Day 356: Have a Coke on Me

Have a coke 2

Today, three days before Christmas, Joplin streets were congested with heavy traffic and stores were filled with holiday shoppers and busy clerks. I spent a good part of the day participating in the bustle, almost completing my holiday shopping and enjoying some time with Aubrey at her favorite hang out spot, Chick Fil A on Range Line.

After Aubrey headed home, I finished up my day, making several stops. Along the way I decided today was a good day to do a first I’ve had on my list for a while, a pay it forward that offered an anonymous treat for someone, perhaps a tired shopper or a worker who needed a little break.

I dropped eight quarters into a clear plastic bag and included a note that encouraged the one who found the bag to enjoy a Coke on me. I taped the little package to a coke vending machine at a busy retail center. Because we’ve had drizzly rain all day, I chose a vending machine in a spot that offered protection from the weather and was well lit.

I loved doing this pay it forward this evening. I didn’t stay around to see how quickly the change was discovered and who the recipient was, although that might have been fun. I taped the baggie to the bright red vending machine and left, with a grin on my face. I hope someone who needed a bit of a pick me up found the quarters and used them. And I hope they opened the note card. Inside I simply printed, “Pay it Forward!”

Have a coke e