Dear Mr. Peterman…

During the last 18 months I have had a renewed interest in old fashioned letter writing. There is something magical about putting pen to paper and letting energy flow as words onto paper. With this heightened desire to pen messages, opportunities appeared to write encouraging letters to people needing cheer and to express gratitude to those who have inspired me on my journey.

So imagine my delight when a company that I have long admired and appreciated offered an Ink and Paper Letter Contest this month through their Facebook page. I was in!

Today’s cold temps and icy conditions encouraged me to tuck myself in this afternoon. I’ve sipped on hot tea, read, and gathered pen and paper to write a letter to Mr. Peterman, of the J Peterman Company.

I have loved this company for many years. The catalogs feature beautifully unique clothing from around the world, captured in colorful drawings. The accompanying text doesn’t just describe the article of clothing, it weaves an imaginative story that enchants.

The above photo is snapped from my most recent catalog. How marvelous to read, “People invariably make assumptions about you based on how you dress, so why not wear things that nudge them in interesting directions?”

The contest the company is sponsoring this month presented me with the opportunity to write Mr. Peterman and express gratitude for the years of inspiration I have received from browsing through the catalogs. Long before I could afford to make a purchase, the gorgeous clothes and fun stories gladdened my heart. Many cutouts from those catalogs adorned my vision boards over the years and sparked expansive dreams.

In the past year, I have made several purchases from The J Peterman Company. The style of clothing appeals to me, with its vintage old world charm and its nod to a more romantic, intriguing era. I continue to look forward to receiving each new publication. J Peterman is still inspiring dreams.

And, the company is fun to follow on Facebook and Instagram. They frequently sponsor contests and I have found them to be very responsive to viewer posts and comments. Their current contest runs through the end of February and every participant wins a prize. Find their Facebook page by searching for The J Peterman Company, and to get details on how to enter. You can check out their website and request a catalog, called an Owner’s Manual, HERE.

Thank you Mr. Peterson, for inspiring dreams and giving my imagination wings. Thank you for encouraging me to travel and have adventures of my own. I am, and will continue to be, your customer for life. And keep those amazing catalogs coming!

The J Peterman Company

Today I got to scratch an item off of my bucket list. For years I’ve enjoyed browsing through pages of gorgeous clothing, both online and in an actual catalog, from The J Peterman Company. I was drawn to this clothing company the first time I read their tag line:

“People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance, but a factual romance, about them.” 

I was captivated. 

So captivated, in fact, that I regularly added cutouts from the charming catalogs, called Owner’s Manuals, to my yearly vision boards. Someday, I vowed, I would make a purchase from J Peterman’s. In the meantime, I enjoyed dreaming, and reading the long copy that accompanies the illustrations for the classic and vintage style clothes. 

Because, that is the real charm of this unique catalog. The copy writing is as distinctive as the clothing, with clever and creative stories explaining how the product was discovered, or how the wearer of the clothes might feel in that long duster or silk dress. Reading through a J Peterman Owner’s Manual stirs my imagination and makes me smile. 

Recently I discovered The J Peterman Company on Facebook. To my delight, the company regularly offers promotions and give aways, presenting the opportunity to at last purchase, or even win, a J Peterman original. When their half off sale appeared in my newsfeed yesterday and was extended until midnight tonight, I knew it was time to cross this long desired wish off of my bucket list. The clothes are high end items, and rightly so. One is paying for art, after all. Half off was a siren call that I could not ignore. 

After careful perusal, I felt most drawn to the Artist’s Sweater in electric blue, whose story is  presented above. 

I made my purchase and I am so excited to receive my sweater. It is more than an article of clothing. It is a dream made manifest…a fantasy that has become reality…and an invitation to create my own story.  

It might begin like this…

“She slipped into the sweater, the classic style as much at home in her studio as it was in the corporate office. Playful. Sensual. And oh so imaginative. She felt inspired, as did all who saw it…”

What fun it will be to see how that story unfolds!

Check out The J Peterman Company HERE