Traveling Home

Today has been a long travel day as our international girls’ trip concludes. We are at the departure gate in the Minneapolis airport, waiting to board the plane to Tulsa for the final leg of our journey.

What an incredible trip it has been. I’ll be sharing some additional highlights this week. This evening we are travel weary and already feeling the effects of jet lag as our bodies think it is midnight. How amazing when I recall that I started the day in London England this morning, riding the Tube one last time, to Heathrow Airport.

We enjoyed using the Underground to get around London. It is an easy, fast and economical way to travel in that huge city. I had a minor mishap during my last ride on the Tube, getting thrown about a bit and taking a sharp blow to my ribs. My fault, though. I wasn’t holding on when the train started. It was still a great way to get from place to place in London.

See a very short video HERE of the Tube arriving in the station. Mind the gap, they love to say, meaning watch out for the gap between the platform and the car as you board. Perhaps they should also call out, Hold on!

Although I am tired, and my ribs on the right side ache, I am sad to see this trip end. It is committed to memory now. But what precious memories they are. I’m grateful my mom was able to go with us. She did remarkably well with all the walking that we did. I’m thankful my sisters were able to travel as well. And what would we have done without my niece’s navigating skills? We might be lost in the Underground somewhere!

Mom says this is probably her last big trip. But who knows? We are discussing possible destinations for another trip together…a week back in Scotland, or in Venice, or perhaps a cruise. The world truly is full of adventures that beckon.

Travel impacts me greatly. It broadens my perspectives, my heart and my soul. I saw a Delta commercial before an inflight movie this afternoon, with a line that resonated with me.

The ones who truly change the world, are those who can’t wait to get out in it.

I can’t wait for another adventure!