Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated

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Weeks away from the next major holiday, I did something I’ve never done before. I decorated for Halloween. While I always switch my front porch and house decor to fall in early September, I typically don’t add in Halloween decorations. That’s a bit surprising, since Halloween is big in my family and I even have a grandchild who shares her birthday with the holiday.

However, this year I received an add on box from Decocrated, full of cute Halloween pieces. What fun! I’m decorating for Halloween with Decocrated and loving the mix of holiday and fall decor.

Check out how I freshened up my home for Halloween.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated title meme

Decocrated Add On Boxes

Decocrated Curated Home is a home decor subscription box company. Their boxes ship out four times a year. Each box contains seven to eight curated seasonal items. Check out my fall box review.

I’ve now completed a full year of Decocrated boxes, as I started with the winter box last year. It’s like Christmas four times a year! I love receiving the boxes, which come right to my front door, and discovering what’s inside.

As a bonus, those who subscribe with a seasonal box or a yearly subscription have the opportunity to purchase add on boxes for $39.00. What a bargain! The Halloween box is my first add on and I love it. See how I included the fun pieces in my fall decor.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated small bookshelf
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – the small bookshelf

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated

I incorporated the Decocrated Halloween pieces in three areas of my home, expanding on the fall decor already there or swapping out items. Since I leave fall decorations up until right after Thanksgiving, I can either remove the Halloween pieces after the holiday or simply leave them up until I switch to Christmas in late November.

The Small Bookcase

I decorated the top of this small bookcase for fall, featuring pieces from Decocrated.  Leaving that shelf as is, I focused on decorating the rest of the bookcase, in a mix of fall and Halloween pieces.

On the second shelf I added the rustic wood and wire shelf, tucking in a tiny fall pillow, a pumpkin and the additional wooden sign from the Decocrated fall box. Greg attached two small screws to the back of the sign to act as hangers. A candle with a metal shade and a fabric pillow, all resting on a buffalo plaid cloth, complete shelf two.

I filled the third shelf with a cute fabric basket and a plump pillow. The basket, a gift from my grandchildren, holds pumpkins and a string of wooden beads. The pillow cover, with the words “I PUT A SPELL ON YOU”, comes from  the Decocrated Halloween box.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated spell
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – I Put a Spell on You pillow cover
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated tall bookshelf
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – tall bookcase

Tall Bookcase

Typically, this bookcase receives a makeover twice a year…for Christmas and after that holiday, an everyday look. I had fun decorating it for fall and Halloween, thanks to Decocrated!

Top Shelf

The top shelf shows off a collection of potion bottles from the Halloween box, partnered up with the teal and orange pumpkins from the fall box. On the other end, a wire cloche holds orange, gray and white mini pumpkins. The Halloween tabletop art is from the Halloween box. And the white jar candle and striped linen both came from Target.

I left the postcard art from Italy on the wall, after considering whether to remove it or not. I decided the postcard colors work well with the fall and Halloween decor.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated potions
These resin potion bottles are so cute!
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated boo
I love the small tabletop art. Boo!

Second Shelf

While the top shelf features a mix of fall colors, the second shelf uses typical Halloween colors of orange and black.

The black metal lanterns are my favorite items from the Halloween box. They look so pretty with tea light candles glowing from within. Plus they will work well during other seasons. I’m using a lot of black and white buffalo plaid for Christmas this year so these lanterns will stay out. The “haunted” sign comes from Michael’s while the black and orange linen is a bandana from Target. I used a small box beneath the cloth, as a riser for the large lantern.

On the other end of the shelf, the art print in the frame is from the fall box. I found the trio of cardboard books at Target and the small black vase is a Hobby Lobby find. The black key, a nod to my symbol for this year, is from Michael’s. I snipped off strands from a garland of orange beads to tuck into the vase.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated haunted
Love these metal lanterns!
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated art print
Double Double Toil and Trouble art print is from the fall box.

Third Shelf

A vintage looking teal tray holds an assortment of items, from a stack of Celtic books to cinnamon scented pods to fall candle holders. All of these items are from my stash of decor. I love how the Decocrated items easily mix with what I already own.

The black lantern on the other end is from the spring Decocrated box. That’s the other thing I appreciate. Decocrated items from different seasons mix together well. A stack of pumpkins rests on a fall candle ring in the lantern.

Not shown…the fourth shelf holds a shadow box with tickets and a print from a Dracula Ballet performance and candles in a long metal holder.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated 3rd shelf
A mix of items decorate the third shelf.

Dining Room Table

And for my feature spot, on the round dining room table, I swapped out fall decor for similar items with more of a Halloween feel.

The wooden crate, from the fall box, gets refreshed with white and black and white buffalo plaid mini pumpkins. Decorating tip: rather than fill the whole crate with pumpkins, I stuffed the bottom of the crate with wadded up plastic shopping bags, covered those with a black and white plaid cloth and THEN added the mini pumpkins.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated moon
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – wooden crate gets refreshed

I replaced the colorful felt garland around the black metal candle ring, also from the fall box, with a burlap and black and white fabric garland. White tapers went into the candle ring, replacing the orange ones from fall. The Hocus Pocus tabletop sign in the middle of the ring is from Target and it’s perfect!

The little photo holder gets a new double sided art print, from the Halloween box. One side says “It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” while the other side says “Trick or Treat”. I like both sides, so I switch it around every few days.

The black and white table runner is from the fall box and the orange jar candle comes from Target.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated candle ring
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – candle ring from the fall box

I really love the black and white Halloween theme on the table. The photo holder, one side of the art print and the jar candle bring in pops of orange. With the lights off and candles lit, this whole vignette seems to glow in the dark.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated dining table decor
Dining room table vignette

Decocrated Subscription Boxes

Isn’t the Halloween decor fun? I loved mixing it in with the fall pieces for a fresh holiday look. Granddaughter Aubrey, my Halloween birthday girl, walked through my house over the weekend, looking at my decor. She gave it a thumbs up.

Would you like to receive these amazing boxes to your front door? You can!

The fall box AND the Halloween box are sold out, and no surprise. The quality is excellent and the items work well with all styles of decor. Each person can tell their own unique decorating story, with a little help from Decocrated.

The WINTER box is on sale NOW. And with the purchase of the winter box, or a yearly subscription, the Easter add on box becomes available. Don’t miss out!

Use this link, DECOCRATED, and type in my codes for a discount. Use CINDYLAUDERDALEMOORE10 to save $10 off a seasonal box. OR use CINDYLAUDERDALEMOORE30 to get $30 off a yearly subscription. Then watch for an email about purchasing an add on box, if you want one.

I’ve received so much joy from this company’s subscription boxes. Opening up these boxes immediately fires up my creativity and my playful side happily takes over.

I look forward to creating with the winter and Christmas boxes.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated trick or treat
The dining room vignette with the Trick or Treat side of the art print.


Cindy Goes Beyond is an affiliate with Decocrated Curated Home. I may earn a commission for items purchased through my links, all at no extra cost to you.




The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

Last night was the Family Halloween Party…and yes capital letters are appropriate. This huge event is hosted by the oh so talented trio of my sister Debbie, my niece Ashley and her husband Jon. Those who don’t have fun with this October holiday may not understand the anticipation that my family has for this annual celebration. We do Halloween BIG. And the Oklahoma branch of the family goes even BIGGER. I’m talking about a total transformation of their house, not just a few pumpkins, candles and spooky creatures scattered about.

The theme this year was a carnevil one (darker twist on a carnival) and the Barnes House became the Barnes Circus, complete with red and white striped tenting, carnival food and games, and a freaky side show. The guests were encouraged to arrive in character.

Blog post Part I shares the highlights of the amazing décor. Later today Part II will feature costumes.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

Welcome to the Barnes Carnevil Circus

Debbie, Ashley and Jon, and their sons Ethan and Kaleb, begin the creation process for their annual party in early spring. They have themes already planned through 2020, and a great deal of thought and creativity and hard work goes into the finished project.

Most of the props and decorations are hand made. Debbie and Ashley scout out thrift stores and clearance sales in big box stores to obtain the materials for their creations. And then those ordinary objects undergo remarkable changes. It’s repurposing, at an extremely high level!

Driving through the neighborhood yesterday, I saw a handful of houses modestly decorated for Halloween. Then, turning onto my family’s street, I see their house. It’s a car stopper for sure, with carnival music playing and lots of canned lighting placed for when darkness falls.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IOoops! The cannon misfired….

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IWalking into the circus, posters adorn the wall. Our faces were cleverly added. There’s Greg as Greer, The Bearded Lady!

Come One, Come All

Inside the house, the transformation was startling! Debbie, Ashley and Jon recreate with meticulous details and an eye for authenticity. Hours and hours and HOURS of work bring their theme to life.

Come with me for a tour.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IRed and white tenting covered every wall and ceiling of the main floor living areas. Watch out for the carnevil clowns! They were everywhere.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IAnother unfortunate mishap! The Great Laurent needs more practice.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IReal cotton candy and bags of popcorn on the walls, for the taking. And a buffet being laid out that included typical carnival food and veggie options. (Thanks guys!)

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

Twisty’s Bar, for the over 21 crowd. Twisty is a character from American Horror Story.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IMadame Cynvia’s corner. Meet her in the next blog post.

To the Fun House Room

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IHall of funhouse mirrors…all hand made.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IWelcome! This room, that normally serves as a guest bedroom, had been completely emptied of furniture. Glow in the dark décor and props created a fun room indeed!

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IDo you feel like you are being watched?

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

Up, Up, Up the Stairs

Upstairs the carnevil circus theme continued.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IThis hypnotic disc that Jon made actually spun.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IMore scary clowns lurking upstairs.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part ICarnival style games were set up in the family room. The kids had a blast up here, winning prizes.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IEven the bathrooms get a makeover, set up to look like circus performers’ dressing rooms.

The Side Show

The office to the left of the entryway showcases the creativity of my family. The space became a side show room, full of oddities from around the world. Take a peek inside.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part ILighted cases displayed curiosities. Remember that the majority of props are hand crafted.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IAshley, who is a graphic artist, creates each sign and poster.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IAmazing attention to detail.

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I


The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part IA Scottish Fairy!

Family Fun

What a fun night we all had, at the Barnes Carnevil Circus. Family members mingled with the Barnes’ and Debbie’s friends and co-workers. The atmosphere was lively, and laughter filled the “big tent”.

The Family Halloween Party is one of the year’s highlights for me and a highly anticipated event. Although we all know the theme beforehand, we don’t get to see the finished project until we show up for the party. Ethan and Kaleb have become experts at giving tours to arriving guests. I so appreciate the generosity and creativity of my sister and her family. And I heartily applaud their hard work.

Watch for The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part II later today, for a look at the characters that attended the party. You won’t be disappointed!

The Barnes Carnevil Circus Part I