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When I began this game of randomly selecting 62 outrageous activities during the lead up to my birthday in January, I knew Christmas occurred during that time. After all, my birthday is just 15 days after Christmas. However, what I didn’t factor in was how busy the holiday season is. This is my excuse, anyway, for posting this update today, rather than last Friday! The days are full as Christmas nears. I required a couple of extra days to catch up on the activities I drew.

Here they are, week six of birthday celebrations.

Fa La La La La title meme

Week Six Celebrations

As a reminder, I wrote 62 activities on slips of paper. I folded those papers up and dropped them into a jar. Every morning I draw out an activity and do what is written on the paper. I love this game, trusting that the activity I randomly select is the perfect one for that particular day. This is a game that I play frequently, for various reasons. My trust and playfulness have deepened greatly as a result.

Fa La La La La

Last week’s celebrations felt challenging, simply because Christmas brings with it more activities, gatherings and busyness. Adding one more thing to do each day was indeed a stretch. And yet, in the midst of holiday preparations and activities with grandchildren and other responsibilities, the outrageous birthday celebrations continued to inspire me.

I felt drawn to title this post Fa La La La La because of the nearness of Christmas. After creating the pinnable title graphic, curiosity compelled me to look up the phrase. The words are meaningless, really. However, the use of fa la la la la in the song Deck the Halls is a common addition in songs from the middle ages. There was a tendency in Madrigal Choruses to fill songs with a vocal break between verses.

Scottish musician Thomas Oliphant wrote the lyrics in 1862 and set them to a much older Welsh tune dating back to the 16th century. The oft repeated fa la la la la originates from a medieval ballad.

I smiled over this info that I discovered. Deck the Halls is written by a Scotsman. And I like the reference to breaks between verses. That’s a good description of my little celebrations. They are breaks between all the other activities going on right now. Isn’t life magical, the way it works, and beautiful?

Quickly, here are the celebrations.

Reach Out to a Resort for a Comped Stay

I admit these types of activities do push me beyond my comfort zone. It is difficult for me to ask for anything! For this activity, I moved beyond and reached out to a resort in Eureka Springs Arkansas, asking for a complimentary stay in exchange for a feature in a blog post and shares across social media.

I’ve stayed multiple times with this resort in northwest Arkansas that offers unique settings. Options include cottages, a lodge, tree houses, castles, Harry Potter themed lodging and Hobbit caves. I’ve never stayed in one of their Hobbit caves. With my love for JRR Tolkien, this seemed like a great fit, although I’d enjoy any of their options.

As with other companies and brands I’ve reached out to, it’s the act of getting beyond my comfort zone that is most important to me, not whether I receive what I ask for! I consider that bonus when it happens.

Fa La La La La Hobbit Caves
Check out all the options this resort in Eureka Springs AR offers.

Start a Conversation with a Stranger

This activity proved easily accomplished. I drew this one out of the jar on a Saturday, with family visiting from out of town. Nine of us ended up at Golden Corral for the buffet, which has good veggie options. Lots of other people made the same dining choice!

Standing side by side with strangers as we helped ourselves to food from the massive buffet, conversations flowed naturally. My favorite start up conversation was with a young girl of about eight, who engaged me and my great nephew Weston. She chatted animatedly about the dessert buffet, which is a favorite among children for sure.

Golden Corral Buffet
Fa La La La La – conversations with strangers at Golden Corral

Do An Interview

Interestingly, I began this activity before actually drawing it out. A blogger friend of mine offered me the opportunity to do a live video in her Facebook group. In return, I asked if I could do an interview with her. She graciously agreed. I love the blogging community. We all seek to help each other out.

I’ve sent my friend the interview questions that I came up with. I’ll update this section when I post the results.

Conducting an Interview

Try a New Product

I love when synchronicities occur. They signal that I am on the right path, headed in the right direction. A new to me product arrived by mail, just ahead of me drawing this activity out. This company provides sleeves, braces, socks and apparel that reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. I appreciate this brand reaching out to me to try out one of their products.

Watch for a review of the incrediwear knee sleeve next week!

incrediwear sleeve
Fa La La La La – try a new product

Outline Video One in “Believe in Yourself” Series

I’m excited about this 30 day video series that I’m developing. It will launch next year. And that’s about all that I can share at the moment. In a few minutes the outline for the first video, which is introductory in nature, came together.

You know what is really cool? There is a related activity still in the jar. On that slip of paper is written, Record video one in Believe in Yourself series. I wondered if I’d draw out the activities in the correct order. The answer is…yes I did.

Fa La La La La Outline

Sign Up on Quora

Quora is an online site where people gain and share knowledge. You can ask questions, and other Quora users answer. Or you can answer questions that others are asking. It’s a great place to connect with people with unique insights and common interests.

I downloaded the Quora app, created a profile, identified my areas of interest and knowledge…and answered my first questions!

Check out Quora here.

Fa La La La La Quora
Fa La La La La – Quora

Write Down 62 Things I’m Grateful For

I thought this activity might be the very last one that I drew out of the jar. Alas, no. However, I believe that every activity, every celebration, shows up at exactly the right time.

During this very busy yet joyful season, this activity arrived perfectly placed.

I wrote quickly and without pausing, until I got to line 56. It’s not that I ran out of things to be grateful for. Quite the contrary. I realized I was almost to number 62. Gratitude is the foundation of my life. Expressing thankfulness is a daily practice. I am not limited to 62 things to feel deep gratitude for.


Fa La La La La….La La La La

Tis the season, indeed, for joy, for gratitude, for family and friends, for celebrations, for remembering the reason for it all.

May the blessings of Christmas surround you and yours this week. I’m counting down to my birthday, with the last two weeks of activities. It’s been a fun experience, full of playfulness, creativity and growth opportunities. I love that at the end of these activities, a new year will have dawned. And with it, a whole new adventure.

Week Six Activities

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