Surrender 112: Slowing Down the Moments

It’s been a full, and fun day, with many surrendered moments, and many reasons to celebrate. I stopped by the Webb City Farmer’s Market this morning, the first time it has opened on a Thursday. I love the market, and took home fresh produce and freshly baked wheat berry bread. I had intended to attend Third Thursday in downtown Joplin this evening, where all kinds of activities were underway. 

However, the moments that I surrendered to and chose to write about are the ones that made me laugh the most. 


I picked up granddaughter Aubrey from school. Rather than hang around Joplin as we normally do, until her dad or stepmom get home from work, we spent the afternoon at her house, where she had access to the backyard trampoline. Aubrey self-prescribed jumping and doing stunts as a way of moving energy after a long day at school. I respect and admire how Aubrey knows exactly what’s right for her in the moment. 

As the spectator to her acrobatic feats, I asked if I could take photos. That’s when the hilarity began. Aubrey requested that I take slo-mo pictures. My phone has that capability, but I’ve never used it. My seven old year granddaughter showed me how to use the app. I’m not surprised. Aubrey has been teaching me about functions on my various phones since she was 18 months old! The app was not difficult at all, and in moments, we were taking turns capturing slow motion videos. 

Check out my first slo-mo video here:

Aubrey does a cartwheel 

And the amazing flip here:
Aubrey does a hands-free flip

These little slo-mo clips, each under 20 seconds long, made us giggle so much. I’ll spare you the one Aubrey captured of me talking about the cloudy day. I’d much rather share Aubrey’s graceful moves on the trampoline. Here is a still of me though, gazing skyward, mid sentence, as I spoke soooo sloooowly. 

What a fun afternoon, spending time with my granddaughter, learning something new and engaging in joyous shared laughter. These moments with my grandchildren are going by so fast as the kids grow into young adults. For once, it was wonderful to slow time down.