National Telephone Day 2018

I needed to be able to do a quick blog post tonight. I spent the evening at the local AT&T store, replacing my 2 1/2 year old phone. Prior to that appointment, I spent a good portion of the afternoon copying down passwords and important info from my old phone, making sure photos were backed up on Google Photos, and clearing my phone. The latter was carried out because I intended to trade in my iPhone 6 Plus.

It takes time to purchase a new phone, especially when three of us did so at the same time! As I was waiting for my turn to deactivate the old phone and activate the new, I was wondering what quick story I could write tonight. On a whim, I typed into Google What is today? searching for holidays celebrated on this date.

Would you believe…today happens to be National Telephone Day!

National Telephone Day 2018

I absolutely love the way things work out. What a perfect holiday to celebrate…by purchasing a new phone. Alexander Graham Bell, who applied for a patent for his invention on February 14, 1876, is credited with creating the telephone. His attorney rushed into the patent office that morning to file. Incredibly, later that same day, another man applied for a patent for a similar device. Because Bell filed first, he was awarded the patent.

His device allowed people to connect and talk across great distances. I wonder what he would think of today’s cell phones, that not only allow us to speak to each other from across the country, but allow us to instantly connect with the world in myriad ways?

I work from my phone, write my blog posts on my phone, listen to music, get weather alerts and catch up with friends and family on social media. My phone can function as a camera, video recorder, television screen, book, computer, dictionary and game player. It guides me on trips, brings me the latest news, speaks to me if I ask a question and provides any information that I need in the quickest of flashes.

I think Alexander would be amazed at what our phones can do now. I appreciate this Scotsman for his creative mind and his invention that changed the way people communicate.

And now, I have much to do to set up my new phone. I chose an iPhone 8 Plus, in bright red, and a clear, protective case.

Happy National Telephone Day…to me!

National Telephone Day 2018