Vision Boards 2018

Creating a vision board has been an annual project for me, for many years. I enjoy the process of flipping through magazines and cutting out images and words that draw my interest or represent a desire of mine.

Several years ago my sister Linda and my mom began joining me in creating boards, and what was a solitary project became a fun shared tradition. We allow ourselves the whole month of January to complete our vision boards, meeting one evening a week to browse though publications while chatting and laughing.

Here are our finished boards:

Linda’s word this year is Stronger. Her board reflects her desire to be stronger in all areas of her life…financially, health, relationships, fun and doing things that she loves. Linda noticed as she began gluing on her words and images that she had definitely followed a theme. That is a good indication that her subconscious is ready to head down a new path and she is being guided.

Mom’s word for 2018 is Positive…a desire to live in the moment and see and experience the best in life. Her board reflects who she is and what she wants to enjoy this year, from continuing good health to gratitude to reimagining her life. Linda and I chuckled that Mom chose words like declutter and organize and then proceeded to create a very neat board that is both!

My board is a rich canvas of images overlaid with words. I try to cover all of the white space, which may be a visual representation of my desire to live life to the very fullest! My word for this year is Story, and my board includes the word, twice, and my symbol, a pic of feathers. Like Linda, I realized I leaned heavily into a theme, an area in my life that is shifting. Travel images and words account for about a third of my board, meaning my Bohemian spirit is showing. Also included are pictures and/or words representing creativity, abundance, health and writing.

I appreciate that my mom and sister take this journey with me every January. We enjoy dreaming out loud together, encouraging each other and sharing stories about our lives. I am privileged that they continue to journey with me throughout the year. It is wonderful to have companions headed in the same direction.

My vision board is already hanging in my creative studio where I can look at it each day and allow it to spark joy in my heart. I feel inspired. I feel excited to see how 2018 unfolds. Oh, the stories I will tell.

Visions from the Heart

It is Vision Board creation time. My mom and sister Linda and I gather over several evenings, in the month of January, to create these visual representations of where we are…and where we are headed. Tonight we began with looking through magazines, and cutting out the pictures and words that captured our interest while also capturing our visions.

Visions of the Heart, Creating Vision Boards

I love these times of companionably sitting together with my mom and sister, discussing life as we look for the perfect images. We laugh…a great deal. We share what’s on our hearts, and the hopes we have for the upcoming year. We discuss our chosen words for the year. Mine, as I have shared, is Inspiration. Linda’s word is Freedom. And my mother chose the word Grace.

Visions of the Heart, Creating Vision Boards

My pictures and words collected so far.

Visions of the Heart, Creating Vision Boards

Linda’s collection.

I realized this evening, amid the animated conversations, that while I believe these fun boards to be important, as they provide daily visual inspiration, there is great power as well in the spoken word. As we chatted, ideas were shared for the first time. The new thoughts took on form and shape and clarity as we talked back and forth about them. Or…they quickly died! Those creative intentions that began to live and breathe took hold, and deepened in our minds and hearts, as we found visual images to represent them, in pictures or words.

Visions of the Heart, Creating Vision Boards

The beginning of Mom’s collection.

Carl Jung says, “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” 

Tonight our dreams began the transformative process of becoming visions, as we delved into our hearts. Our conversations helped us to examine the dreams, and then hold them up to our heart-driven desires. They helped us to awaken to who we are and what we can accomplish. I look forward to completing our vision boards over the next week. And I so appreciate having these two companions to journey and create with.

We took several selfies, to accompany my blog post. The one I have chosen to include best captures our evening. We are laughing. I can’t keep my eyes open, in my mirth. Linda can’t keep her head held up as she is consumed by giggles. And my mom is beaming with jovial joy.

Yep, that is the kind of evening we had! I think laughter is not only good medicine for the soul, it also fosters a fertile environment for creativity and visions.

Visions from the Heart, Creating a Vision Board

Surrender 27: Creating a Collage of Ideas

Tonight my sister Linda, my mom, and I met to continue working on our vision boards. We had a special guest, my grandson Dayan, who joined us before heading to his Wednesday night youth group. He elected to sketch, while the rest of us flipped through magazines, in search of inspiration for our boards. 


This is the furthest I’ve traveled into a new year, without having a board up. Yet I’m finding I’m okay with that, and totally surrendered to the process, no matter how long it takes. As in life, it’s the journey, not the destination, that is important. We’ve set next Wednesday as the completion date, however we will all continue on if we don’t finish by then. 


I enjoy casting a vision with my family members. Dayan joined in on the lively conversations while he sketched landmarks of Egypt and we cut out images. We discussed everything from current world events, to politics, to celebrities. I appreciate that in my family, everyone is allowed to share their thoughts and ideas, without judgment or correction. It makes for interesting conversations, covering a broad range of topics, with our chatting punctuated by frequent laughter. 

As we finished up for the evening, both working on the vision boards and talking animatedly, I had a realization. Our varied ideas and beliefs join together to form a colorful and fascinating collage, as unique as the boards we are creating. And like the boards, that collage of expressed individuality  is a current snapshot of where we presently are in our journeys. A few years down the road, and the collective, figurative vision board will shift, as we each shift and grow. 

It might be fun next Wednesday, when the four of us gather again, to have Dayan transform our conversations into an idea and belief collage. What a great reminder it would be of the value and uniqueness of each person and the solidarity and strength of family. 


Journey 18: Sunday Expeditions

afternoon tea with Linda

Today was a collection of journeys, which is one of my favorite ways to engage a Sunday. After valuable down time this morning, I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister Linda. My sister is getting over bronchitis. Hoping a hot beverage would make her throat feel better, we decided to start our time together with tea, before working on our vision boards.

Linda has never drank hot tea before. Rather than simply offer her a cup of tea, I prepared a proper afternoon tea for the three of us. I am always thrilled to share this wonderful custom. Taking my teapot and various goodies to Mom’s, I brewed them both a pot of Scottish tea. We had chicken salad finger sandwiches, brownies, cookies and traditional shortbread cookies. Scones were the only things missing from our selection. We enjoyed sipping our hot tea and chatting. Linda included a dollop of organic honey with her tea, to sweeten it slightly and to soothe her throat. I don’t think she liked the inclusion of the honey, which seemed strongly flavored to her.

Our next journey involved working on our vision boards. I am taking my time with this activity this year, and finding that I like that. We browsed through magazines while talking about the words and pictures we were looking for. Since working on the boards last, I’ve had time to consider what other intentions, to be represented by words and symbols, are important to me. We decided that today was not about finishing the boards, so all energy could be devoted to searching and choosing what felt right to us. I realized I wanted to include the word “blog” on my board. I voiced that and asked Mom and Linda to watch for the word. Just moments later, Linda turned a page in a magazine and there it was in a headline…BLOG. I loved that. It was as if the word called to me, right before it appeared. So much of my life flows like this. These occurrences let me know I am on the right path.

Lastly, I was aware that today is Winnie the Pooh Day, celebrated because today is the birthday of creator A.A. Milne. I enjoyed reading about Milne, who was born on this date in 1882. Although he was a noted author, primarily of poems and screenplays, the stories he penned for his son, Christopher Robin Milne, made him famous. The characters were based on his son and the boy’s collection of stuffed animals. The real Christopher Robin had a teddy bear named Edward, who was renamed Winnie the Pooh after a Canadian black bear named Winnie, who was used as a military mascot in WW I and later donated to the London zoo, and Pooh after a swan.

Pooh Milne and Christopher Robin

A. A. Milne with his son Christopher Robin Milne and Pooh Bear – Howard Coster 1926

Illustrator E.H. Shepherd used his own son’s bear, Growler, as the model for Pooh. Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Tigger were all toys belonging to Christopher Robin Milne. His father created two other characters, Rabbit and Owl, from his imagination. The original toys are on display in the Stephen A. Schwartzman building, the former New York Public Library, in New York City.

I loved the stories of Winnie the Pooh, long before Disney popularized them in animation. I read the stories of the bear with “fluff in his ears” and love and wisdom in his heart to my children. The adventures of Christopher Robin and his menagerie of companions have inspired me. There is a hominess in Pooh, a combination of sage advice and imaginative musings.

What a perfect way to wind down my journeys today, reading through Winnie the Pooh quotes. I’ve shared a couple of my favorites below, with illustrations. This one is perhaps my favorite, as it reminds of the flow of life, which I so desire to immerse myself in: “Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.” – A.A. Milne.  It truly is that simple…and that profound. Happy birthday A.A. Milne….and thank you.

Pooh What day is it

Pooh And adventure

Journey 7: Vision Board 2015 Part I

vision board 2015 prep

One of my favorite activities at the beginning of each new year is to create a vision board. Because I choose a new word as my theme, a new symbol and song, a vision board becomes a vital visual representation of what is possible in the new year. I place my completed board in a prominent location so that I can see it daily. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true here. Those pictures not only stir my imagination, they also stir my soul. And the emotions evoked are even more important. For what I feel is more powerful than what I see, creating a compelling intention that flows outward.

I learned about vision boards years ago from Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and the best seller, The Success Principles. He says, “Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future – a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.”

It is simple to create a personal vision board. I think about where I am headed during the upcoming year and what brings joy to my heart and lights my face up when I talk about it. If goals are important, those can be included. I used to add my goals to my board. Two years ago I quit doing that and focused more on where my passions are and what inspires me. Places I want to visit, things I hope to accomplish, people I hope to meet, and areas of my life that I hope to shift all get represented by pictures and words that I clip from magazines or print out from the computer. My trip to Scotland has been on my vision boards for years. Last year, I had the privilege of taking that trip. This year, New Zealand and Italy will occupy space on my board along with a visual reminder that I would love to live in Edinburgh, Scotland part of the year.

I don’t complete a vision board in one evening. This is a process, one I enjoy and take my time with. Tonight my sister Linda and I met at my mom’s house to begin clipping pictures and words from magazines piled in stacks on the dining room table. This is a precious and cozy way to create the future! Because of the frigid temperatures outside, my gracious mom made us all cups of steaming hot chocolate. I loved that she served our drinks in mugs that had the word “Cherish” on them. We chatted as we flipped through pages of articles and glossy photos. We discussed our words for the year, our dreams, and the places we’d love to visit. And we laughed over shared stories and talked about the mysteries of life. It was a wonderfully supportive and fun way to capture our hopes for 2015. Just talking about them created the foundation for realizing those hopes and helped us to define what it is we truly desire most.

We started the process of creating our boards tonight. We will gather again in a few days to clip more pictures and words. Our visions of the future will have sharpened even more and with new determination we will seek that which best represents those visions. I look forward to that shared time and to hanging a new board in my home.

vision board 2014

2014 Vision Board