Garden Magic

Last year, I came up with an idea. I enjoy repurposing metal containers, such as buckets and colanders and wash tubs, in the garden. I use them as receptacles for a variety of plants and flowers. It gives my backyard paradise a bit of an industrial look.

My idea was to hang a metal grid beneath a workshop window, using it as a shelf for potted plants. I could see what that idea looked like, carried out. I could imagine how cute the shelf would be and how it would tie in with the rest of my garden. However, after searching all summer, in hardware stores, flea markets and junk stores, I could not locate a metal shelf or grate that would work. Summer drew to a close.

Garden Magic

My daughter Elissa let me know a couple of weeks ago that she had some stuff she was clearing out of her house, items she had purchased at junk shows or flea markets and no longer wanted. She asked if I was interested in the metal baskets that she had. I agreed to take them. I can always use a metal basket, in the garden or inside the house.

Last week she dropped of those treasures. I was delighted with the metal baskets. One caught my attention immediately. It was a large rectangular shape, with the back slightly higher than the front. I realized it was the perfect size and shape to become the metal shelf in my garden.

Garden Magic

Greg helped me hang the repurposed shelf late this afternoon. It fit perfectly beneath the window on the south side of the workshop, the side that faces into the garden. In moments the shelf was up and I had plopped three terra cotta pots onto it. There’s room still on the shelf to fill in with some additional plants. It is as cute as I imagined it to be.

Garden Magic

As a bonus, Elissa also brought me a rustic, and rusty, wire box with a high back on it. This piece definitely belongs in my backyard garden! Greg hung it for me too. It’s empty at the moment but it won’t be for long. I’m envisioning more pots in this hanging basket, with vining, flowering plants that climb up the metal back.

Garden Magic

I love these additions to the garden and I appreciate that my daughter gifted them to me. The magic is this…a year ago an idea came to me. In spite of a clear visual about what the metal shelf looked like and how it would be used, I couldn’t locate it. However, the desire went forth.

Inspiration comes to me and my experience is, if I receive an idea, I have the ability to carry it out. Sometimes the idea becomes reality immediately. And sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve learned to stay open and let go of how it’s going to come about and when. I love the way this idea manifested in my life, without any further effort on my part.

The shelf came to me, by way of my daughter. And I received a second fun metal piece to create with in the garden, and two more metal baskets to play with, using them either indoors or outdoors. That’s abundance, beyond what I had imagined.

These creative experiences are bigger than gardening magic. They are life lessons in trusting and allowing, staying open to possibilities and detaching from the hows, the way the outcome is achieved. They teach me that every element of my life is important to the Divine. I am so very grateful!

Garden Magic

Investing in Myself

Before I called it an early night, I spent a few minutes starting a list. It is five days, in the countdown, until my next travel adventure begins. I’m a list maker, and this evening I made a Packing List and a Need to Do Before I Go List. I began gathering. My travel documents, my passport, and my maps have started the “to pack” pile.

I have always loved anticipation. So these next five days will fill me with delightful tingles of keen anticipation and excitement as my preparations to leave begin in earnest.

Tonight, because it has been a very full week and I am weary, I have one predominant thought to share.

Yes, traveling is fun. It is an opportunity to see enchanted places and experience different cultures and meet new people. It is the fulfillment of a desire that I released to the Divine 10 years ago. Traveling strengthens connection with the family members I travel with as we share the adventure. It broadens my perspectives, deepens my trust, expands my mind, ignites my soul.

Matthew Karston writes, “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”

That resonates with me so much. Travel is all the things I listed above…and more. And most importantly, travel is an investment in myself. It feeds my gypsy heart and my old soul. Traveling allows me to honor who I am and my desires to explore and go on adventures and see the sun set and the moon rise on the other side of the world. It touches something at my core that nothing else can.

Ireland, Scotland, and England are calling to me. I’ll be there soon. I don’t know where the next journey will lead me. I just know that every trip I take and every country I visit has a profound effect on me. And ultimately, that is not only good for my soul, it is good for the world.