Keeping it Real

This is day 9 out of 28 of my healing cleanse. Although I still have several weeks to go to complete the cleanse, I have been profoundly affected by this journey. I undertook the cleanse, which involves eating raw fruits, vegetables and greens for four weeks, to heal from chronic pain. Nine days in, I can report that my pain level has greatly diminished. And not only in my left leg. All those little aches and pains I attributed to getting older have faded away as well. I feel lighter, in soul and body. 

These results are encouraging and help to spur me on. I have had no desire to return to my old eating habits. I’m discovering truths about myself as I continue this journey and I am enjoying the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in my diet. 

Until lunch time today. 

I had an extremely delicious and satisfying breakfast smoothie, made with bananas, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. I think that triple berry drink is my favorite so far. Lunch was going to be a big leafy salad with chopped up veggies. However, as I walked into the kitchen to begin preparations, I found myself pushing away from that idea. After nine days of salads, my mind said a quiet “no” to having another one. 

This is where I can trip myself up, good intentions or not. This is the slippery slope I often encounter, about a week in, when I am making healthy changes to my diet. I come up against a “no, I don’t want that”. I know if I allow myself to be pulled back into old eating patterns, I’ll slide right back into equally old habits and poorer health.  

I went inward. I could force myself to eat a salad. No discussion. No allowances. Just do it. I searched for the cause of the resistance. As I’ve learned this year, resistance means I’m moving out of the flow. The flow is where I want to be. I checked to see if I was craving anything. I wasn’t. It really came down to this…I didn’t want any lettuce, spinach or kale for lunch. It didn’t appeal to me. Considering possibilities, without judgement or being critical of myself, opened up other options. 

I created a veggie bowl, made up of celery sticks, sliced zucchini, yellow squash and cucumber, and raw asparagus spears. Half an avocado mashed up with a diced tomato and lemon juice became my healthy and flavorful dipping sauce. Lunch was amazing. And pretty to look at. Beauty is important to me, as I am nourishing my soul as well as my body. 

That pause this afternoon, to listen to my own objection and get behind the resistance, was crucial to the success of my healing journey today. I can do this. I can choose to live in a healthier way. And I can honor myself as I do so. 

Tonight, greens were back on the menu. I enjoyed a spinach, celery, basil, tomato smoothie. It was yummy!

Having Fun with Lemon Water

Ah, it’s been a packed out weekend, with precious time spent with different family members. I stayed true to my eating plan for the most part, switching to simply prepared vegetables rather than salads full of unwanted extras, in each of the three restaurants I dined in. 

This evening I prepped for the upcoming week by restocking my supply of avocados, celery, lemons, spinach and baby kale, cutting up cantaloupe, and preparing a pitcher of lemon water for consumption tomorrow. The benefits of drinking lemon water are many, and include ridding the body of toxins, aiding digestion and improving immunity. 

I keep myself hydrated, and by adding the freshly squeezed lemon, I also cleanse and alkalinize my body. My liver, especially, appreciates that I drink lemon water. And rather than using a splash of concentrated juice in my water, I’ve come to recognize the value of adding the fresh juice from a tangy lemon. 

Tonight I had fun creating my pitcher full of lemon water. I have a big electric juicer that I use every day with celery and a variety of other fruits and veggies. However, I only needed the juice of half a lemon. I got to use a vintage glass juicer, an item that previously belonged to my Aunt Annie. I’m old enough to know how to use this little beauty. And young enough that I never had. 

When my cousins allowed me to bring the keepsake home, after my aunt’s passing, I cherished it, and looked forward to using the juicer for its intended purpose. This evening, I had the oppoetunity to do so. There was a homey satisfaction that arose from twisting that half of a lemon on the old-style kitchen gadget, and getting juice! 

Tomorrow, I’ll empty the pitcher twice, sating my thirst and creating health within my body. And I’ll smile as I sip my lemon water, thinking of that little juicer. 

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

I have a full and fun weekend ahead, spending time with lots of family members. Blog posts will be brief! However, the 28 day healing cleanse will continue. This will be a great oportunity to bring this healing journey and real life together, to see how they mesh! 

For breakfast this morning I tried the orange creamsicle smoothie. I was excited about sampling this yummy looking drink. Preparation started the night before. I cut up two bananas and popped them into the freezer. 

Here’s the recipe, from Anthony William, author of Medical Medium:

This smoothie was easy to make and tasted as great as it looked. I had enough of the mixture for two smoothies. I’m loving the endless variety of smoothies that are possible by combining different fruits and vegetables. 

Cheers! Here’s to robust health!

Healing Sunshine

A simple blog post tonight, very much in alignment with the simplified lifestyle I’m living right now, especially in my diet. Today is day 4 on my 28 day healing journey. I’m eating healthily and well on fresh raw fruits and vegetables and assorted greens. I’ve enjoyed trying out new fruit combinations for the breakfast smoothies. This morning I sipped on banana/pineapple/blueberry. And experimenting with a variety of fruits and vegetables in salads. 

Part of my daily health regiment is 15 minutes of sun bathing. Yes, it’s hot and humid outside this week. And as a gardener I spend a fair amount of time outside puttering among my plants. However, I’m enjoying and benefitting from these intentional moments in the sun, soaking up the golden rays and absorbing healing energy. 

I sat on the back steps late this afternoon, a bowl containing cut up apple slices and a couple of dates perched on my knee. The view of my garden was spectacular, peaceful and restorative. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes, expressing gratitude for the day, for the sun, for this journey. 

I’m grateful also to have been guided to this book, Medical Medium, and to Anthony William, and for the chance to heal from years of pain. I’m learning about myself as I journey, and how I’ve actually hindered my recovery by eating foods that quite literally feed inflammation producing viruses. By eating nutrient rich foods, snd taking key supplements, I’m now aiding the healing process. 

I can feel my body recovering. In only four days, my pain has decreased greatly. I can move easier, and have more flexibilty and range of motion. I’m excited to see how I feel after 28 days. How I think and feel about this healing journey is as crucial as the food I’m eating. My cells are eavesdropping on my thoughts. I learned that in a Keller Williams BOLD class. 

As I awake in the mornings, sit in the sun and go to sleep at night, I think or whisper “I am healing.” And I am. 

Butterhead Lettuce from the Farmer’s Market

I love going to the Webb City Farmer’s Market.  The sight, and tantalizing aromas, of herbs, vegetables and fruits inspire creativity in the kitchen and strenthen my resolve to eat healthily. 

This time of year the market is open three days a week, for three hours each of those days. This afternoon the market bell rang at 4:00, announcing the start of business. I was already in line for Braker Berry Farm when the bell rang, eyeing ripe tomatoes and containers full of luscious blackberries. 

As I waited my turn to make selections at this booth, I realized the farmer’s market has the same effect on me that my garden does. It brings me joy to be among colorful fruits and vegetables, freshly cut herbs and flowers, and the chatter of people as they engage the vendors in friendly banter.  

With fresh fruits, berries and leafy green vegetables being the mainstay of my diet right now, the market is the place for me to find locally grown, nutrient dense produce. I look forward to many trips to the market in the upcoming months, trying a variety of foods as the growing season changes the harvest. 

As I waited in one line and Greg waited in another for peaches, our daughter-in-law Megan surprised us. She too was seeking fresh ingredients for her homemade bakery goodies. That’s another thing I love about the market, it’s a gathering place for people who appreciate wholesome foods. I typically run into at least one friend and find new people to chat with. 

Leaf lettuce was on my list of items to buy as well. When I made my selections, I asked for two bunches of lettuce. “Butterhead?” the vendor asked. Butterhead! Reading through the Medical Medium book, Anthony recommended this type of lettuce as being very rich in essential nutrients. I had never heard of butterhead before and now, here it was. 

My dinner tonight was made up entirely of the fresh and delicious finds from the Webb City Farmer’s Market. It was the perfect summer meal. And I feel good about supporting local farmers and growers and supporting my body as it heals. It’s a definite win/win. 

A Healthy Start

Today was a great day to begin a healing cleanse. While I will not be sharing daily about this journey over the next four weeks, I will be giving occasional updates. Here is a peek into what Day 1 of the 28 Day Healing Cleanse looked like, and what I learned. 

Starting the day with celery juice, and also with something familiar, since I began drinking this green elixir a couple of months ago. I’m radically changing my eating habits, so celery juice is as close as it gets to comfort food! Meditation and free writing followed the juice. 

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. Fruit is key to this cleanse, and because of their anti-oxidant qualities, important for healing the body. Fruit has gotten a bad reputation, says Anthony. I’m willing to embrace it. 

Lunch consisted of a spinach and baby kale salad with chopped celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and raw asparagus. I made my own salad dressing by blending together half an avocado, a handful of cilantro, and the juice of two oranges. 

Dinner was a bed of spinach and kale topped with fruit salad. I mixed together raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, chopped apple, sliced banana and a diced mango. 

After each meal, I took the supplements. I enrolled in The Healing Path program that Anthony provides for free, to offer encouragement  and support during this journey. I listened to the first audio on fruits. In the garden I paused to sun bathe for 15 minutes. It was a beautiful day that flowed smoothly. 

Ahas for the day included:

Preparing food and eating mindfully slows me down, which is great for savoring flavors and textures and for excellent digestion. 

It’s okay to mix veggies and fruit in a salad. 

Three bananas is too many for one smoothie. 

I did not know how to cut up a mango. I mangled the mango. Fortunately, there are videos and instructions online. 

I like raw asparagus! 

I don’t have to eat popcorn at the movie theater. When my mom, sister and I caught a late afternoon showing of Tarzan, I took along sliced apples. 

My biggest take away today was that this was not a difficult day. It wasn’t because I prepped for it. I prepared physically by taking notes yesterday and writing out what the day would look like. I also shopped for the fruits and vegetables yesterday. 

I prepared mentally by accepting, before today, that this is what I’m doing for the next 28 days. There’s no pep talk needed with myself. I can do this. I didn’t balk at the additional minutes spent juicing, blending and chopping because I built the extra time needed into my day. My health and healing from chronic pain are important to me, therefore this cleanse is important. 

I feel good tonight, about the day I had. I’m finishing up with a cup of hot lemon balm tea. I picked the herb fresh from my garden. This level of self care feels meditative in itself, and restorative. Anthony shares that a healthy outside starts on the inside. I’m healing from the inside, confident that health will manifest outwardly as I continue this journey.  

The 28 Day Healing Cleanse Begins

On this beautiful and peaceful Sunday, I spent time this afternoon preparing for another month of adventures. Rather than focusing on a daily creative action, during the next 28 days I’ll be focusing every day on health and healing.   

I love how life flows and the Divine guides me to the right actions to take. I came across Anthony William on Facebook a couple of years ago. I’ve benefitted from his posts concerning health, taking note especially of his insights on healing from what he calls mysterious illnesses, including chronic pain and inflammation. 

It was no coincidence that I was aware of Anthony at a time in which physical issues that I have from a long ago car accident worsened. After the accident in 1995, doctors said that in 20 years, my condition would rapidly deteriorate. I chose not to believe that. And yet last fall, right on cue it seemed, I had to begin using a cane to walk. After six months of increased pain, physical therapy, massage and energy work from my friend Margit helped me to walk without aid again. However, I was concerned. I searched for ways to bring further healing to my damaged back and legs. 

Which brought me back to Anthony William. I saw his post about drinking celery juice first thing every morning, to restore digestive health and bring balance and healing into my body in numerous ways. I have been amazed at what this daily practice has shifted in my overall well being. 

Encouraged to know more and go further, I bought Anthony’s book, Medical Medium. I finished the book today, and I am eager to begin the 28 day healing cleanse, as described within. I made careful notes, about what I could eat and when, and what herbs and supplements to include. 

It is very simple, really. For the next 28 days, I will only be eating fresh fruits, dates and vegetables…green vegetables primarily. Using a juicer and a blender, I will be enjoying celery juice plus fruit or veggie smoothies, and chopped salads. No, it’s not how I normally eat. And that’s the problem. My body needs a break from its usual fare so that toxins and heavy metals can be released, and health restored. 

I’ll share a more in depth review of the book after my 28 day cleanse, when I can also report results. I’m excited. I’m hopeful. I’m dedicated to being the best possible version of myself, which includes being healthy, active and pain free. 

Anthony William says, “We eat things our systems don’t appreciate, indulge in foods to comfort our emotions rather than feed our bodies and souls. As we seek out snacks, meals, beverages and desserts that keep emotions at bay, our bodies become the victims of our soul damage. We get confused and cross the line between what we like to eat and what our bodies need.” 

I am listening, to what my body needs and to the guidance I was given, at a soul level. Watch for updates over the next four weeks, as I embark on this grand adventure. 

Surrender 54: Thyme for Tea

I was excited to come across an article, written by the Medical Medium, Anthony William. He extolled the virtues of drinking thyme tea. I was thrilled because I grow thyme in my herb garden and I love finding new uses for my herbs. Thanks to Anthony, I now know the many health benefits of drinking thyme tea! 

 Thyme (lower center of photo) growing in my garden last summer. 

According to the Medical Medium, as he is known as, thyme tea contains powerful anti-viral properties. If consumed regularly, the tea helps reduce the viral load on the body, making it helpful to those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Mutiple Sclerosis. 

Thyme tea also helps boost memory, relieves headaches, muscle tension, and fevers, eases coughs, and fights colds and infections. It contains a compound that makes it an excellent tranquilizer. Thyme helps regulate sleep patterns and defends against stress damage. 


This fragrant herb is great for the digestive and urinary tracts and has a high antioxidant level, making it a wonderful agent for removing free radicals and other disease causing substances from the body. 

That’s an abundance of health benefits and great reasons for trying thyme tea this evening! This time of year I don’t have fresh thyme, although I will soon. Fortunately, I have dried thyme, harvested from my garden. 

To make thyme tea:

Pour 10 – 16 ounces of hot water over two sprigs of fresh thyme (available in the produce section of the supermarket or it’s very easily grown in a garden or container), or use one teaspoon of dried thyme in a tea infuser. Let steep 15 – 20 minutes. 

I drink a lot of herbal teas, and don’t add anything else to enhance the flavor. However, honey or lemon could be added. I found the tea to be delicious, with a light, clean taste. And the aroma was wonderful! I could happily drink this hot tea every evening before bed. 

During the warmer months, Anthony offers an alternative that’s refreshing and just as healthy. 

Thyme Water

Add two bunches of fresh thyme sprigs to 32 – 64 ounces of room temperature water, along with lemon, cucumber slices, mint or berries. Allow to sit on the kitchen counter overnight. Strain water and sip on throughout the day. 

I appreciate Anthony’s “thymely” article and his wealth of knowledge. I look forward to trying both flavorful thyme concoctions. And to discovering more healthy uses for the herbs growing in my apothecary garden. 

Found out more about the Medical Medium here.