Journey 123: Sunday Soliloquy

I had to look up the word soliloquy to make sure it fit my purpose. It is the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play. That suits me well enough and I am playing a role in the biggest of plays, called Life. This day, soulful and peaceful, was a connected series of events that focused on family. This then, is my soliloquy, my speaking of thoughts, in written form.

I had the joy of being with several family members as I journeyed through the day: brunch with Greg and conversations about life, time spent with my sister Linda as we checked on our mom, who has a flu bug but was excited to show my sister the violin, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, four of my five grandchildren, friends via text and Facebook.  Most of these encounters were brief but they all brightened my day, as these bright souls walked beside me, for moments or hours, sharing in my joy. 


One of the highlights of this afternoon was attending the Carl Junction High School Spring Band Concert and Awards with daughter Elissa. The Jazz Band and Symphonic Band, conducted by Trey Wadell and the Wind Ensemble, with Scott Schneider as conductor, performed. All three bands have received high rankings in their spring competitions and performed their selections for an appreciative audience today.

I enjoyed listening to Chant and Jubilo and Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual again as the Wind Ensemble, of which Dayan is a part, finished out the afternoon concert. I know I smiled the whole time. This ensemble, which received outstanding rankings in their last competition, was recorded today as they performed. The recording will be sent to a prestigious state competition with the intent of competing there next January. It was exciting to hear them again today. I was proud of Dayan, who lettered in band and received recognition for his participation in District Honor Band.

After brief visits with Megan, Aubrey, Oliver and Joey, I was back home in time to stroll in my garden. The sun was sinking and the clematis blooms, the largest I have ever seen, drew my eyes and gained my appreciation. I had just enough time to water the container flowers before darkness overtook the garden. I entered the house refreshed.

Tonight I completed my day by stretching out on my bed, watching parts two and three of the BBC production of North and South. I’ve reviewed this story in another blog post. These two episodes showcased the growing rift between the mill workers and the mill owners. The workers unite in a strike, with disastrous results. The relationship between Mr. Thornton and Margaret parallels the difficulties between the owners and workers as they too struggle to communicate freely and understand each other.

There was much loss during the middle episodes, as hardship and illnesses claimed some dear lives, and mothers feared losing their sons, albeit in very different circumstances. There was suspense and secrecy, misunderstandings and angst, growing desire and fear of rejection. Stories about life, I’d say! I’m loving this series and look forward to the conclusion tomorrow. If I wasn’t already a Richard Armitage fan, I would certainly be one now. As it is, my appreciation for this fine actor continues to deepen.

What a beautiful day, unplanned but full. I am blessed and grateful.  I thus end today’s journey and this soliloquy, and bid all a good night.