Day 5: Write Out Intentions for 2019 and Dream Big

The hygge activity I drew this morning fit in perfectly with the quiet stay-at-home day planned for Christmas. I visited with several family members before today and I’ll see the rest this week. My Christmas included texts with family and friends, reading, cozy comfy clothes, and delicious plant based foods. I might have slipped a short nap in too, cuddled up with a cat.

The slip of paper I selected read:

Write out intentions for 2019. Dream big and record my thoughts in my journal.

Day 5: Write Out Intentions for 2019 and Dream Big

Connection with Self

Hygge is about creating coziness and enjoying life…and it’s about connection. A hygge lifestyle encourages connecting with nature, with family and friends, and perhaps most importantly, connecting deeply with self.

Spending time today dreaming, writing out intentions and listing action steps are all important ways of focusing inward. For intentions to become reality, I must begin with knowing what I want. And I must slip past all restraints and dream big.

Day 5: Write Out Intentions for 2019 and Dream Big

Cozy Environment

To create a supportive environment for dreaming and writing out intentions I took several steps:

I surrounded myself with beauty, which fosters creativity for me, and made sure my room was uncluttered and tidied up. As darkness gathered at the windows I turned on Christmas lights and small lamps, creating intimacy.

For 2019 I’ve picked out a new journal, with the Queen chess piece on the cover. It’s in my shopping cart, at Amazon, ready to ship when I complete my order. For the exercise this evening I used one of my composition notebooks to record my thoughts in.

And finally, a cup of hot herbal tea and a healthy chocolate chip cookie provided a snack while I wrote.

Day 5: Write Out Intentions for 2019 and Dream Big

Dream Big

Typically I use the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to reflect back on the past year and look ahead to the next one. I appreciate this time of being in the space between what has come to pass and what will occur. Blogging definitely gives me milestone markers for the journey I am completing. And my dreams fuel the journey that is about to unfold.

Writing in my journal today I allowed myself to dream BIG in multiple areas of my life, including health and well being, writing/blogging, travel, real estate, family and relationships, and creativity. As the saying goes, if my dreams don’t scare me, they aren’t big enough!

I’m painting on a blank canvas, titled 2019: Queen of Enchantment, with very broad albeit vivid brush strokes. Enchantment is my theme for next year. The Queen chess piece is my symbol. I’m excited to experience this new journey and see how far I go and what I accomplish.

I believe that what I think about, dream about, in my inner world, becomes my outer reality. I’m guided Divinely. The Dream Giver calls to me. My role is to show up…and keep dreaming big. I can do that.

Day 5: Write Out Intentions for 2019 and Dream Big