Happy Birthday Lola

Today the youngest member of my family turned two years old. We celebrated Lola Maxx Sunday at a birthday party in her honor, and I snapped pics of the boisterous occasion. Tonight’s blog post is all about this charming and sassy little lady.

Lola was not only the one celebrated, she also provided the entertaiment, giving new meaning to the phrase, “tooting her own horn”! 

I looked up Lola’s name:

“Lola,  you bring completion. You have a generous nature and like to see returns from your giving. You are a natural leader, fair and diplomatic. You are also moral, balanced, honest, intelligent, and deeply spiritual. Wisdom flows from you and you tend to think before you act. You have an eye for and an appreciation of beauty. 

Dependable and well grounded, you can be methodical and organized. Sometimes you appear to be stubborn and set in your ways, and yet you always finds reasons for celebrating life.”

Because of Lola’s young age, we will have to be observers of her life and see if the words above hold true. I can already affirm that this beautiful child is exceedingly generous and likes for everyone to be happy. She does have leadership abilities that she demonstrates in a practical, no nonsense, take charge kind of way. She is diplomatic and also kind, methodical while being fun. 

At two years of age, she currently shows her appreciation and love for beauty by accumulating bling. Give the girl a stack of pretty bracelets and she’s thrilled. Lola is very bright and connected to Spirit, and wisdom is evident when you look into her big brown eyes. 

Unknowingly using a large gift as a backrest!

It is interesting that Lola is associated with completion, given that she is the younger child in her family, the little sister to an older brother. I think her parents, my nephew Scott and his wife Nicole, find completion and perfection in having a son and daughter. They are certainly amazing parents to their children. 

I haven’t personally witnessed stubbornness from Lola, only playfulness, sweetness and a developing sense of humor. However, as the youngest in her family that could be a useful trait, and a way to make her wishes and opinions known! 

What this child does possess in abundance is a loving nature. She adores her big brother Weston and her Gigi and Papa. She loves her mommy and daddy and enjoys cuddling with them. She easily moves among her cousins, aunts and uncles, laughing, singing, dancing.  And everyone loves her in return, creating a supportive environment for Lola to thrive in while she grows and figures out who she is. 

Her eyes crinkled up Sunday as she flashed me a smile. She pointed to me and said, “Yaya”. That’s all it took to melt my heart. 

Happy birthday, Lola. I look forward to seeing all the ways you celebrate life. I love you!

Happy Birthday Nate

Today is the birthday of my family’s newest member…my son-in-law Nate! Although he and my younger daughter Adriel married just last month, it seems like Nate has been a part of the clan for much longer. My whole family has wholeheartedly embraced Nate, since he and Adriel began dating not quite two years ago. 

I looked up Nate’s name:

“Nathan, you have a vivid and expansive imagination and you are one who inspires others. You enjoy life and having fun, and when self doubt is overcome, you rise to great heights and can achieve great things. You have a knack for avoiding trouble, which is why you occasionally repeat an experience so that you can learn from it. Sociable and people-oriented, others are drawn to your genuine charm and generous nature. You are a lover of change, and a seeker of adventure and new experiences. You are bold, inquisitive and interested in others. 

Dependable, down-to-earth and well grounded, you seek meaningful work, a career where you can take pride in your work and do the best job you are capable of. You desire to protect and build a secure environment at home and at work. You can be very persuasive, goal oriented, detailed and well-organized. Your contributions to the world make you a valued member of the community.”

True words describing a truly wonderful young man. Nate is very people oriented, one who connects easily and genuinely with others. When he and Adriel first began to date, he would stop by the house to visit with Greg and me for a few minutes, as we worked in the yard or on a project. Adriel would be at work, but he felt very comfortable hanging out and chatting. He even attended several family events when Adriel was unable to go because of work, not just standing in for her, but being there because it was a family gathering or party and he wanted to be there. No wonder my extended family fell in love with him!

Nate does enjoy life and engages it fully. He likes to have fun and laughs often. And he is adventurous and seeks out new experiences. He and Adriel have had many interesting outings. They hike with their dogs, take trips together, and spent a mini vacation in a wild life refuge. Which wasn’t a surprise at all. Those two love and appreciate nature and animals. They have a menagerie of rescue dogs and cats that are well loved and cared for. 

One of the things I appreciate most about Nate, is how he cares for and loves my daughter. He is a good man, with a good heart, and no where is that more evident than when he is with Adriel. As a mom, that touches my heart deeply. 

Last month Nate and Adriel joined their hearts, their lives and their families, as they said I do before an intimate group of family and close friends. It was a beautiful evening, inclusive and fun and unique, representative of who they are and how they live their lives. I was proud of both of them, and delighted to welcome another son.

Happy birthday Nate! I look forward to seeing what you achieve. I love you!