Journey 234: Family and New Friends

What a blessed journey today. As Joplin and the surrounding area was soaked with heavy rains, I enjoyed a morning snug within my house, working on an offer/counter offer on behalf of clients. As the storm clouds scurried off to the east, family arrived from Broken Arrow, OK. Work done for the day, the fun began!

I know some people have such difficult relationships within their families. I truly am blessed, and grateful, to have amazing family members. We enjoy spending time together, look forward to visits, support and encourage each other. We gather often, celebrate life, grieve together.

This afternoon my sister Debbie and nieces Ashley and Nicole arrived in the big blue pickup truck, bringing furniture for my other sister Linda, and a new friend! Craig and Debbie have been friends for years, having met online. They got the opportunity to meet in person for the first time Thursday. Craig and I have exchanged a couple of emails, so it was great to put a face with a name, and meet him too! He easily fit within our fun-loving, chatty group.

Mom joined us, and another new friend, Paula. I met Paula earlier this year, when I taught a blogging class. We are kindred souls. Paula is very intuitive and spiritually aware, and she graced us with her presence and her gifts today. What a great afternoon of sharing about life and our journeys, learning more about ourselves and each other, and encouraging one another along the way. I experienced some “aha” moments that I’m still pondering.

Before the Oklahoma gang headed home, we shared an early dinner at El Vaquero on Main Street. Greg joined us there. Food and drink and conversation flowed, bringing an end to our afternoon together. I so appreciate the fellow travelers who dare to journey with me. It is so valuable to have companions to share with, to explore with, to expand my heart, soul and horizons with.

“I am on a journey – with my work, my explorations, and a few sad stories. I travel with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings. I am on a quest for truth, beauty, and quiet joy. I am an artist, a writer, an explorer.” – Anonymous
I add to that – I am on a journey with a band of like hearted souls, a fellowship of courageous men and women and bright-eyed children. I am so grateful.

Journey 224: Capturing the Journey

Today’s blog post is a bit different, which makes it fun! I was inspired this morning by a statement that my friend Mark Semple posted in one of his groups. It was a great request, and one I thought about before posting a response. 


My friend, Coach Mark Semple. We’ve been friends for 8 years and met for the first time last August. 

The invitation was, “Post an image symbolizing where your journey is headed.” What a wonderful idea. I’m a very visual person. I think in images and write in a way that evokes pictures. I thought about where I am currently as I journey. Immediately I saw myself in a state of surrender, floating down the river, in the flow of Life, not resisting, not wasting energy by attempting to paddle upstream, not getting caught in the whirls and eddies along the edges. Flowing. 

Here’s the image I found, and the words I wrote to accompany this symbol of my journey. 


 Surrendered and in the flow of Life. I don’t know where I am being taken however I know it is for my best and highest purpose and growth and that opportunities will flow to me as well. I choose to trust the journey and stay in the flow and see where I go, with joy and anticipation!
I so loved the process of picking an image to represent my journey that I put the invitation on my Facebook wall. I enjoyed the responses as people journeyed alongside today, capturing with an image where they are right now. Here are the responses, with no additional commentary from me. 


 Stepping into my destiny as who I was born to be. Mark Semple


This is the journey I feel life has me headed towards. A position of power, a lonesome perch, above the rapid flow of everyday life. I hope to be unique, and influential, but the path there is treacherous, requiring thought, balance, and peace. Any slip up and downward I will plunge, into the abyss that is the majority of people, unknown to the history books, being swept along in the rapid current of a normal, unmemorable life.  Dayan Reynolds


 Don’t act surprised… Ashley Barnes

Probably not the best day for posting stuff for me. LOL. But…honestly? I’m headed here along with everyone else. At least, I hope, I get the winged guardians and not the ones with pointy horns. 🙂   Faintly Macabre 
I’m grateful for these fellow travelers who took the time to share their images. I love the reminder that the journey is unique for everyone and that even my journey changes day by day. What a fun and insightful exercise to do occasionally to create a snapshot, to mark a spot, as I travel. Please play along and leave an image that symbolizes where you are headed in your journey, in the comment section and…enjoy this moment along Life’s path.