Day 3: Lemon Curd



What goes wonderfully with Scottish Shortbread? Lemon curd from MacKays, of Scotland! Thanks to my cousin Mindy Davidson, who gave me a jar, I got to sample lemon curd for today’s First. We Americans hear “curds” and think of cottage cheese or curdled milk and this is nothing like that. Prepared in small batches in copper pans, lemon curd more resembles the filling for lemon meringue pie. Its tangy flavor is delicious paired with the shortbread. 

Day 2: Homemade Scottish Shortbread

In case you didn’t know it, I have Scottish roots. And although I have not visited Scotland yet, my homeland haunts me, calls to me. I’ll have several Firsts this year that relate to Scotland and here is what I am leading off with! Easy to make, and it tastes wonderful. I had bagpipes playing on my iPod as I kneaded the dough. Image