Surrender 12: Cinzetti’s

I drove back to Kansas City today, to pick up Greg, who spent six days there house painting for his cousin Tim. To celebrate my birthday, Greg and I, and Tim and his wife Lisa, ate dinner at Cinzetti’s, a buffet style Italian restaurant in Overland Park. I was happy to surrender to this idea. Greg has enjoyed eating at Cinzetti’s before and I was excited to try a new-to-me restaurant. Plus, I’ve never experienced a buffet that is exclusively Italian. 

I was not disappointed. Cinzetti’s buffet includes 80 made fresh daily dishes. There was a salad bar, pizza bar, a pasta buffet and specialties such as eggplant parmigiana and breaded zucchini. And lastly, there was a scrumptious dessert bar featuring a variety of crepes prepared as you watched. 

 Although I didn’t sample all 80 dishes, I had a difficult time choosing among so many delectable offerings. So I tried a spoonful of this pasta dish, and another of that one. I tried the vegetable lasagna, which was excellent, and of all things, glazed carrots, which were incredibly good. 


Although the crepes looked wonderful, I was too full to do them justice. I had a small bowl of bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce. It was the perfect finale to a wonderful meal. I appreciate the Moores…Greg, Tim and Lisa…for selecting such a delightful restaurant. 

This is how good it was…as Greg and I left Kansas City, heading back toward Joplin, we decided 2 1/2 hours wasn’t such a bad drive. We just might pop up soon for lunch, a long leisurely lunch, at Cinzetti’s. 


Journey 197: Joe’s Italian Grill

Tonight, after a long day spent primarily in the car, several of us gathered at Joe’s Italian Grill, located at 2705 S Range Line in Joplin. Happily, the restaurant was open this evening! It appears that Monday is the only day that they are closed. 

Elissa, Adriel, Nate Pugh, and Greg joined me at this new restaurant. We were seated in a small room off of the large main seating area. With the privacy it felt like a party! We treated the experience as such. 

The building, which formerly housed a Chinese  buffet-style restaurant, has been transformed. The surroundings are beautiful, casual yet classy, giving the feel of a nice sit-down establishment rather than a fast food chain. 

Our waiter was friendly and attentive. The food plentiful and definitely not fast food style. Oversized flat rolls, served with olive oil and herbs, were a wonderful start to the meal. I had the shrimp and crab alfredo and savored it. We each tried something different and all declared their meals delicious and very filling. We finished off the meal with a sampling of yummy desserts. 

It was a fun meal and a great way to wind down the day. I cherish these gatherings with family. And grandson Dayan surprised us by popping into our room. He was visiting the restaurant for the first time with his dad, stepmom and younger sister and brother. 

I look forward to more leisurely meals at Joe’s Italian Grill, with family or friends. And trying something new each time, from their extensive menu. 


Journey 194: Italian Dinner

What to do when the restaurant I intended to try, and write about in my blog, happens to be closed? Daughter Elissa and her husband Josh, and Greg and I arranged to meet at a new restaurant in town, Joe’s Italian Grill. We discovered when we pulled into the parking lot that Monday is the only day Joe’s is closed.

What to do? We took the party to Olive Garden, since our appetites were whetted for chicken parmigiana and fresh, crusty bread. Last year I learned to go with the flow. If a planned first failed to come together, another first always appeared and it was always the perfect activity.  

My journeys this year have been the same. I don’t sweat it. I just open to other possibilities. In the spirit of adventure, I tried something new at Olive Garden, rather than dining on my usual Seafood Alfredo. 

I’ve never created my own Tour of Italy platter before. I chose eggplant parmigiana, fettuccine alfredo and cheese ravioli for my “tour”. Josh and Elissa created a Tour of Italy also that  they shared, leaving room, as Elissa mused, for dessert! Greg had chicken parmigiana. We shared a big bowl of salad and a basket of fresh breadsticks. 

We will all gather at Joe’s another time for a meal. Tonight we dined well. Primarily , we talked and listened and laughed. It was good to catch up on news and tell stories. That’s the real joy in sharing a meal. And the dessert did turn out to be pretty awesome!