! After our group enjoyed a fun lunch with my son, Nate, who was on patrol today, we drove around the beautiful town square. I had a destination in mind. But as we pulled up in front of the store, we spotted a large sign in the window stating, “No longer open on Sunday”. Not to be deterred from a first, we flowed, we rolled, literally on around the square. We found Goad’s Antique Mall open on the north side of the square.

Located at 111 E. 3rd Street, Goad’s is packed with antiques, collectibles, primitives, furniture and fun junk. I love browsing through a flea market or antique store. You never know what you will find. And there are so many treasures to sort through, pick over and examine. Each of us had specific items on our wish list: Linda was looking for a dresser or a small table and chairs set, my mom likes unique jewelry and garden finds, my sister Debbie and niece Ashley, who host an incredible Halloween party each year, were searching for items that could be transformed into decorations. And I was looking for metal containers and an old chair to use in the garden.


Parked right beside the front door was a round metal washtub on a stand. Perfect! I love the first washtub I found and have it in my garden already, filled with plants. I was hoping to find another and here it was. I also found a slightly battered metal bucket and another tall metal container to use as planters. And there hanging on a wall in the marvelously crowded back room was an old wooden chair with a metal panel screwed to the seat. This wonderful find was only $10. I have a couple of enamelware basins that I want to use in the garden. Filling the basins with dirt and flowers, they will then be perched on the seats of old chairs and placed in the backyard. This was my first chair and I had found it at a bargain price. There were actually several $10 chairs. I selected this one because I liked that the woven seat had been replaced with a square of metal.

My niece, Ashley, provided much amusement as she searched for wicked looking objects to use as Halloween props. She began to remind me of the quirky character Wednesday, from the Addams Family movies , as she expressed glee over such finds as hay hooks, saws, tongs, and chains. I look forward to seeing how she uses these items at her party!

We left Carthage very satisfied with our purchases. Once again, I was directed onto a slightly different path and obviously ended up exactly where I was supposed to be. These seemingly insignificant experiences are teaching me so much about how life flows and how I can resist the flow and create discomfort and disappointment for myself, or I can be receptive, accepting the changes, and open myself to delightful surprises. I see how going with the flow brings joy. May I allow these experiences to continue opening me to the larger truths about life and walking the path of non-resistance.