Day 51: Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony


My first for Day 51 required me to suspend skepticism and attend a performance with an open mind. Hypnotism is something that has always intrigued me. I’ve seen hypnotists on TV.  Is it real? Is it just a show? I’ve always wondered if I would succumb and enter into a trance, or would I resist. When I saw Michael was going to be performing at Missouri Southern State University, I was eager to observe what happens in a live event.

Michael is considered one of the top hypnotists in the world. He is in high demand on college campuses across the US. He’s been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. He is more than an entertainer. He is a board certified hypnotherapist and holds certifications as a practitioner of Neuro Linguitstic Programming, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and is a Master hypnotist.

But he is an entertainer, as well, of the highest caliber.  His show, Hypnotized, is a critically acclaimed masterpiece that is considered the best of its type in the world. His style is described as an avant garde blend of human psyche and eye-popping theater. It is amazingly funny!

My sister and mom accompanied me tonight and none of us knew quite what to expect. We did know this: we were there as spectators and did not want to volunteer. I’m glad we were quite firm about that! College students lined the stage and Michael quickly moved them into trance. The results were hilarious. Michael was personable and comedic, reminding me of Jim Carrey. He was careful not to cause harm or push the boundaries too far, and yet with great showmanship, he had a group of young adults obeying every amusing suggestion, from howling like a werewolf to forgetting the number 6 existed. We laughed until we were hoarse. The students were good sports and received a huge round of  applause for their participation.

So after watching the antics of the volunteers for an hour, gauging responses and studying each person, I’d say I’m a believer in the authenticity of hypnotism. Beyond the fun and hilarity, there are more serious and helpful uses for this practice.  I believe the subconscious is where our imagination and creativity reside, and hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind with its constant self talk, and taps into this deep mysterious pool of possibilities. I’m even more intrigued and will study this subject further.

Do I now believe hypnosis would work on me? I’ll let you know. We walked out of there with a couple of Michael’s hypnosis CDs.