Surrender 129: Mother’s Day Legacy

As I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day this weekend, loving on others and being loved on, I have thought about all the strong and influential women in my life. In my journey, I’m in the esteemed position of having generations before me to appreciate, mothers and grandmothers, and generations after me to encourage, children and grandchildren. 

Granny Grace, baby sister Linda, and me. 

Grandma Mildred and me. 

My grandmothers are gone. However, I was blessed to have them both, well into my adult years. These women hugged me and supplied bowls of ice cream and homemade cookies, played games and taught me to sew and crochet. Beyond being fun grandmothers, they modeled for me independence and perseverance, kindness and devotion. I still think of both of them often, as I carry their wise words with me through life’s circumstances. 

I am so grateful for my mom. No one else has had as great an influence on my life as she has. My creative side has been nurtured by her my entire life. And even greater, she has lived her life creatively, writing, gardening, sewing, sketching, owning several businesses, making crafts and DIY projects. She didn’t live this way for my benefit. She lived as her authentic self, pursuing her interests and passions fearlessly, which was the greatest invitation I could ever receive, to do the same. 

Jerri became my stepmom when I was eleven, and she has been a strong influence in my life as well. Although I have never experienced being a step parent, I have welcomed new grandchildren into my family, embracing them as my own flesh and blood. Jerri has modeled blending families together, to create a larger stronger family. Beyond just nurturing my sisters and me, Jerri also embraced my mother. I don’t know if my mom, stepmom and dad realized how incredibly precious the gifts of unity and respect were to me and my sisters. When my friends spoke about the hate and animosity between their divorced parents and new step parents, I felt deep gratitude that in my family the adults lived in a bigger way. I am grateful for Jerri and for her willingness to create and maintain a different kind of family. 

Leta became my mother-in-law, my third mom, when I was 18. She had two sons and she excitedly embraced me as her daughter. Leta was one of the most gracious and generous women I have ever met. She modeled love to me, by way of her actions. She cooked delicious meals and luscious desserts, made crocheted blankets and enjoyed surprising me and later her grandkids with gifts that she spent hours shopping for. She had a child-like sense of wonder about the world that she never lost. However, she was strong, a survivor of losses and illnesses. I am grateful that she taught me that circumstances don’t determine how I live life. She chose to respond to challenges with faith and joy. I choose to follow her example. 

There have been and continue to be many other strong women in my life…aunts, cousins, sisters, friends. We honor and nurture and mother each other. And when I have needed to, I have mothered and nurtured myself. When I faced my fears a few years ago, I was able to nurture the frightened four year old who cowered within me. I am continuing to mother my wee self, and the results have been incredible. 

One of my greatest joys in life is being a mom and Yaya. When I was still a child, I couldn’t wait to grow up and become a mother. I have never taken this role lightly, praying earnestly to be a joyful mother of children, long before my babies arrived. My first pregnancy ended very early in miscarriage, something I didn’t talk about until fairly recently. I named that baby Daniel, making me the mother of four children. I have had the pleasure of raising three…a son and two daughters… and I couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful adults they have become. 

Elissa and her husband Josh. 

Nathanael and his wife Megan. 

Adriel and her fiancé Nate. 

Today, as I reflected on motherhood, I am exceedingly grateful for the experience of parenting and nurturing these children. They have helped me to be a better person. They have encouraged my growth. They cheer me on in all my endeavors. 

As I journey with them and observe their lives, I have seen my older daughter Elissa switch careers, learning new things and stepping up into greater responsibility. She and Josh are so very present for their sons, showing up for events and awards. As Dayan nears the end of high school, I see his mother preparing him for life beyond living at home with his family. 

I have watched my son deal with high stress situations in his career and life, with grace and strength, his wife Megan at his side. They too are involved in the lives of their children. In spite of long hours working, keeping his community safe, Nate takes the time to have lunch at school with each of his kids. 

My younger daughter worked for years to achieve her desired career. She’s very good at what she does, showing great compassion. I watched yesterday as Nate brought their car to a stop, and Adriel hopped out to rescue a turtle who was slowly crossing the street. She carefully placed him in a grassy area, away from the dangerous road. Nate does the same thing often. It’s who they are…caring people. 

Being a Yaya to my five grandchildren has magnified my joy. As a little girl, longing to be a mother someday, I couldn’t imagine anything greater than that. I possibly couldn’t imagine myself being so old that I’d be a grandmother! I have become the person that I so looked forward to spending time with as a child.

I am coming full circle, in my journey, from a girl with powerful women in my life, to the grandmother who desires to show her granddaughter and grandsons how to live a life full of love and joy, creativity and strength. These kids are continuing the task of helping me grow into the kind of person who can live such an open and authentic life. They inspire me. 

Surrounded by such brave hearts…grandmothers who still journey with me in spirit, mothers, and sisters…I can offer with confidence from my own heart to my children and grandchildren. I have a family legacy that I want to pass on. 

Surrender 127: Corn Dogs for Aubrey

I had the pleasure of having lunch with my granddaughter Aubrey today. Much to the chagrin of my grandsons, who will be in school about a week longer, today was her school’s last Friday of this school year. We celebrated the end of school and the beginning of summer with lunch from Sonic. 

Aubrey requested corn dogs and a grape slushie, a meal she wouldn’t normally have at school. The first words out of her mouth as we slid into our seats was the revelation that today, the school lunch was….a corn dog! She found that irony funny. At least the school wasn’t serving slushies too! 

Lunch times are very short for elementary school aged children. The kids have 20 minutes to get their lunches, eat and line up for recess. I understand the reasoning for the shortened time for eating. It just goes by so fast. I encouraged Aubrey to eat while we chatted about a variety of topics. 

No time to pose for a pic…I caught Aubrey as she was taking a bite! 

All of my grandchildren are great conversationalists. They share easily about their lives and ask questions about mine. Aubrey and I spoke about the end of school, summer vacation, friends, family, and how I know everyone! Aubrey thinks that because I know several of the teachers at her school. I love watching this bright girl’s eyes sparkle as she talks, and her expressive face. She makes me laugh and stirs my heart with her tender concern for others. 

That 20 minutes flew by. One of the teachers in the lunchroom gave Aubrey 5 extra minutes since I was there. As the other first graders were lining up to go outside, Aubrey slurped down the rest of her purple slushie and gathered up her trash to throw in the big bin. I had already hugged her and kissed her good bye and managed to capture a quick selfie of the two of us. 

Still seated at the table, I waved to her as she dusted off her hands over the trash bin and turned to trot across the cafeteria to join her classmates. Suddenly Aubrey swung around and ran back to me, a big grin on her face, her arms spread wide. I received the wonderful gift of another hug, a kiss and an “I love you” before she scampered off. 

I’ll be having lunch with my three younger grandsons next week, as their school years are concluding too. Dayan, at almost 17, is happy with Chinese food after school. These are precious times. I’m storing up treasures in my heart. I might have left Aubrey at recess with a smile on my face and a joyful tear in my eye. 

Surrender 112: Slowing Down the Moments

It’s been a full, and fun day, with many surrendered moments, and many reasons to celebrate. I stopped by the Webb City Farmer’s Market this morning, the first time it has opened on a Thursday. I love the market, and took home fresh produce and freshly baked wheat berry bread. I had intended to attend Third Thursday in downtown Joplin this evening, where all kinds of activities were underway. 

However, the moments that I surrendered to and chose to write about are the ones that made me laugh the most. 


I picked up granddaughter Aubrey from school. Rather than hang around Joplin as we normally do, until her dad or stepmom get home from work, we spent the afternoon at her house, where she had access to the backyard trampoline. Aubrey self-prescribed jumping and doing stunts as a way of moving energy after a long day at school. I respect and admire how Aubrey knows exactly what’s right for her in the moment. 

As the spectator to her acrobatic feats, I asked if I could take photos. That’s when the hilarity began. Aubrey requested that I take slo-mo pictures. My phone has that capability, but I’ve never used it. My seven old year granddaughter showed me how to use the app. I’m not surprised. Aubrey has been teaching me about functions on my various phones since she was 18 months old! The app was not difficult at all, and in moments, we were taking turns capturing slow motion videos. 

Check out my first slo-mo video here:

Aubrey does a cartwheel 

And the amazing flip here:
Aubrey does a hands-free flip

These little slo-mo clips, each under 20 seconds long, made us giggle so much. I’ll spare you the one Aubrey captured of me talking about the cloudy day. I’d much rather share Aubrey’s graceful moves on the trampoline. Here is a still of me though, gazing skyward, mid sentence, as I spoke soooo sloooowly. 

What a fun afternoon, spending time with my granddaughter, learning something new and engaging in joyous shared laughter. These moments with my grandchildren are going by so fast as the kids grow into young adults. For once, it was wonderful to slow time down. 


Surrender 106: Beautiful Reflections

After a busy morning and afternoon, it was with great joy that I picked up my granddaughter Aubrey from school. We got to hang out for a couple of hours before joining other family members for dinner at one of Aubrey’s favorite restaurants. 


Being with Aubrey is like being with a young version of myself. Watching her, listening to her ageless wisdom, I am reminded of my own childhood hopes and dreams, and of my own gifts and abilities. 

This afternoon we engaged in activities that are meaningful to both of us. We watched Doctor Who together. Like my grandson Dayan, Aubrey loves this amazing series and surprises me with her depth of understanding. We’ve adopted the 10th Doctor’s favorite word, allons-y, which is French for “let’s go”, as our own. We colored together, using Crayola colored pencils in my new Doctor Who coloring book. 

It was too nice of a day to spend the afternoon indoors. We wandered around the backyard garden together. I pointed out plants and flowers and told Aubrey the names. She listened attentively and repeated them back to me. At seven years old, she is already interested in planting flowers of her own. I’d like to allow each of my grandchildren to plant and tend to their own small garden patch, if he or she so desires. 

It was as I watched her scamper with ease up the redbud tree that I thought about how Aubrey holds up a mirror for me, allowing me glimpses of the child that I once was. Like me, Aubrey is intuitive and empathic, sensing energy and spirit, picking up on the emotions of others, especially those who are sad or in pain. Unlike the younger version of me, she is unafraid and matter of fact about her abilities, even if she doesn’t always understand why she does what she does. 


Where I hid who I was, in fear and confusion, Aubrey simply accepts who she is. She is yet too young to realize how much compassion and healing she has brought to the small child within me. That wee Cindy, bit by bit, has learned to offer her gifts shyly to me as an adult now willing to embrace my whole self. 

I am grateful that Aubrey doesn’t know the fearful, anxious person I once was. The greatest gift I can offer to my grandsons, to my granddaughter, is to model what a fearless, creative, comfortable in your own skin life looks like. It is my great privilege to walk alongside the boys and Aubrey, offering into their lives, accepting their offerings in return. 

As Aubrey is a beautiful reflection of my past, I am a reflection for her, of future possibilities. She reflects understanding and acceptance to my inner child. I reflect hope and promise to the woman she is growing into. I appreciate this lovely child so much. I may just surprise her one day, and climb up to join her in the tree. Oh, the things we could then see together from that vantage point. 


Surrender 92: Advice From the River

Today was one of those days where things happened, and I was swept along with the current of momentum…happily so, never quite knowing what was around the bend. It truly was a go with the flow or fight the current kind of day. 

This gorgeous Friday was bookended with events in which two of my beautiful grandchildren participated. 


The morning began with an award ceremony. I got to be present to watch Aubrey receive a SOAR award for Showing Respect…the S word in the SOAR acronym. This bright and curious child never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Way to go, Aubrey! 

And then I had a predicament. Last night Marco the cat brought a baby rabbit home. He didn’t hurt him. He simply carried him home, much to baby bunny’s displeasure. The little guy was still young enough that his eyes were closed. I had no idea where his mother had her bunny nursery hidden, so I couldn’t return him. I called him Clive. 

Wrapped in a towel, Clive allowed me to snuggle him and eventually drank almond milk from an eye dropper. He stole my heart. And survived the night burrowed between the layers of a folded towel. However, I have to be out of town all day tomorrow and I knew he would need to eat frequently. 

I am so grateful for Main Street Pet Care. I called them and explained my situation. To my relief, they have a wildlife care program, especially designed to nurture wild animals and then release them when they are able to fend for themselves. It was a grateful but sad goodbye to Clive. 


Work claimed a good portion of my afternoon as I worked to get a listing back on the market,  after the contract on it failed to close. As a realtor, I’ve experienced such situations before. I don’t like to have a transaction fall apart, as that is very disappointing to my clients and to me as well. 

However, sometimes something good falls apart, so something better can come together. In an extraordinary way, a new contract on the same property came together in minutes this afternoon. A better contract, in every way. 

I am grateful. My clients are happy. The other agent and the buyers are thrilled. It’s a win/win all of the way around. Into that space of high energy, another contract on another property came together, in another spectacular arranging of events. My evening suddenly shifted. I would be at the computer tonight, as I am leaving for St Louis very early in the morning. 


Which meant, I was unable to attend grandson Jonathan’s talent show tonight. I was excited about the double contracts this evening, and yet bummed to miss Jonathan’s performance. This boy is a natural and gifted performer. Singing, dancing, acting…he embraces it all, with a mix of old world charm and very modern technology. 

I am very grateful that my grandson Dayan recorded Jonathan’s performance as he sang “Christ is Risen,” and the fourth grade class rendition of Evolution of Dance. It touched my heart to watch both videos. I cheered Jonathan on from home. While not the same as being present, at least I had the privilege of watching as this talented child shared his gifts with the world. 

I love what I learn from days like today: surrender, trust, stay open, stay flexible, flow, love, laugh and listen…to those around me, to my heart, to the Divine. And I remember that there is more, just around the river bend. 

Surrender 44: Beautifully Unique

I had the opportunity today to spend time with two of my five grandchildren, along with daughter Elissa and son-in-law Josh. Papa Greg joined me on these adventures. One of the joys of being a grandparent is celebrating the accomplishments in the lives of these precious kids. 


The first event was an award ceremony at Missouri Southern State University, where granddaughter Aubrey was honored. During halftime of the Lady Lions basketball game, elementary and middle school children from Joplin and the surrounding towns received certificates and recognition for academic excellence. 

Two students from each class in these area schools were nominated by their teachers to receive the Most Improved Student awards. The kids not only had to demonstrate excellent academic progress, they also had to possess the desire and the self-motivation to excel. 

I’m so proud of Aubrey, who is a first grader, for being her bright little self and desiring to be the best she can be as she learns. Aubrey’s mom, little brother AJ, and Nana Beth and Papa Tom were proud spectators along with Greg and me. Her daddy had to work today, so it was my honor to be present as she was recognized. 


While Aubrey’s mom and other grandparents took her out for a celebratory lunch, Greg and I drove to Pittsburg, KS to do the same with grandson Jonathan, Elissa and Josh.  Jonathan, who is a Boy Scout, recently won first place in his troop’s pinewood derby competition. He also was awarded the Most Unique award. 

That win qualified him to participate in the regional pinewood derby races today, held at the Meadowbrook Mall in Pittsburg. Although he didn’t win that competition, I’m so proud of Jonathan for all of his creative work, his determination and his follow through on this project. He’s a smart young man who likes to compete. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future. We arrived just after the races completed and enjoyed a festive lunch at Del Rio. 

I love my grandchildren, all five of them, and I am proud of each one of them as they discover who they are and what their gifts and talents are. I am reminded this evening, as a winter advisory has been issued with the possibility of light snowfall, that they are each as beautiful and as unique as snowflakes. No two snowflakes are alike, and no two grandchildren are either. I am blessed, and grateful to be their Yaya. 


Surrender 22: Getting to Know All About You

I had granddaughter Aubrey with me this afternoon and evening, picking her up from school and keeping her until her daddy and stepmom were finished with a banquet. She is a joy to be around, making me laugh, making me thoughtful, in turns. We ran errands, watched an episode of Doctor Who together, and shared pizza with her papa before we landed at my sister’s house. Linda had three of her grandkids this evening and Aubrey got to play with her cousins. My mom joined us as well, making a fun and rowdy bunch. 


I picked up an idea from my friend and colleague, Jennifer, that involves asking kids questions to see how well they know their parents (or grandparents). I asked Aubrey if she would like to play, and then surrendered the idea to her. As our Doctor Who episode was finishing up, she suddenly turned to me and said, “Ask me those questions!” The game was on. 

These questions were about me, asked without any promptings. 

Aubrey is 7 years old. 

1. What is something I always say to you? You are kind, you are smart, you are important!

2. What makes me happy? Being with me. 

3. What makes me sad? If one of your friends dies. 

4. How do I make you laugh? By making funny faces

5. What was I like as a child? Kind (that melted my heart!)

6. How old am I? Uhhhh…72? (😳)

7. How tall am I? 5 feet 

8. What is my favorite thing to do? Color and watch Doctor Who

9. What do I do when you’re not around? Color

10. What am I really good at? Coloring…said with laughter. 

11. What am I not very good at? Skating! She giggled a lot on this one. 

12. What do I do for a job? Sell people houses

13.What is my favorite food? Soup

14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Having fun! 

I was very impressed with Aubrey’s answers, well other than the one about my age! She does know me well. And we had great discussions around her answers. I can see why she thinks I color all the time. On her visit to my house today, she noticed my dining room table was taken over by an assortment of colored pencils and a coloring book. 

Aubrey took the game further, and I happily played along. As we drove to Pizza Hut and waited for our dinner, she asked me questions about her, and I helped her record the answers. 


Here are some of Aubrey’s questions with my answers…and her corrections, if needed. 

1. What’s my favorite food? Pizza

2. What do I want to be when I grow up? A police officer (teacher)

3. What’s my favorite color? Purple

4. What’s my favorite restaurant? Golden Corral (Japanese Steak House)

5. My favorite toy? Shopkins (Monster High)

6. My favorite super hero? Super girl (Wonder Woman)

7. Current favorite movie? Star Wars

8. Favorite tv show? Sponge Bob

9. Favorite soda? Sprite

10. What’s my favorite thing to do? Play with toys (swim)

This was a great exercise for us. I appreciate this girl. She was not only willing to play, but she took the game further. I enjoyed her questions. And I realize she is growing and learning and what was a favorite last year or last week, may not be today. That’s good. It keeps me alert and aware of how she is shifting. 

These grandchildren…they continually amaze me, spark creativity and fill my heart with gratitude. As with the draw and tell story idea from yesterday, I look forward to playing the question game with the other grandkids. I hope no one else thinks I’m 72 years old! 


Journey 357: All is Bright

Today was one of those days that just flowed, and I flowed with it. It was a long day, with twists and turns and little delightful surprises that make me so appreciate my life and all the goodness in it. 


My day began with a closing in another town, the final one for me in 2015. It’s been a good year in real estate and I’m grateful for amazing clients and transactions. What a great way to close out the year, with a transaction between gracious buyers and sellers who worked well with me and each other. I appreciate the agent who sent these buyers to me as a referral. What an honor to take care of clients entrusted to me by a fellow realtor that I respect. 

The rest of the day was filled with glimpses of beauty, such as Blanket Flowers still in bloom in my garden during this mild December. And moments of joy and fun. 

Grandsons Dayan and Jonathan helped me make fudge this afternoon while we chatted about what’s going on most recently in their lives. They made peanut butter and chocolate varieties while I supervised. Jonathan was the official taster of the finished product. 
Granddaughter Aubrey got a play date this evening with her BFF/cousin London. The girls shared gifts, laughter, pizza and dances, while I had an opportunity to visit with my sister, mom and nephew. London’s little sister Aralyn joined the older girls for playtime, and she busied herself between the big girls in the playroom and the adults visiting in the living room. Aralyn called me Yaya for the first time tonight, and liking that new sound, called out to me repeatedly with a smile on her sweet face. 


When I took Aubrey home late in the evening, I saw Oliver and Joey, making the count 5/5 for grandchildren today. The boys were ready for bed, sweet and sleepy, and although they are eight and nine years old, I couldn’t resist hugs and cuddles. We talked about Christmas and whispered I love you’s before I headed home. 

While making a pizza run earlier, for the little group gathered at my sister’s house, I was stopped on a dark side street, waiting for traffic to clear. My eyes were drawn upwards, to a beautiful sight. The nearly full moon was emerging from a bank of puffy clouds illuminated by the reflected lunar glow. It stirred my heart. How magical, that sight. How mystical, and deeply meaningful, is this time of year. 

I forgot about the cars whizzing by, completely captivated by the Christmas moon. I rolled my window down to take a picture, the fresh breeze stirring around me, lifting my hair, caressing my face. What a magnificent day, full of treasured connections. In that hushed night, the busy street now deserted, I felt the Divine present in that full and poignant moment, and I felt gratitude, peace and wonder. 

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.”


Journey 264: Guest Blogger Oliver Czahor

Today’s blog post is courtesy of  my grandson, Oliver. While Joey and I were looking over his portfolio of drawings, in preparation for his guest blog post, Oliver was busy snapping pics, of whatever caught his interest. I love giving a child a camera and turning him or her loose to capture their world. The results never fail to amaze and inspire me.

Oliver and Joeys pics 029

Watermelon growing in the backyard garden.

Oliver is 7 years old, soon to be 8, and a 2nd grader. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline, riding his bike and scooter, and climbing and performing amazing stunts. He has a mischievous smile, that always makes me smile in return, and an easy going charm. There is more to Oliver than meets the eye. His independence and casual air compensate for the fact that he is the younger brother, and the middle child, in his blended family. He is figuring out who he is, as Oliver. He told me he didn’t have any creative ability….and then proceeded to create a wonderful drawing, complete with a clever paper frame. (Yaya failed to get a pic of this marvelous piece of art.) However, when I offered him my camera, and turned him loose, he proved that he does, indeed, have quite an eye for artistic expression.

Here are Oliver’s photos:

Oliver and Joeys pics 002

Carl, who is much loved…and chased after. Carl is deaf…but we all talk to him anyway.

Oliver and Joeys pics 005

And Choco, the family’s pug. I love Oliver’s slightly out of focus pic. It seems to sum up Choco well, capturing those liquid brown eyes.

Oliver and Joeys pics 013

More goodness from the garden….green tomatoes ripening on the vine. Great composition here.

Oliver and Joeys pics 034

This is a Toad House that the kids built in the backyard. Oliver took pics of it and then, explaining to me how they had dug out a hole and then built this structure over it, carefully removed a portion of the roof so we could peek inside. We all yelled and jumped when a fat brown toad INSIDE THE TOAD HOUSE, hopped and then hid himself. I laughed at the expression on Oliver’s face….imagine….a toad actually in the Toad House. Ollie gently put the roof back into place and took a pic through the little door by lying on his belly.

Oliver and Joeys pics 035

Mr. Toad, who appeared to love his house, and showed his appreciation for the roof being restored by coming out of hiding. Oliver might have a future as a nature photographer.

Oliver and Joeys pics 006

Although Oliver might call these last two photos “mistakes”, they are actually my favorite pics from that day. I don’t know how he created these effects….but I love the look.

Oliver and Joeys pics 001

My favorite photo. It is mysterious, and full of light and beauty and grace….just like Oliver, just like all of us.

I appreciate Oliver’s work, which shows how artistic and creative he is, and his willingness to share his photos via my blog. I believe, as these children grow older, that I’ll occasionally hand them a camera, just to see what their current perspective of the world is. Their views are always fresh, always fascinating, deeply beautiful and stirring. And, we all  have fun. We are not only growing and learning about ourselves and each other, we are creating memories and stories. I’ll never forget the toad in the Toad House and Oliver’s look of surprise! I don’t think he will either.

Oliver and Joeys pics 003

Journey 261: Guest Blogger Joey Czahor

It’s been fun for me to offer the grandkids opportunities to share via my blog. It not only allows each child to showcase his or her gifts and unique talents, it creates a bonding experience between us as we discuss what they want to share and the mechanics of the blog. I learn about the children as I listen to what’s important to them. Today’s blog post is from my grandson, Joey


Joey, who is 9 years old and a 4th grader this year, knew immediately what he wanted to share. He enjoys playing football and riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. And he is an artist. He almost shyly brought in his portfolio and shared drawing after drawing with me. I asked him to select the ones he wanted to include in the post and tell me a bit about each one. 
Here are Joey’s selections, along with the titles of the pieces:

 “Mr. Ellie” pencil & ink

 “Who Who” ink

 “Ace the Dog” pencil

 “Football Minion” marker & crayon

 “Cuckoo” pencil (Joey commented that this is a parrot, who is crazy, hence the title!)

 “Lion” pencil 

I am so impressed with these drawings and Joey’s artistic abilities. I see a great future ahead for him, should he desire to continue exploring his artistic side. I hope he does. There is such a soulful quality to this boy’s work. However, no matter what he decides to pursue, his art will always be there, a part of him, a way of both capturing his world and sharing it. I look forward, as Joey gets older, to introducing him to amazing artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. 

I am grateful to Joey, for allowing me to feature his artwork on the blog and for sitting with me and discussing his work. I think he is brilliant! I have two grandsons still, with ideas or artistic creations to share. I am so blessed.